Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 92


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Sunday, November 19, 2017

International/London Tatafo Season 92

Welcome to America..

Another amebo reaching Tatafo is straight from the U.S.A. However, the story of this man is no longer news, but let me joggle your memory a bit.

Una remember the story of one london big boy wen dem deport comot from London, and then after a while he do wuru wuru enter a neigbouring country where he was later deported again?

*I trust una go remember

Anyway the big boy spender whose baby Mama was codedly recording him as he was parking his load jejely to return to his fatherland after he was served a deportation order in Ireland, is in the news again. This time he has managed to enter Yankee according to olofofos. And the girls ain't finding it funny.

The self acclaimed big boy recently got himself a nickname by his fans, an embarrassing name that suggests that he likes to lick something in women. As a result of his new name, women keep hovering around him to get a bit of the action.


So the news reaching Tatafo is that a known controversial single mother who lives in chi town is also bidding to get Mr M's attention. This social media chairlady, as many call her, has a conspicuous identity that also earned her a demeaning nickname by her opposers. She got excited when she found out that Mr M was now in America and she started to hustle for his attention.

Many asked if it's his money she wants or his ability to serenade a woman with his *****.

If you ask me, na who I go ask?

We were also told that this vulgar lady whom many rarely pay attention to, has always made her intentions known to the public that she's single and lonely. She has a way of seeking public attention.. Hence she's always talking about t*toh and joystick. She's a self acclaimed gbenshing motivator but has no students.


However, a school of thought upon close observation of this chi town lady..(whose look is a bit confusing to place), think that she may be suffering from depression as a result of her being lonely.

Now, the latest gist is that she is at loggerheads with the girfriend of Mr M simply because she can't have him. Those close to the parties involved told tatafo that for the past week, this 4'2inches tall lady has been throwing tantrums on social media, attacking anyone she thinks is close to Mr M. Her paranoia has suddenly escalated.

*Mbok if Mr M nor wan do nko? Sorry you hear.

It was even revealed that Mr M visited chi town sometime last year, and this woman whose age is close to 50, and Mr M in his early 40s, was seen seducing Mr M in public. Her friends in chi town told tatafo that it's her modus operandi to make such public display of affection towards men that she's trying take to the 'ozer room'. While another friend suggested that Mr M may have even reached the promised land but failed to continue, hence her bitterness recently.

But a close ally of MR M has debunked that he had anything to do with the chi town woman. In fact, he vehemently denounced having any emotional entanglement with her.

*Choiiii.. I'm not understanding these people matter. So Mr M don chop and run? Issokay!

All I know is that Mr M has been featured here with different women at every point in time. I thought he was married? Or is he a geographical bachelor as a result of getting deported from every country he lives? Mbok, Bros, why not keep it on a down low now that you managed to enter America?

Is it not women that caused your downfall in London and in the republic of Ireland? That is according to the story that the media published about you recently. So I don't understand why you're getting controversial in the United States again, another woman palavar. Me just pity this man.

Tatafo mind ya business oh!

Tatafo will be back with another jigijigi gist.
Catch ya!

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*I remember the story of the guy that was deported and we posted a photo of his load..Happy to know he is smart and moved on from that wicked baby mama...


  1. Where is chi town biko?

    1. Chi town is Chicago in Illinois. A town in USA.

    2. Muyiwa Akingbade. Deported from London, he entered Ireland, he was deported from Ireland and now in Jand. The guy na confirm omo olodu o

    3. He fell from his mother's hence the curse.

    4. Chi town = Chicago
      Nickname for the lady = Detola oloyan triangle. D woman breast na liability. Den she's now very short fat n shapeless. Wears dirty clothes n she has swollen black lips. Heard she has mouth odour Sef.

  2. I remember the guys story..
    I still remember the water logged house where the deportation pic was taken. Chai,tatafo ..

    1. KikikKikii u be correct aproko pass tatafo­čśé
      Tru tho. The wall was disgusting

  3. Tatafo Abike jagawerreee team member...The story is about Muyiwa Akingbade that got deported from Ireland,tatafo see as you painted Muyiwa like he is a good guy and tarnish the women image,as in Muyiwa na Saint it's the women that won't let him rest bah? That Muyiwa that can sleep with anything in skirt and wrapper.very irresponsible man,what nonsense money does he have,owo Karl mi tns,social media efizy tns.only gullible people fall for all that....anyhoo Detola Aduke is the chi town woman that is trying to get Muyiwa's attention.Tatafo we don see that Abike Basira baseje has sent you message again cos she's in loggerhead with Detola Aduke.Detola used to be Abike's team as you but now water don pass garri,fight don dey.Basira should go and Bury her face somewhere and stop fighting people with just mouth on Facebook.

    1. Must u involve Abike in everything? World people aha. Read story na wahala.

  4. Yes muyiwa na useless man his life is not stable. But I wonder which money he gives all d shameless women dat open legs for him. I heard he fucked BuKola Jesse too, fucked Detola oloyan triangle, after leaving spicy his wife in London. Stells ure right I remember that gist too. He was packing his load inside ghana must go bag when spicy his baby mama was recording him Lolz. Bunch of losers. Smh.


  5. All the beautiful ladies [ even in the mold of DAS] in the house please call 0806 699 3466!!

    Your loneliness and lonely p***y ish issues is over...



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