Stella Dimoko Comedian Bovi Replies Trolls Over Expensive Joke He Made


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Comedian Bovi Replies Trolls Over Expensive Joke He Made

Ace Comedian Bovi has been dragged on twitter over homophobic jokes about his trying to keep his kids from turning gay....
Many people were against it, while some saw nothing wrong with the joke.

Involving MINORS in s§XUAL jokes is not so good but he involved HIS KIDS not yours or mine,so that's his business....Comedians are the only ones who are allowed to use anything as a joke and get away with it and people would laugh but one needs to apply common sense to know where to draw the line...

The cussers and the cussee will be fine though!!!


  1. He said the right thing. Keep your kids straight. They dont want to hear the truth because it hurt.

    Na dem sabi

  2. Let me go and watch it
    where he was asked...who homosexuals help and he said...e epp them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    I liked the way he handled the attack, it shows his maturity.

  3. His life, His choice.... His children his business....
    Nigerians should learn how to mind their business....
    I think mind your business should be a course study in school..... mtcheeew....

  4. They don’t normally get away with it Stella, some jokes could Jeopardise their career . Eg Kathy Griffin and Nene leak were black lashed for their jokes. They are still recovering from it. I have nothing against people sexual preference and it’s not the biggest issue in Nigeria right now. He sounds homophobic to me. He should not have involved children in his joke(his or not).

  5. Wetin he said! Didn't watch tho but any sex talks involving kids is the worst ever

  6. Make den free bovi, if they are ok with getting gay kids, concern them, i'll do anything to keep mine straight, no time.

  7. Program your child yourself in a good perspective and environment before the world people will program your child for you.. we have got enough bob, Hassan and co mbok•

  8. Well the joke is his, the kids he uses for the homophobic jokes are his but the message been passed from the jokes is for everyone and he needs to be sensible with it.

    He just shot his chance at been a global comedian like basket mouth because the truth is somethings are just not acceptable to say even as a commedian.

    And using his kids for such is way disgusting and anyway since he just told the world that he his homophobic he can kiss he's career growth goodbye.


  9. Whatever!
    His children, his joke, his business!

  10. Abeg people should learn how to mind their damn business..i see nothing wrong in what bovi did.his kids his jokes his sex talk abeg

  11. these comedians likes getting on peoples nerves sha

  12. Since it's his children and not mine or yours,we should also mind our business when it comes to parents who rape or abuse their children.

  13. Yeah everyone will be alright last last.

    But next time he would bite his tongue when saying some things. We are still in Nigeria where everyone is ready and waiting to throw stones into any glass house.

  14. Africans, everything Oyinbo do na Hin good..cnt they be wrong? And, are we always wrong? @least we shd av something that's purely ours. We are straight, that's wu we be

    1. Are you talking for bobo Risky and his friends too?

    2. We aint straight dear. There are millions of gays in Nigeria n it has nothing to do with colour. Its just seen that way becos d whites accepted long ago that we cant all b the same.

  15. Love eating nonsense, shut up, even your name is irritating. His career is going forward and forward. Nothing you fit do. Mumu

  16. tessy I think we are, whites open us to these ideas and some of us jus want to be like them. Same as dos of us wu bleach, some of us are jus obsessed with anything frm the other side. Fela spoke about all these and more" the things black knw no good, na foreign things them they like".


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