Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 207


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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Labour Room Drama 207


Good day Stella, I am a super fan of yours and there’s no day that goes by without me opening your blog. I had been waiting to have my baby so I can finally send my LRD to you too lol. Here goes

  I had reached the 41weeks mark with my DS and the Dr asked me to come in to get induced. I was staying in my sisters place as my husband had been posted out of the state we reside in for work. I went into the hospital at 41weeks and 2days. 

As soon as I got to the hospital I was welcomed and shown to my room (private ward), there was a cleaner there who carried my bags for me and laid the bed etc, I felt like I was in an hotel because of the friendly nurses and good service. 

 As soon as I settled in, a nurse came at 7:40pm and said ‘it’s time to start the ripening process pls come with me’, heart in my mouth I followed her to a room which had already been set up and very neat, I got prepped and the Dr walked in and tried to calm me down, I didn’t know what I was in for. Stella this Dr is good he had fabulous bed side manner and very professional. He explained the process to me and he told me everything he was doing at every step and when to expect pain or discomfort. He checked me and said I was already effacing but will still go ahead and insert a catheter, one of the nurses came and held my hand while he did the procedure.

  I walked back to my room feeling like a don coz I didn’t feel any pain, I thought it will be excruciating. Walked into my room and my younger sister was waiting for me and asked how it went. At about 8:50pm I started having a bit of cramps, I just felt like it was Braxton Hicks setting in again, I paced up n down in the room, decided to have some porridge as well, this cramps went on till about 10pm they kept getting closer and a bit more intense but not so painful to knock me off of my feet, I kept asking when will labour start? 

I was eager to feel d pain that people say they feel when labour starts. 10:20 I had this sudden urge to poop, I went twice and continued pacing up and down the room, then I felt like throwing up, did that and continued pacing up and down then suddenly my back started aching around 11pm I thought it was going to break into two, I decided to lay down and begged one of my sisters to rub my back I now wanted to poop again and my eldest sister warned against it n said maybe it’s the baby coming, I couldn’t talk coz of the pain it was so intense, i couldn't cry nor shout but I kept hitting the wall and my eyes were constantly closed. 

Next thing I felt like I had peed on myself at 11:18, my sis checked n said my water broke, she rushed to call the nurses, they came in like 5mins later and pulled out the catheter, mehn that’s when I wanted to SHIT!

 I kept saying to my sisters in Hausa I want to poop I want to poop lol the nurse checked me and said I was 8cm and asked if I could stand up, I stood up and walked to the Labour room n was gisting with the nurses on our way there while I still wanted to poop oh. Got to the room hopped on the bed and the Dr walked in, placed me on IV and said I will be fine as long as I cooperate.

 My Sisters were allowed into the room and they both held my hands Dr checked me n said I was ready coz he could feel the baby. He said if u feel like pooping pls do. And said anytime I felt the urge that means I should push, I pushed the first time, nothing, second time Dr was stretching my perineum at the same time, that’s when I felt d pain in the center of my head!

 Third push I felt baby’s head at d tip of my huha, fourth push, his head popped out n the Dr did the rest of the work, my little ray of sunshine was out at 11:40pm! 

Hmmn little did I know that what I felt was not pain, Dr massaged my uterus n packed the blood out, I didn’t feel them till the suturing began, Lord have mercy I nearly jumped off that table, what?! The pain was out of this world, the nurse tried to distract me with the baby but for where?

 I kissed him once, closed my eyes n bit my bottom lip till the pain was over. Dr finished n commended me n gave me a 9.8 out of 10 for cooperation and handling the pain and went on about how Hausa women never stop to amaze him coz we hardly scream when in labour or pushing our babies out. 

Nurses cleaned me up and I walked back to my room, called hubby n told him the good news, he was over the moon, I couldn’t sleep that night, I just couldn’t believe that I had pushed out a human being n I was so full of energy. My mum kept saying that labour from her side of the family never takes time, it’s always in and out but I didn’t think it would be that fast. Thank God for a smooth and fast delivery.

  My baby’s going to be a month old in a couple of days. Baby dust to those TTC, it’s a wonderful feeling that every woman should experience. Stella pics attached for Ur eyes only! u can see me in pain with my eyes closed during the suturing. Looking back now it’s funny lol

*Congratulations on your cute baby boy!!!


  1. congrats madam but thats not induction of labor but cervical ripening. oxytocin is used for induction i promise you cant stand that pain

    1. Jeez, suturing without painkiller? 😨😨

  2. Congrats to you, God bless and keep your home.

  3. Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. Congrats....but mehn I screamed lol,even d nurses were lyk hausa women don't scream,ok oh I hear you.After 22 hours of intense labour and shooking of hand*tears* i cant even imagine not screaming lol

  5. So they say northerners don't scream,I am from Adamawa bit not Hausa,during my first I was induced with oxytocin I steamed small,during my second I was so afraid that I screamed and screamed, oxytocin was used too,I.screamed till I lost my.voice, labour pain is out of this world,for my third three months ago,my bed was close to a primi who was giving birth for the first time her scream over powered my own scream and nobody noticed my scream.

    1. Lmao at ur neighbour's scream over powered yours that no one noticed ur scream. Labour pain is extremely painful abeg. Nobody should preach otherwise to me, i have experienced it twice. The thing pass pain. Congrats poster

  6. Congratulations on the safe birthing of your Baby. I'm so happy for you. I can imagine you saying 'Ina sun kashi'....
    Sharon Aminu, Bee 10(Onyaram onimsireyi), Olori Orente, and other BV's expecting good news. God will smile on you guys soon.


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