Stella Dimoko Crooner Eedris Says Psquare's Breakup Is Spiritual....


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Friday, November 10, 2017

Crooner Eedris Says Psquare's Breakup Is Spiritual....

Jagajaga crooner Eedris Abdulkarim said during an Interview that the Psquare famous Breakup was spiritual and then dragged their wives into his closing statement

Speaking about the break up on Entertainment Splash on TVC, Eedris Abdulkareem said:

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"It is a spiritual thing. I remembered their mother said before she died, don’t let anyone come between you guys. You need to sit your women down, talk to them to stay away from you guys, sit them down to respect you guys opinions. You guys are gone doing your solo career.“

“Although, 20 children don’t play for 20 years but these are twins. There is something wrong spiritually.”

*Do you agree with him?


  1. So this bra no get work again ba...

  2. Anything that wants to happen, happens in the spiritual before it will manifest physically.

    They were all blind and did not know the angles problem will come in. But they felt they have it all and did not need guidance.

    Anyway it is well with them. What i know is that blood is still thicker than water.

  3. lol.. who is he?? and how did he get to hear that from their mother..addonbelivit

  4. I agree o. Because its not easy to separate siblings let alone twins for that matter.

  5. Yes!...
    From a right source,Lola the pretender is the culprit!...
    If Paul and Jude should open their mouth to the press ehhee,Nigerians will see how evil she is!,...
    I was supporting her before I heard the real gist!.. Thinking people were accusing her for nothing...
    Lola di very bad!!...

    1. Sometimes the things we hear esp from "reliable sources" are nothing but pure lies!

      Some people can make up lies so much that you yourself would be tempted to "believe"

      Some times,some things aren't as they seem.
      We know how some people can get when they don't dig you. When they are intimidated by you. Not cos you have done anything wrong to them Nah!

      And that she keeps quiet doesn't make her the guilty one. And majority of people who have called her out have done so simply coz they heard from the others but not from her. And the hearing things no even set like that. Just innuendos and shades. Nothing tangible!

      And u expect Lola to respond to shades?Lol
      Come on chick!

      I wasn't there. So can't say what happened. Even those that were there can twist the truth to suit them? Or it could be her. But till it's proven she is the bad one,let's learn not to judge her ever so harshly. U get me?

      All I am trying to say is this Queen.lets not solely blame Lola for all the bad things that happen in the Okoye clan.

      Hahhahahahahaha @ spiritualπŸ˜‚

      Nigerians are among the most spiritual beings oh-mi-goodness!πŸ˜‚

    2. when are you ever going to get over Lola this, Lola that? What is the real gist you heard about her now? You’re here throwing garbage into other people’s life while yours is full of shit! Go and treat your fuck ups before you start pointing your evil fingers.mtcheeeew nonsense!

    3. Hahahaha Uye G.
      I used to think like you until I heard from the other party...
      paul and Jude are not the social media type!...
      They hardly grant interviews...
      It's even recently that Paul started being active on social media cos it was Peter that was handling his social media account!...
      The person I heard this from has always made peace for them...
      This brouhaha started even when Lola has not given birth to any child for Peter...
      Peter took advantage of Paul and Jude knowing they don't like washing their dirty linen outside to be granting interviews talking rubbish!...
      Forget her fine face and all that she is highly manipulative and wicked!...
      I have sons and I wouldn't want any woman to come between them!...
      She was the one that broke Psquare up!...take this info to the bank!,..

      I hope the twins invested well cos people will laugh them if we hear stories that touch!...
      They are into real estate but with this current Vuharia's government,I pity them money wise...

  6. Hmmm well it may be true.

  7. Was Eedris present when the mother was telling them this??
    May God sort out their problem for them

  8. Eedris talk talk.....

    Queen give us gist nah

  9. Eedris talk talk.....

    Queen give us gist nah

  10. Too bad, money can divided anything and anyone even siamese twins.

    They should have put God above all.

    I pray they settle their differences as brothers.

  11. hahahahaha the Queen. Her sister will come for you ooo. You no that one dont play with Lola

  12. Hehehehehhehehehehehe.... Na dem sabi, if der like der should settle, if der like make dem no der cup of covfefe. May God help us all...πŸ’ƒ

  13. I believe, but they also contributed to it.... they gave the devil chance to use them.

  14. If money can't separate them, then their wives will do. My late dad and his brother were inseparable until they got married and they turned sworn enemies to the extent when my father died he didn't even attend his burial.
    I asked my mom why they separated, she blamed the other wife. I'm sure the other woman has her own side of the story and would probably blame my mother too.
    Women can build and also destroy. Let's not blame Lola because I know she has her own side of the story


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