Stella Dimoko Eedris Abdulkareem Slams 2baba Again- Says He Is Fake And A Pretender


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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Eedris Abdulkareem Slams 2baba Again- Says He Is Fake And A Pretender

No one expected Eedris Abdulkareem to keep quiet when Tubaba Idibia called him out via his social media handle earlier on in the week ..This is Eedris' reply where he blasted the singer, claiming he influenced Tubaba’s growth in the industry.

Tubaba had, in a series of tweets, responded to Eedris’ rants a few weeks ago, where he said  
Tubaba should have helped his former label mate, Blackface, to rise again in the industry.
Tubaba eventually replied Eedris by saying, “Dear Blackface and Idris. As na una sabi music pass, make una do the music and stop talking nonsense all the time. I’m too busy, so this is the only advice and response u’re gonna get from me. Una fit resume una nonsense rants.”

But in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Eedris did not take such a remark lightly as he quickly reminded 
Tubaba that he was the one who introduced him to Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Records, the record label that shot him to prominence.

He described 
Tubaba as a “fake person who is used to deceiving Nigerians.”

Tubaba is the definition of his name. He is a very fake person but you would think he is a good person.

Life is not about competition but about doing the right thing when God gives you the power to do it.

My problem with 
Tubaba is this, if he tells you good morning, go and check the time. It was the same Tubaba that took Nigerians on a ride; he told them that we should protest, he made so much noise but we all know how that ended.

He knows exactly who sent him to do that and after everything, he backed out. So his name is Tuface but he should not call himself Tubaba, he should remain Tuface.

“Eddie Montana and Tony Tetuila are my brothers. We all started together as Remedies, so we have a story to talk about. Plantashun Boys and Remedies are a family, we all started together, we went on tours together and there are a lot of things that I saw which prompted me to do the song, Wackawickee MCs. The song was talking about my experience during the Rothman’s groove tour with the Plantashun Boys.

Whether you like it or not, we all have a history together and I saw everything that happened. I came back to sing the song. In the song, I said that Tuface was the Plantashun while the rest are the boys but he should not let it get to his head. Today, God has blessed him but he is still competing with the guy that wrote most of his hit songs. Why isn’t he helping him and forget about the past? Is that what life is all about?

“The world will know about this in the songs that I will drop very soon. The only way he can become Tubaba is for him to become a good person and he should stop lying to Nigerians.

He should go back to Blackface, show him love and forget about competition. That is what I am talking about. Besides that, I have no problem with 
Tubaba. I am showing Tony and Eddie love the same way they show me love. I took Tuface to Kenny Ogungbe, he is a stupid boy. He should get it straight to his head, it is not about now. Nobody is competing with anybody. He should get his acts together.

Also, we are different from each other, I am a responsible man. Even if he is a married man now, don’t forget he still has about seven ‘wives,’ so when he is talking, he should watch his mouth because we are different people. 
Tubaba should understand that it is not about competition but speak the truth,” he said.

Eedris told Saturday Beats that he was not sorry for his choice of words; neither did he regret speaking the truth. He said that he was glad that his utterance had made people talk. The singer said, “I am happy I said all the things that I said because it is very important you know where you are coming from and where you are going to. It is only you that can tell your story.

They say that it is only when you are dead that people would talk about you, but it is not true. Speak for yourself so that when you are dead, people would not lie against you. The point is that Eedris Abdulkareem added value to the lives of Timaya and some other people. Even 
Tubaba himself, I am the one who took him to Baba Keke for him to sign him under Kennis Music. You can ask Baba Keke. I am saying this because it is important that people know what is happening, so, you don’t need to start making unnecessary noise.

We all make different choices in our lives and the choice I made is that I don’t want to kiss anybody’s ass to make money. I want to speak my mind and say what I have to say. I knew that after saying those things, they would not love or appreciate me but I decided to work hard and be successful. I don’t need to make billions, I just want to be comfortable and live a beautiful life, which is what I am doing and I am happy about it. I love my life and I am happy that they are all talking, this would make them wake up and start adding values to their songs and the people who buy their songs. We live in a very sad reality but I would keep on talking.

Call me whatever you want to call me but I know that I have added value to the lives of people around me. I thank God that one of my boys, Rafioso, has already spoken; so I don’t need to talk to these people again.

The most important thing is for Nigerians to know all these things. I am happy I have made my point.”


  1. Replies
    1. I dey tell you...over frustration sef join....anuofia!

    2. Eedrees abdulkarim is going through chronic depression and needs urgent care.
      Saying Tubaba is competing with blackface 😎🤔, Blackface, wey him own don finish.
      I dont even understand why Tubaba responded to these twats. 😣
      Go and produce the album now eedres, nonsense

    3. He starts his useless rants. Pls keep quiet. You want to be like Fela but you can never be cos you make no sense and have tooooo much envy. You help this one, you help that one, So freaking WHAT? So you had no help for the small fame you had, get the fu.....k out of here....

  2. Can tuface just apologize even if he's right so we can all move on from this? And to all celebs interfering in their matter; they should leave tuface alone to defend and fight himself

    1. Did I hear you say 2baba should apologize? For what Kwanu?? No try that kain play next time pls.


    2. Apologise for what? 😎 🙄. So because the Almighty God has blessed Tubaba, he should then hit his wall against the wall because some people are unhappy 😒?
      Abeg, go siddon Yeye Senator.

    3. @Elastic, for peace to reign finally. Apologizing in some situation when right doesn't make you stupid or lesser. It only proves your maturity than the other. It just takes a call,meets up,say sorry,laugh,hugs etc. It's not compulsory they keep communication(s) after then

    4. Enter your reply...mtchewww is he God that's he's 2 big to make peace with a fellow human being like him?

    5. So the Almighty God blessed Tuface with songs that Blackface wrote? Is that how God used to do? Let us call a spade a spade here brethren. Tuface owes Blackface bigtime. No sentiments just being straight up.

  3. why are all these stale artist looking for who to put their frustrated life on?....
    The jealousy in naija entertainment industry is too fucking much!...
    Eedris is still talking about something that happend since 1900...
    Meaning he has nothing going on for him!...
    Hunger has wired him well!..
    Blame it on Vuharia!...

    Why would Tuface help someone that has been cursing him?..
    You are a fool Eedris!!..

  4. Gbege!!! Lmaooo @ he should change his name to 2face instead of 2baba. Na by force?😉 One cannot succed in peace again bikonu.*phew*

  5. The same remedies that Tony Tetuila dissed in omode meta or something like that?

  6. "Wrote all his hit songs", really? Like, really? Apart from African queen, whose writer we've been told, which other song(s) is Blackface laying claims to? And while we're at it, who knows where my Faze? I really really really like his music.

  7. Idris is angry cos 2baba didn't give him what he deserved after he introduced him to Kenny. So let him continue to be vex while baba is making Doo
    Olybekee Amawbia ugbo ogiriga

  8. Na waooo, this is high class frustration.

  9. Bad belle Edris or watever he calls his dead but living self. Leave 2baba alone. Black face is alive wit hands n legs he should go n hussle his way into d music industry. U don't expect tuface to come n spoon feed him. Edris d music industry has forgotten you. Davido, wizkid, Olamide, kiss Daniel n Tekno are in charge now. D train don leave u lonnng Ago remain dead.

  10. The fact that you started a movement with someone doesn't mean you are going to end it together, people come and go. Oritse femi started as a group and today he is alone doing good and his partner is no where to be found, same thing with a lot of artiste and business partner.. Tubaba is not responsible for Black face failure, I know plantashun boiz very well, black face has a serious attitude problem, and that was the genesis of his failure in the industry. I remembered when Black face fought with a man marketing his album at Achapko in Lagos, or is it how he has disrespected record label owners all in the name of being a no nonsense guy.. nobody can associate with such character. I was also a musician, we were two, we didn't even come to lime light before we separated, I ventured into business same thing with my partner and today we both are doing good even though my partner is doing better, I have no grudge against him, because I know he's not owing me.. Austin you need to move one, Innocent no dey owe you. *HandsomeBeast*

    1. God bless your hustle.

  11. That is what you get when you are frustrated... Eedris should go and sit down joor...

  12. Well the honest truth is dropping certain friends is allowed, especially as life changes occur. But those friends won't complain or come after you until it's evident that you're better off without them. If tuface was not successful today, they won't be barking at him. They would be sitting and laughing..
    So what if he has seven wives? Lol. He cleaned up his acts and decided to face one direction eventually. Boys will be boys, but the best part is when they transition to men.

    If I were tuface, I will apologize. Because the truth is the gap is wide and his success is speaking for itself. I will just apologize and form brotherhood/solidarity on social media. Let them sha rest in frustration. It doesn't take my hustle or my success away.

  13. Tuface, just apologize.
    Apologize for being successful..
    Apologize for making the charts..
    Apologize for having 7 children..
    Apologize for being handsome..
    Apologize for well, being lucky..
    Oh yes, apologize.

    Lol,if possible,make peace with them.


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