Stella Dimoko Doctors Totalling About 900 Have So Far Resigned From Lagos And Ibadan Hospitals


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Doctors Totalling About 900 Have So Far Resigned From Lagos And Ibadan Hospitals

Education and health sectors in Nigeria are in dire need of help!!!

The Nigerian Medical Association , Lagos State Chapter on Thursday said the exodus of doctors from Nigeria had reached an alarming proportion and called for improved health sector funding to discourage it .

The Chairman , Dr Olumuyiwa Odusote , said in Lagos that more than 40 , 000 of the 75, 000 registered Nigerian doctors , were practising abroad while 70 per cent in the country were thinking of picking jobs outside .

According to him , over 100 doctors resigned from the University College Hospital , Ibadan , in 2017 while about 800 doctors resigned from Lagos State hospitals in the last two years. He described the situation as worrisome .

“ The health crisis in Nigeria is unprecedented as the mass exodus hits an alarming proportion. Already , it takes a new patient two to three hours to see a doctor .

“ Over 100 doctors have resigned from the University College Hospital, Ibadan , this year ; about 800 doctors resigned from Lagos State hospitals in the last two years, and over 50 in November alone .

“ Kebbi State has been unable to employ a single doctor in two years despite multiple adverts for employment ; over 200 doctors and nurses have resigned from Ladoke Akintola Teaching Hospital this year .Seventy per cent of Nigerian doctors are making plans to leave for foreign lands and are taking exams to that effect , ” he said .

“ Our healthcare system has been neglected for an extended period , evidenced by lack of funding, under- supply, inefficiency , decrepit equipment , poor quality , needless deaths and unhappy workforce .

“ Today , many of the country’ s general hospitals , with the exception of those in Lagos , are not in good condition and are breeding grounds for infectious diseases.Many also do not have sufficient beds ; so , corridors are turned to sleeping wards, ” he said .

He said that there was the need for increased number of public health centres fully equipped with adequate drugs and modern facilities and manned by specialists .

“ The nation needs 303 , 333 medical doctors now and 10, 605 new doctors annually to provide good quality patient care . ’’

According to him , providing better facilities and work environment , higher remuneration, career progression, professional advancement and better quality of life would guarantee good quality healthcare.

The chairman said that allocation to health in the proposed 2018 Budget should have been more than 3 . 9 per cent .

He said that the 3 . 9 per cent allocated to the health sector was less than the WHO -recommended 15 per cent .

“ NMA will nonetheless , continue with advocacy for improved healthcare financing through universal health coverage and full implementation of the National Health Act, 2014, ” he said .

The Federal Government allocated N 340 . 45bn to health in the 2018 Budget proposal of N 8 . 612 tn .



  1. Let’s call on God my people! 2 chr 7:14 says:
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    It has never gotten to this point ever before. Now is time to pray!

    Just Krix!

  2. I’m one of the doctors that left Nigeria over a decade ago. The working conditions were and still are appalling. In Luth, where I completed my housejob, on-call doctors had to sleep in rat infested call rooms. Equipment was broken or non existent or totally outdated. It was bad.

    I didn’t think twice about leaving.

  3. God please help us in Nigeria oooo.
    Even the ones that have not resigned have their own private hospital where they Practice. Most of them are never there(govt hospital)
    Nothing is working well in this country.
    It is well

  4. Why is this nation like this? And if you talk on people will call you names and turn it into politics and tribal argument.

    Nothing is working in this country. People are relocating at an alarming rate in every sector not just health care.

    Some people will argue that 6years regime ruined everything.. until we started telling ourselves the bitter truth, things will so get worst.

  5. I’ve never practiced in Nigeria and everyday . The health sector in Nigeria keeps reiterating , the reasons I don’t want to relocate.

    I pray something is done sooner. Public health sector seriously needs revamping in all areas.

    1. You called yourself a medical doctor , or you mean native doctor? So much that you don't know the meaning of *reiterating*.
      Which hospital do you practice? Don't go and kill patients with your bad grammar.
      Medical doctor indeed.
      Sabongari wor wor

  6. I don't plan to practice here either, I think i have done my part, although little, internship, was always owed months, despite peanut we were paid, worked in another private hospital, MD told me 500 an hour or so, didnt have any choice needed to worl, yet I literally had to beg for my pay, stories upon stories, served in a health centre, only corper doctor, managed 30 to 40 patients a day, NO PAY FOR - 1 WHOLE YEAR! how I survived, God. The philanthropist in me, endured for my love for kids and the poor women. It is well, reading for my PLAB, uslme, mcce. I don't mind doing public health self as far its not in this country.

    1. This is my story too. Served in a health center too without pay. Planning to start preparing for ielts n TOEFL. This country is not worth the stress

    2. Oh no!

      I am soo sorry about this. And to all Doctors and Nurses who are cotinually mistreated and poorly paid.

      It’s soo sad because it’s to you guys we owe our deepest gratitude and allegiance to.

      This is sad!

    3. I relocated 2years ago after doing the 3500/day shit in Lagos and I can tell you that's the best decision of my life. Those recorded stats are even low cos 80% of colleagues I graduated with are out of the country even if na Saudi sef. Lol. They never see mass migration!

    4. Lol..... A time would come they would beg Nigerian doctors based abroad to come and work and be paid in hard currencies and we still won't opt to relocating back..
      Any medical graduand had better start prepping for usmle or plab. And move the hell out of this country

    5. Thanks @TGW, but that's all we get, thanks and God bless you from our patient, and even employers, lol. Thanks won't put food on the table btw, neither will it pay bills n kids fee.

  7. lee boo is also thinking of relocating. just had this conversation with him 5 minutes ago. i just tire for this country argh.

  8. Hubby is working in a shitty private hospital that pays close to nothing with no hope of increment,he is also planning on relocating us, he has started preparing for his plab exams. We cannot come and die abeg. His best friend already ported his family to the UK 2months ago. Medicine is a joke in this country.


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