Stella Dimoko Former Beauty Queen Munachi Abii Talks About Her Hiatus From Music And Her Serious Relationship With Musician Tomi Thomas


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Former Beauty Queen Munachi Abii Talks About Her Hiatus From Music And Her Serious Relationship With Musician Tomi Thomas

Former MBGN winner, Munachi Teresa Abii is the cover of WOW Magazine latest edition. In an interview the Rap artiste talked about her career, her hiatus from music industry, her love life and many more.

''Before I really wanted to be seen in a certain way, doing JUST one thing. But I didn't know how to make peace with those other gifts, the other gifts God has given to me. So rather than stay afraid to explore my many gifts and different Sides. I chose to be glad, thankful and showcase all that I have inside of me. I feel suffocated when I am doing just one thing. I get it that everybody is focusing on one thing that‘s cool but I am a lot at things.

I am happy when I am making music. and thankfully, I am back in the studio, thank God. Initially I just expressed myself as a child and I didn’t know literally what I wanted to talk about or where I was going with my music. I think about that time. I knew I could do music but I allowed judgment of other people and other influences get to me. After a while. It felt different and I started thinking about money, I started thinking about trying to be like other people. Trying to be super cultural. That was when I knew I needed to take a break: I needed a moment to rediscover myself. It was in the process of taking that moment that I discovered a whole other side at me.

Yeah that‘s what happened to me and coming back into the studio is a blessing for me become I have a story to tell I have been through so much now. I am grown up now. I'm not a child anymore, I know what I want now and I can make my own decisions. Not that I didn’t make my own decisions before. But now once I decide, I take full responsibility for my actions''.

Although Munachi took somewhat of a hiatus from music to rediscover herself; She however, didn‘t need a break from her love life.

According to her she's in a relationship with musician Tomi Thomas. She said, 

"Tomi and I have been dating for some years now and it is pretty serious. But when it comes to marriage, I actually leave that to God, Really because you as a human being can plan some things and then the universe and God has other plans for you. But what I know for a fact is that all the plans God has for me concerning my life, including my relationship is good. So, l am so excited about that. He is pretty involved in my everyday life, I mean we are both artistes and we are both creators so we create together.


  1. Hmmmmm, okay. But who's Tomi Thomas? I don't know him.

    Anyway, I wish u well Munachi Abii

  2. Muna why u no catch footballer nah,who is tomi Thomas kwa?

  3. Replies
    1. Na to reach google come back be that.

  4. So it is true that you've been dating this small boy since he was 16 abi 17? You people are teaching me to believe blog comments

  5. Bla bla bla... Much ado about nothing.

  6. You have been dating for years.......It's pretty serious indeed.

  7. pretty lady, she just saved our ear drums from earache. good for us

  8. I knew she been with Tomi for long though, he is younger than her but common! If Nicki can do then she can as well.Moreover,Tomi is no longer timid at heart.
    P.s She spits well.

  9. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA PRETTY SERIOUS WITH A BOY FAR YOUNGER THAN YOU! ABOMINATION!!!! I feel so sick. Shes been messing with him since he was a minor. Muna ought to be arrested or not be able to travel to the states.

  10. Remember she denied this nasty rumor for years. Shes a liar.

  11. So the rumors were true all along.
    The young boy is far younger than Muna and she started dating him when he was 17 going to 18.
    If you see this boy ehn,One very tattered forever upcoming drug doing wannabe artiste on dreads.
    I'm so disappointed in Muna,so she couldn't find a footballer or musician to date with all her beauty and MBGN ish.smh


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