Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 91


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Sunday, November 12, 2017

International/London Tatafo Season 91

Make una come hear o. Another husband snatching roforofo in America. 

Going viral at the moment are pictures and a voice note of a middle aged woman crying for help. According the woman, she said that the lady in the circulated picture was a guest to her friend's home in New York, but that she has now snatched the friend's husband and absconded with him.. and the guy left behind his kids and miserable wife.


This story may sound familiar to many of us, as it's been often advised that those who live abroad should be extremely mindful of the kind of guests or friends that they allow into their home when they come from Nigeria on vacation.

Una no dey hear word!

Yes, this gist is a typical example of the consequences many of you face when you disregard such warnings. Now, the lady whose name and picture is now going viral, we were told.. went on a visit to New York and she was welcomed by her friend who is married with kids. The host thought that she was entertaining a childhood friend whom she grew up with in Nigeria, Little did she know that the friend will break her home.


At the moment the husband has left his home and kids, information has it that the visiting friend and this man are now living together in another apartment in the same city of New York. The wife's family and friends have gone ballistic and are crying to the public for help. They are saying the man isn't conscious of his actions, suggesting that he's being manipulated or jazzed by the evil guest from Nigeria.

Wetin be this again huh??

Also, we got to know that these ladies are a group of three friends, the one whose husband has been snatched and two others.. the two others are the ones ganging up to frustrate their third friend in her marriage. Their pictures are available but we will not be publishing them yet.

Unfortunately, Little or nothing can be done without the consent of the man in question. I saw their pictures and I saw a young good looking guy who's probably confused. The alleged husband snatcher is also a young lady, but one wonders why she's chosen this path to cause pain in her friend's home. Especially a friend that took you into her home out of kindness.


Why did she absond with her friend's hubby? Why is she adamant that there's nothing her friend can do and that she's going to marry the guy? Where is her confidence coming from? A lot of questions begging for answers. Trust tatafo to update una on this story.

The kind confidence the babe gather get kleg mbok!

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Tatafo will be back
Catch ya!!

**Stella pictures attached for your eyes only. In the picture is the husband, and the girl in black is the alleged husband snatcher. The one with covered head is the accomplist and third friend*


  1. Replies
    1. A full grown man left his wife and children to be with another woman? He even packed out. Hope it is jazz and not ojukokoro.

    2. Why nah. Please share the pics with us for a better judgement. Just saying. 😂

      Ok bye

  2. When will women realized there's no trusted friend out there anymore? That's why I love myself
    I've got no time to keep any friend, am myself best friend.
    Yimu at all the ladies forming besties in this 21st century.. Oyo lewa.

    1. Please tell them. I walked into a home and a married woman made this decision. I was alarmed bc I had seen these in Nigeria movies. Mind you Nigerian movies were not popular then in our country. Who was I to voice my opinion, I was just a child. In time there was a ruckus.

  3. Ufodu umunwanyi bu ezigbote ekwensu

  4. Friends from hell

  5. *peeps into the picture
    look at her head like husband snatcher, the friends look like they have just been casted for karashika *snapsoutoftrance

  6. #Be a witness, not a judge. Focus on yourself, not on others. Listen to your heart, not to the crowd*

  7. What sort of childhood friend is this?

    1. Wandas. Sometimes as kids we make wrong choices. I had two childhood friends. One the Lord warned me, but she was smart in hiding her moves. Later in life people warned me. The 2nd never hid her cards it wàs so obvious. I have moved on. Learned a hard lesson. I could have been the lady in this subject someday. We turn not to listen to our gut. Thanks be to God

  8. Kaii umu nwanyi wonder why she decides to treat her friend this way.. women are so wicked uwa mebi

  9. The stories are endless. Lots of hoes and dogs here. Some Nigerian Women and Men are pitiful. All because of Sex. Yes Sex!! Most Men here don't have the kind of money Men throw to babes back home so it's just for fuckery here..


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