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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Favourite Celeb Instagram Photos

Someone announced that her brace is almost time to be removed 🤷


  1. Stella please investigate....i read somewhere that daniella okeke was found dead in her apartment in the early hours of today.....

    1. Me too oh
      I hope it's not true

  2. Who could Ubi be referring to oo? Talku talku.😝

  3. beautiful Tiwa. Bryan, is that you?

    1. I swear Bryan's head looks like it was photo shopped on that body. Loooooool

  4. Please stop being ignorant go to her page and see that she's alive and well. Posting since 1 hour ago.

  5. Either Ubi is talking about Jesus or he's in love
    Daniella please post your yansh pic and leave quotes alone.

  6. oshey!!! Ubi is having another crisis again oooh.
    danny yansh is amazing i saw what she did there. keep selling your market baby girl. as long as you aint being a Toke while at it.

    *hangs leg on the wall*

  7. Daniella that pics is for us to see your booty no wahala stop quoting!
    Bryan looks like barney indeed.
    Ubi must have something to say every week!

  8. Aww, Tiwa.... Who doesn't love a good dentition?

    I need this braces in my life. I don't like my OVERBITE at all. It's just that it's expensive for me..... #Godfixitforme

    I wish I can fix it, I love smiling and laughing a lot but I can't really do that without being self conscious.

    People says am uptight, I laugh inside me because I know it's because of my overbite that I don't usually smile out.wardly.

    A good dentition can do wonders to one's face frame.

    Sorry, for my epistle...

    I need to know.....

    Does braces hurt?
    Has anyone done the procedure?
    Can you eat anything?
    Does it make your gum sore for a long time?

    1. Proud wearer of braces, took the plunge eary this year. I had the worst rabbit teeth. Mu teeth are already straightening out.

      They are slightly uncomfortable when you change the wires
      You can’t eat hard food - plantain chips, coconut, no cracking bones
      After a while you get used to the ‘soreness’ as it’s a sign that your teeth are actually aligning.

      It’s not cheap though, but it’s worth it.

    2. Please dear, How much does it cost?

      I'm happy that your dentition are aligning.

      Maybe one day, am gonna smile like never before. I love good dentition

      Is it better to do it in a teaching hospital or private dental hospital?

      How much did it cost?


  9. Alex must be a blaber and annoying person


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