Stella Dimoko Graduate Ends His Life Hours After Sharing Depressing Post


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Friday, November 10, 2017

Graduate Ends His Life Hours After Sharing Depressing Post

A fresh graduate of YabaTech, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke Sir-muel reportedly committed suicide hours after sharing a depressing post on his Facebook page.

He then went further to share his mother’s number telling people to stand by her when he is gone.



  1. 😢😢

    But still,suicide solves nothing.
    Now he just made sure he made his poor mom very sad,very unhappy and at the mercy of dark thoughts.

    1. Next time,when Nigerians hear change,they will think twice...
      Vuharia,see how people you are ruling are killing themselves because of your wicked government!...
      RIP young man!...

    2. His poor mum is d only one I feel for here. Its well with her.

  2. Replies
    1. Very very sad, a lot of people are going through hell, Nigeria is a sad place, everyone likes to act okay so they will not get teased. Money is people's major problem, when they feel they are a burden to people around them, they decide to end it all. May his soul Rest In Peace, not everyone is strong enough to wake up every morning to continue this race called life, especially when ones effort isn't being recognized

  3. Oh his poor mum😢.

    1. Suicide should no matter what be an option....never!

  4. Nigeria has become a land for survival of the fitest and sanest

    This is sad. His mother will be totally broken.

  5. hmmmmmm this is really sad. No one to help him or see what he was going through. A lot of people needs counselling ooo. Spiritual and physical counselling.

    RIP young man. You were just selfish. you never thought of the pains you are putting your family through. say not to suicide. Spirit of suicide i bind and cast you into the lake of fire Amen.

    Enough is enough of your nonsense you this suicide.

  6. oh No!
    There is no problem without a solution nau!
    after posting that inspiring post even giving advice and encouragement through his speech, why turn and commit suicide?
    Even if he didn't pity himself, what about the mom,
    oh God what is wrong with our youth of today!
    suicide is not always the answer.
    Lord please comfort the Mom.
    And I pray the dead find the peace he was looking for.
    Too sad!!!

  7. Too bad, how will some who committed suicide rest in peace. Suicide is a cowardice and selfish act.

    May the Lord console his mother and love ones and grant them the fortitude to bear the loss

    1. Selfish, yes. Cowardice, no.

  8. Wicked young man!!! Why didn't you kill yourself as an under graduate? How can you break your mum's heart like that? Selfish child

  9. Once upon a time, I used to brag that Nigerians had better way of handling issues than ddnt seem like an "African thing" but here we are. It has become a daily thing. It's so heart breaking.

    May God help us to realize that every problem is temporary and could be far worse.
    May be open our eyes to see that suicide isn't a way out but a horrible experience for the ones we say we love.

    May God remove our thoughts from suicide...

    So sad.
    I pray God Comforts his mom and his lives ones

  10. So sad, suicide is not an option
    Rip to the dead and may God console his family.
    Different people with different challenges.
    I have a child with scoliosis, anytime I Remember I feel sad but I still hold on to God, he can do it.
    If God can raise the dead, a curved spine is small for him to do.
    I really do not know what the future holds but I try to see and think positive things.
    Some spine straighten as the child grow and I know that will be my portion.
    It won't end in surgery, cos this is a very expensive option.
    No matter what we are going through let us be thankful to God and be prayerful.
    Of course I get sad at times but I get over it.

    1. Madam please get help for your child instead of this belief the scoliosis will go away and straighten by itself. Get medical help and not toil with your child's future
      I say this because I had a bunkmate in sec school, a friend that had this same issue. So did her senior sister.
      She wore this back brace for a couple of years till she turned 13 and did the surgery. So did her senior sister.
      This girl was one of the most brilliant in school. She's now married with a kid. The back is now straight with the surgery and constant check-up she does.
      Please scolosis is not a death sentence or disability. There is solution. It's this same God that will make surgeries succesful.
      If it's about money,God will provide. But don't sit back and wait for God to straighten the back itself. This child deserves a good future.
      Sorry I had to drop it here. But your story hit a nerve as I have a friend with same condition. You have nothing to feel bad about. Just pray for provision and do the surgery.

    2. Madam,You better go and look for a way to correct that defect medically and stop dreaming of God coming down from heaven to straighten ur child's spine.Was it not the same God that gave u the child??
      That's the problem with Nigerians/Africans you pple don't know how to separate faith from action.Even the oyinbo that brought us Christianity are not this stupid.
      My fren take that child to a doctor osiso and don't allow the poor child to grow up hating himself.

    3. Anon,Faith without works is dead. Hope you listen to @beds and roses and @first lady. Please do the right thing

  11. Suicide is never the answer.

  12. RIP Dear,

    However the state of our education, smh!
    These are university students making blunders like yesternite and mixing up past tense with present etc.

    Wow e reach make person ........


  13. Very sad, suicide is not the way,but depression is real and sometimes people don't understand how life is treating some people

  14. Life is hard mehn. I have a child who is never going to walk aCc to the Dr's report. I gave up my career to stay at home and nurse my paralytic child. He has had surgery 3ce already. The surgerys are just to ease his pain and probably prolong an unfulfilled life.
    If I commit suicide,who will I live him for? Even tho,i hate this life that I am leaving. I have no choice but to go to bed and wake up evryday with a heavy heart.
    Life is hard,if u have a problem that doesn't prevent u from doing other things, be happy.

  15. Suicide at times seems the only way out but for the grace of God I would have done it. I sometimes envy the dead because they have no problem. I'm over 40, still believing God for husband and children. I have prayed, fasted done a lot still expecting my miracle. E no easy o

    1. It is well keep trusting God there is nothing to hard for him to do. Committing suicide is like giving up on God, pls don't give up on God he will bless you soon in Jesus name. I remember this same time last year I was in a really dark place but the Lord came through for me because I told him I won't let him go unless he bless I cried and cried and cried prayed and prayed until i got result I was really broken and God in his infinite mercies came through for me so don't give up on him

  16. Bloody miserable counsellors the whole lot of you! What do you know about his mental state? Do you have no empathy? You think he truly wanted to kill himself? Even when he told people his problems he felt no one truly cared? I pray none of you will sink so low. He felt he had no hope and no future. Did anyone give him any PRACTICAL help beyond platitudes? I am so angry at another wasted life and potential. It is high time we changed our attitude to mental health issues and stop shaming victims.

  17. GOD's greatest law to we humans is to "love ur neighbour as urself". Bt it's a pity we don't take dt law serious both as Christians & Muslims. If we observe jst dt one law, dea won't b cases of murder, robbery, suicide, corruption et al in our society. This young man cld hv changed his mind frm committing suicide if d last person he had contact with showed some love in any form 2wards him. If som1 took tym to be dea for him. Depression & suicide thought is been aggravated when 'friends' see you as som1 wit leprosy. When u r been alienated jst bcos tins ain't going well with you. Wen I lost my bank job some years back, I had abt 593 contacts on my phonelist of whc wen I ws working I receive not less than 100 individual calls evry week But afta my loss, I receive less than 4 calls(excluding my immediate family members) in a MONTH! It leta turned 2 one call @som point. Felt so so depressed cos even wen u reachout, a lot ignore my call. But d vry month I got a job wi a multinational oil company in Lekki, calls from my 'old friends' started ringing, saying they missed me and they would lk to hangout wit me. I just 'jejeli' changed my number.

    1. Oga I understand you in fact that is what my husband want to do now but i told him not now he should wait. when he lost his Job every body turned their backs on us it was a terrible and horrible experience have not gotten out of it sef, though God heard my cry and blessed my hubby with a better Job but it wasn't easy I won't lie. People are wicked and that changed me

    2. Oga I understand you in fact that is what my husband want to do now but i told him not now he should wait. when he lost his Job every body turned their backs on us it was a terrible and horrible experience have not gotten out of it sef, though God heard my cry and blessed my hubby with a better Job but it wasn't easy I won't lie. People are wicked and that changed me

    3. I think the issue is we mistake cheerleaders/associates for friends. Hope someone sees this and learns.

  18. Lizzy dont lose hope. Keep hope alive and leave everything in the hands of God. You can remember the woman with the issue of blood, she spent everything, lost everything but she never gave up that one day is one day, her solutions will come.

    Just keep being you and keep going to church. Work with God and see how He will reward you. It is well again

  19. Please talk to someone if you are distressed. No one can survive without love and trust. Good night young man.

  20. If only I have the kind of guts they have, I won't have to stil be alive to bear so much heart ache, though I smile occasionally but my heart weeps all the time. I have prayed, wished and hoped for death but it won't come, how o really wish I have the guts!


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