Stella Dimoko Chronicles Of Nurse Atutupuyoyo....


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Chronicles Of Nurse Atutupuyoyo....

Things are happening  Oooh.....

This Blog kept me sane throughout last week.....
It was a very stressful and demoralising week for me
Just want to share my experiences.....

Last Monday, my attention was drawn to a pregnant little girl sitting at the bench with other pregnant women.
Omo I had to ask her her name, kukuma went to get her folder so I can personally clerk her myself, I wanted 1st hand info.

That was how I started with her bio data, I asked for her age and she said 17, hmmm I was already angry, why will a 17 years old girl be pregnant, that was when she told me she was married, she was in SS2 but had to stop school because of the pregnancy, she is the last child out of 7 children 6 girls and a boy, her 2 elder sisters are married, 3 are unmarried, so I was wondering why she the last had to marry.

 I thoughts he was forced into the marriage because she got pregnant, but she told me she got married last year and got pregnant this year... (this young girl's menarche was last year). What pained be the most is that she has cephalopelvic disproportion and she is at risk of having VVF.
I thought early marriage is something in the past especially here in the East..I am just sad for her.

2nd story.
A pregnant girl was rushed to the emergency unit on Friday, she was having severe headaches,hypertension, her urine was positive for protein, blurred vision(pre eclampsia) she was 36weeks pregnant but has not booked for antenatal in any hospital.

 she is an HND 2 student o, so she is not ignorant of it. When clerking her we discovered that her baby daddy told her he was travelling and never returned, her parents live in the north and don't even know she is pregnant, she was brought to the hospital by her friends, the issue now is that she don't have money for herself not to talk of a baby, biko my fellow BVs will you advise her to give the baby up for adoption or keep the baby and look for how to raise him or her?.

3rd story
During ward around I discovered that a patient we discharged 2 weeks ago was still in the hospital with her jaundiced baby because she can't pay her hospital bill of 160000 naira, I asked her about her husband, she started crying, that since she gave birth the man has refused to see her because she gave birth to a girl again, that she hasn't eaten since morning, I was in shock,didn't know this kind thing still dey happen, had to buy food for her.

4th story

A woman came to the hospital 4cm dilated, but remained in 4cm for more than 8 hours, we told madam that she was having prolonged labour, let's give her a Cesarean section, but aunty refused that she must give birth like Hebrew women, later she reached 6cm eventually her baby developed foetal distress, after much persuasion from the doctor, she later agreed went for cs but the baby was in foetal distress for so long, he had birth asphyxia and eventually died. Just wondering why some one will stupidly kill a baby after caring him for 9 months out of  stupid belief....


  1. Na wa o. Things are indeed really happening.

  2. Na wa.

    What a painful story.

    You too like amebo oooo. wetin concern you with their files self

  3. Last story of the foolish woman that killed her baby just cos she wants to renounce her nationality and become a Hebrew just upset me.

    Make her injections very painful.
    Go in deep!😡

    1. 2nd story preeclampsia is very dangerous women beware make sure you check your blood pressure all the time. I lost my 36 week baby due to preeclampsia even though they had detected it and where monitoring it. In UK self!! Mothers be aware. Beware!!!! If you are pregnant have you checked your blood pressure today?????? Rip to my baby xx

  4. These stories are really so sad :( I wonder why CS is such a stigma, so much so someone will put their baby's life at risk just so they can say "I birthed my child vaginally so I am a woman". It is a shame that this is the case in 2017. I for one will go for elective CS when my turn comes.... I'm so scared of child birth. I'm at work, come and beat me LOL

  5. Hope you don't gossip about these ladies to your friends; especially their names.
    Gossip remains pastime of a lot of women.

  6. I think an awareness on CS should be done. I mean, CS is no disease. It doesn't make you less of a woman. Many people even go for selective CS. Na wa oh....

    I don't even know what to say bout then other stories. I wish people were more informed on certain risks.

    Why take in for a man not ready for a child? Or when not financially settled.

    May God help us

    1. Same girl, select what, choi. It is "Elective" C/S. The other is emergency C/S.
      Be enlightened today.

    2. Thanks, I really wasn't sure. Whether select or elect. I'm enlightened 😊

  7. Gosh which kind bad stories be dis.

  8. The belief of being a "Hebrew woman" is not a "stupid" belief as you call it. It works for some and fails for others. One should know the level of faith he/she has and be true to one's self. Whether through CS or not, every pregnant woman is a strong woman and an amazon.

  9. @Anon..20 November 2017 at 14:17... Will u sharap dat dirty mouth and brain of your's?!!! .Which "hebrew woman"?..U know dey read ur bible well o o!! If u read exodus, u'll discover that the mid-wives lied to pharoah that the HEBREW women delivered too quickly..even before they could reach the place of delivery..It was in a bid to save the Hebrew male children from being Killed!! ..Nothing more; nothing less!! And they lied! I dunno why people keep praying to deliver like the hebrew women! Read ur bible very well!....see how the baby died bcos of stupidity powered by ignorance...mtcheeew!


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