Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -Names Brouhaha


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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Iya Ibeji Series -Names Brouhaha

Iya Ibeji is back with another beautiful piece!!!

There was this time I was gisting with my girlfriend and a guy came to join us, she introduced the guy, and we got talking. 

Guy was really ok, very intelligent and I begin dey like. She excused us na so we talk for hours. When it was time for him to leave he gave me his card, then I saw his surname I tried to pronounce it but I couldn't make a sound.

He tried to help me out and pronounced it. I was like enh? He said it again. And I still couldn't pronounce it, he said it the third time for where, I just use style bring up another matter make e no be like say I dey slow in learning.

Did I mention that me and guy are from the same village? So if me his village person couldn't pronounce his surname talk more of other people.
I even asked him how they pronounce it at work, he said I should leave matter I insisted because I wanted to know where I was heading. He said they have so murdered his surname that they coined out an abbreviation and that's what they call him. 

Since then whenever I saw him I will just see his surname on his forehead and that was a major turn off. We didn't advance beyond the friendship stage.

I have had issues with my name. I was teased endlessly in primary school because of my name. I changed to my English name in secondary school. But then my dad used to say if somebody is your friend they will take out time to learn how to pronounce your name. He said after all oyinbo people can pronounce Oyakhilome, and the whole world Arnold Schinzinegger (na as I sabi spell am, you sha know who I'm referring to)

I grew up became more confident and went back to bearing my native name.
Then I met my husband and you know when love hits you the things that used to matter, mattered no more. I married him with his hard to pronounce surname.

One day In church, we were having a special service and from the pulpit a brother called out my name to come for my gift.
This brother no see my first name to call o he choose to call my surname, he was even laughing sef while pronouncing it. I just bone they look am. I didn't stand up to go and collect the gift. 

My sister in law came to sit with me and she said iya beji na you them dey call. I said no be me. She said thank God say she don free from that name. She is married now and has a cool popular name. After the service I went to collect my gift na so my sister in law warn the brother not to murder her papa name again.

Recently I was telling my husband shey you say you go like make we relocate go Canada. With this kind your papa name, them go bully this children in school.
He wanted to start giving me lectures na I say ol boy leave matter. When that time comes we go do something about that.

After all when my friend went to America he changed his surname from Okwakwa (meaning harmattan in Edo) to Winter.

*Okwakwa?OK its official,I cant deal!!


  1. This is hilarious😃😃😃. I have a friend with the surname Keneyinboh. I kukukma deh call am Keney...

  2. LMAO some names are really that hard to pronounce but some people are just very bad at pronouncing anything that isn't a general word for them no matter how many times you teach them.

  3. Quick question guys,is it o.k if your kids bear your hubbys first name as their surname.? E.g. your hubby is Okeke segun ,kids will answer segun praise,segun Jayden instead of Okeke praise or Okeke Jayden,answers please

    1. It is very OK as long as your husband is on board with it.

      It means that a new generational name is starting from his directly.
      I feel its cool


    2. My husband says our children will use his name not his surname. I don't have a problem with the surname though

  4. Okwakwa? That means tailor in Igbo language.

  5. Lol. I love my last name now. Glad my Hubby changed his old surname, i was really eager to do a name change to a sweet name. its still a nightmare to spell n pronounce the former and i literally have to ask him all the time when i need to write out his parents name.

  6. Lol

    Like my name Chinwike and the short form is Nwike. But people spell it as Weike or Wike. I just changed it to Chike.

    1. Lol. I grew up with a chinwike. Guy suffered in his uncles house no be small. Heard his doing very well now,moved to the east after his ND program

  7. Na Edo ppl dey mostly bear those looong names.
    Back then in sec.sch a classmate of mine was bearing 'onoshakpokae'. Dont know if i still get the spelling correct.

  8. Can't stop laughing ohhh

  9. Hahahahhaha😀😀😀😀😀 some surname very funny

  10. There's no Yoruba name that scares me like Ogedengbe, Aderigbigbe. Choi

  11. What about Aigbovbiosa... Edo people and funny names.


  12. What about Aigbovbiosa... Edo people and funny names.
    True about what your father said.
    The name above is for a friend and it took me almost 6 months to spell correctly without checking with him.
    To pronounce nko? Still can't get that right because he said there is a way it sounds.


  13. #If you give your attention to thoughts that make you feel happy, you will attract happier thoughts, happier circumstances and a happier life*

  14. My inlaw bears Adjekhoyibo (means fear white man). Isoko name o. Till date, this boy cannot get visa to go to foreign countries cos once he sees an oyibo interviewing him, he flunks.


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