Stella Dimoko Gov El-Rufai Insists On Disengaging Incompetent Teachers Despite Violent Protest


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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Gov El-Rufai Insists On Disengaging Incompetent Teachers Despite Violent Protest

The Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai remains unshaken over his decision to terminate the appointment of more than 20,000 teachers after they reportedly failed "primary four" questions set for the competency test. 

The aggrieved teachers have taken to protest their dissatisfaction and have resorted to violence BUT the gov remains unmoved.

*What are they protesting for?if they cannot pass exams,what about the pupils they are teaching?...Anyway i think the gov should make provision to pay them three months salaries each and send them back to school....


  1. Hausa's and violence eeehn..
    That's the only language they understand.

  2. If you must sack them, make sure you pay them all their entitlements. Because we know that Nigerian government always find a way to steal money that belongs to the public.

    1. If its me, i wont pay.
      It means they have been earning what they arnt quLified for

  3. Even tho im not ElRufai's biggest fan at the moment, I support the dismissal...

  4. On this issue, I'm with El-rufai. How can the so-called qualified teachers with NCE or Degree not know how to answer questions from primary four? Pray tell what they've been teaching these students.
    They all better go hide their head in shame instead of all these protest.

  5. That's good stand by your decision...
    education is not what you joke with.


  7. Violence: the only language understood in Northern Nigeria.

  8. They are a good example of everything that is wrong with Ngeria's education. You cannot give what you don't have. I wonder why people have no shame. smh. Haba! Primary 4 exams? Please El-Rufai, im with you on this one o. But as promised, let them have their entitlement.

    I think other states should emulate this and the clean up of rot in this sector will begin.

  9. Am with El-Rufai on this, was at the school when they had the exam and some can't even spell or do simple addition, they should go to the farm jawe after all that what they do most....

  10. I had to rethink my opinion after seeing the exam questions. Gosh! Its appalling. The govt.should demote them as security guards,cleaners,messengers. Kai, I weep for those kids.


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