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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 773

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.


  1. I disagree with fact 1, I'm left handed and it takes a lot to scare me

    1. Was going to say the same thing. What the hell is fear?
      And people are there denying that the Holocaust happened @fact 3.

    2. Same here. Nothing at all scares me

  2. And I'm not even left-handed.
    @The last fact,The horror can only be imagined.

  3. Fact1: That watch looks good.... Os Pres Trump left handed? I hear the past 3 presidents are left handed, could they be cowards? hmm.. *thinking*

    Wives and hancuff is same sentene isnt encouraging, like men need more reason to be scared of prison, oops! Marriage i mean.

    Hitler weldone oh, your evil deeds are affecting generations!

    1. No hes not... Hitler is far worse, going by the documented fact that records just ten (10) killings in the book u believe in (Bible). & even these he shares with God, since God allowed him to do it as a part of a bet. I'm talking about the 7 sons & 3 daughters of Job.
      Hitler killed over 10 million.

    2. Nawa 4 d Hitler o!
      Hi Atheist!🙋

  4. @fact 1: it is also said that their life span is nine years less than right handed people.
    Hmmm! Their own dey the left hand side of their body.

    @2 so taking a wife is like being arrested or taken prisoner.
    Both your heart and life is captured when you find a wife.
    How motivating!

    Eiya! It's only God that knows what He will do to Hitler and his likes.
    Another devil incarnate is Joseph Kony (don't even care how his name is spelt) of LRA, apart from using the Holy Spirit to perpetrate his heinous acts, children were/are his foot soldiers.

    I hope the gene thing will eventually correct itself as generations come and go.

  5. Really@ all fact

  6. Wives and handcuffs, so weird. Whoever that coined it must have been messed up and living a messy life.

    Woww! @the other facts. But supernatural intervention contradicts this though.

  7. Yes now, the effects of witchcraft is generational! Hitler & the Nazis didn't just kill the jews physically, but also spiritually for many years & generations to come.
    I remember Leah Rabin (Yitzhak Rabin's wife) say that even after over more than 50 decades, whenever she hears the german language, she is very panicky, highly stressed & becomes so alert & fearful.
    Many jews today can't form a trusting relationship again or to relax & trust anybody or things anyhow.

  8. Left handed people are more artistic, that I know. I feel fear is rather subjective and a lot of environmental n genetic factors determine your response, i for one am scared of a lot of things, but i am ever ready to conquer my fears, I'm right handed though.

  9. Fear keh @left handed people??? Have not noticed that

  10. I'm left-handed but fear, no!! Fear it rather influenced by environment, genetic or experience. My own thinking though

  11. I'm left-handed but fear, no!! Fear it rather influenced by environment, genetic or experience. My own thinking though


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