Stella Dimoko Emergency Room Series - She Didnt Listen To The Advice...


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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Emergency Room Series - She Didnt Listen To The Advice...

Oh Dear!!!...

It started as a very calm shift. Night shifts run from 6 pm to 8am and I was busy arranging the emergency room carts at 1am when I was called upon by the doctor on call. He looked anxious and asked me to come over to the second emergency room that there was a patient rushed in gasping. I quickly grabbed the keys to the carts there and ran along with him. 

He stopped by the pharmacy to get some injections while I ran ahead to the second emergency room. Getting there I saw a female in her late thirties, short of breath and looking very ill, she was moderately obsessed and hugged her husband who accompanied her tightly. I quickly opened the cart to get materials to set up an IV access. The doctor came in and I asked what the case was, it was Chronic Congestive Heart Failure. We had to act fast as her respiration was 44cpm instead of the normal 24cpm . I placed her on the heart monitor and checked her SPO².

 I raised the bed to cardiac position. As I did that the doctor got an IV access and pushed in L**** (fu*****) 1OOmg stat. Usually, patients with such conditions would feel much better after some minutes because the injection will decongest the heart and make them feel better but instead she grew worse.

 15mins after she went into cardiac arrest.

 We started intensive CPR, the doctor gave the chest compressions while I used the ambu-bag to push air to her lungs. We were desperate for her to survive. We gave her a shot of adrenaline. For 15mins we didn't give up. The husband was already frightened and began to call her name several times.

 The heart was getting weak, her body size made the compressions more difficult but we kept pumping the heart in hope it will start beating again... It didn't. She began to foam. I looked at the doctor, both of us heavily sweating, he gave a nod. I knew what it meant. We stopped CPR. she was gone. Exactly 4Omins she was brought in. 

For the next 4hours , the husband was inconsolable, he asked God why, he lamented bitterly. She was well-known by the hospital staff as a regular patient that would come every month for her prescribed refills because she was hypertensive. She had 3 kids and had the 4th one 3months ago despite the doctor's warning never to have anymore kids because of her heart condition. I learnt she had a heart attack during the CS she had for the 4th child but was revived. 

I felt so sad as I packed her corpse and watched as milk flowed out of her breasts because she was still breastfeeding. My dear people, your body is your treasure, keep it, protect it, nourish it, understand it, never overuse it. It pays to listen to medical advise. 

God sometimes talks through people. The husband now has 4kids to take care of because they didn't listen to the doctor's advise. 

Safeguard your health. May God protect us all.


  1. So sad. Well she's in a better place. RIP. ER doctors dey try.

    1. My niece died like this after 4 months of having a baby. we got to know too late that she was sick and the husband couldn't be bothered. when she came home and was taken to the doctor, doctor gave only three days and exactly three days she died with her baby in her arms. life and death is just a thin line.

  2. Oooh my God,what made me open dis post now?? Hian.

  3. RIP, its just her time simple, 4th child or not, heart condition or not

    1. Used to feel the same way dear till I hot more understanding. There is nothing like it's her/his time. A lot die before their time due to various reasons such as the death of Lazarus. But because of Jesus Lazarus was raised from death. This woman could have stayed alive much longer if she didn't have that last baby period. My father has managed hypertension for close to 40 years by listening to his doctors advice

  4. This is so sad. Just last night a woman with four kids left this earth and this is coming few days to house warming. May God protect us this trying times.

  5. OMG! This is sad. May her soul rest jn perfect peace. We learn everyday.

  6. So sad
    Only if they had listen

    I salute the nurses and doctors that handles the ER
    That place isn't a joke

  7. Awww
    This hits close to home. Earlier this year, my mum's friend confided in her that her SIL got pregnant for the fourth baby despite doctors' warning because she delivered the first three kids through CS. My mum adviced her to stop worrying and ask for God's intervention, and assured her all will be fine.

    Few months back, she called my mum wailing, her SIL died during labour. The whole family was inconsolable. If only they had known.

  8. How do you know when to let go of doctors' report and lay hold on God's promises? Some have been told to stop giving birth due to a medical condition and they disobeyed and went ahead and God came through for them e.g Daddy Adeboye and wife. In other cases, they disobey this and lose their lives.

  9. The part of milk flowing down her breast because she was still breastfeeding made me cry. I feel for her children and husband. Who will care for them like her?
    Exercising and eating healthy is the key.
    Sad story. May She rest in peace.

  10. Really sad
    May the husband be comforted

  11. This so touched me. Babes pay attention to your heart

  12. Really sad. I wonder how doctor's and nurses sleep at night.

  13. I just wished they adhered to the doctors warning 3kids ain't bad nau.RIP to d dead,i pity the kids.

  14. I hope the iv fluid did not worsen her case, it does in some patients.

  15. I don't even understand the management of this patient. But that's Nigeria for you.

  16. Soooo sad. Once you're hypertensive as a woman please take care of yourself first so you can be alive for your children. Imagine having 4 kids motherless due to disobedience of doctors recommendations. Is 3 children not enough. The man will surely remarry sharp sharp and the excuse will be someone is required to care for the children. Women women women please open your ears and adhere to such doctors advice so u don't leave your children to suffer. L


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