Stella Dimoko EPIC Inerview With Nollywood Actress Omalicha Elom


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Sunday, November 05, 2017

EPIC Inerview With Nollywood Actress Omalicha Elom

Nollywood actress Omalicha Elom has revealed to Sun News how she gets s§xual satisfaction,despite being single

In her words, she said:

“‘I have never experienced heartbreak. In fact, I don’t even know what it is like, because I have only dated two guys in my life. I was the one that dumped them. I broke their hearts instead.

The last one even threatened to pour acid on me, because he couldn’t deal with the heartbreak. Right now, I’m single and flirting. I need to make lots of money,” she stated.

“Whenever I need s§xual satisfaction, I would look for an old flame or new crush. It’s not so hard; I’m not a shy person.

I‘ll just walk up to the new guy that I’m crushing on and tell him I like him and want him in my bed. I’ll ask for a fling. We are all adults. After having s§x once or twice, that’s it, then we can call it quits and life goes on.”

Her response: “I’m not a fan of s§x toys. I often help myself (masturbate), but I can’t do sex toys.”

*SMH.....This interview makes her sound like a HO which I am sure she isnt...This might be a PR to get this interview viral....pity!


  1. Which kind nonsense interview be this one again? I am very sure she will say she didn't answer such and who is the interviewer sef?

    1. Which of them is not HO. Those ones that acts prim and proper are worst than her. All these girls lives beyond their means and you wonder how they make the money? Some of them has not even acted in a paying job for years and they buy a bag or shoe of over 1 Million? Go figure

    2. We all fobthsvthngs at various levels ... pls lets wiit acting innocent

  2. Na waoo, Even local Ashi won't talk like this, I dnt even know her self guess she's seeking for cheap Attention.

  3. Do these actress think before answering questions? What happens to no comments when being asked certain questions? Well she said it, she like to have casual sex, no strings attached. She would soon come up with unnecessary explanation to make herself look better.

  4. Interviews like these spoils your rep.
    Even if you are a konk hoeloshi, hide it, don't let d world know u got loose pants.
    Sies man!
    Wena dumb!

  5. That she said what many other girls do every day makes her sound like a HO?. I love this kind of lady because what you see is what you get unlike some hypocrites.

  6. Is this for real or a misconception of words?are you sure this one is ok? How could she be bold enough to say all this? Some ladies are the reasons why men don't respect ladies at all. You just walk up to a man you crushing on when you in need of sex? Meaning you've been bedding lots of men around. God! This one is so cheap and trashy. I don't even know her self

  7. The interviewer sef is very unprofessional.. Biko Omalicha, take it easy with the way you spew words, you know once it's out, you can't take them back! 😐

  8. Someone says she's a ho,stella says she's 'sure' she isnt. Like seriously? How can you vouch for someone you don't even know? Na you dey read her totometer?

  9. Then your future in-laws will read this kind of crap and even your kids one day.
    Her freakishness is her business but you don't need to say such things in an interview. With your girlfriend's maybe, but not in an interview biko.

  10. Whoever you are, Clap for yourself

  11. Who is she please??? I don't know her


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