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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Learn From This!!!

I pray some Knowledge is imparted into you as you read this!!!

Samson's parents had known the secret of Samson's strength since his birth, yet they told no one (Judges 13:5).

The day Delilah heard of it, she told Samson's enemies and brought Samson down to ordinary (Judges 16:17,18)

1. Everyone qualifies for your love, but not all the people you love qualify to know the secrets of your life! Because, some cannot handle it, and others cannot wait to trade your secret for personal gain!

2. The enemy that will destroy you, will not come with a sword but with a smile!

3. Learning to keep your friends' secrets is not only about trust, but destinies are at stake. Nothing can be more dangerous and painful than to share your secrets with your enemy thinking they are your friends!


a.) Confidants - They will walk with you no matter how hard it gets. You need to be grateful if you have one

b.) Associates - They team up with you to achieve a common goal.....most of the time they compete for the same prize/goals with you! Be very careful with these kind, they may push you down in order to win the prize

c.) Comrades - They team up with you just to fight a common enemy. They will be gone once the enemy is should not be worried when they leave, they were there for a season.

by Bishop T.D. Jakes


  1. At the moment I have only 2 true friends, in this game you don't need baggage cos your lifestyle is too much a baggage

    1. I don't have any. It's me and my sisters. We're our best friends.

    2. No friends abeg.

  2. confidant sure pass

  3. Thank you Stella for bringing up this. God bless you Bishop T.D Jakes, bishop of Potter's House.

  4. Beautiful.
    Pastor Korede Komaiya also said something about this and I quote "The people you let in into your inner chamber are those that will either destroy or make you"

  5. So deep mehn
    I don't keep friends anymore
    Not anymore

  6. Hmmm! That's for those that have friends. I'm a one man squad, I don't have a friend.

  7. This is just for me....God save me.

  8. I have no confidant yet,it's me myself and God for now.

  9. Word! Word! Word!!

  10. I know this. Its helped me a great deal.
    A small circle helps.

  11. So true!

    Ok. Lemme drop this here!

    Please, my people, if and when you see someone going astray, call them to order.
    Don't ignore. Sometimes, those your words of advice can put them back on track.

    There are some wasted and some still wasting and some about to waste lives/futures out there whom never received the advice they need/needed to put them on the right track.

    Please, do not ignore young ones choosing the wrong path.
    Your word can/would save a soul.

    When the person(s) get into trouble/loosing their lives as a result of their carelessness, your conscience can never forgive you cos you didn't do what you werere supposed to do when it was within your power.

    Many lament that if they had had someone advice them earlier, they wouldn't have been where they are.

    *The young girls following boys/men old enough to be their fathers, get pregnant and have unprepared child or get complications as a result of abortion.
    *The young boys carrying girls they can not Carter for when it leads to pregnancy or even STD and STI.
    *The young ones smoking.
    *The young ones joining cult thinking they are acquiring power and backup from the mighty ones.

    It pains me seeing young girls get pregnant as a result of lovey lovey they can not even account for.

    Seeing small girls following married men thinking they are feeling big and sometimes, even rubbing it on the wife's face(nothing pains me more than this one cos at the end they end up with pregnancies, the men abandons them, they suffer for the enjoyment turned suffering alone).
    *Young girls getting pregnant for their married lovers and claim the man wants them to born for him(mind you, he has his own children from his wife, so tell me what's so special about your child that he wants from you?) they waste their futures except those who have strong family support who bounce back.

    Please, lend your voice(s) to save a soul and create awareness.

    Some waste due to ignorance.

    Yes! There are some, no matter how you talk, they don't change. But do to free your conscience.

    One Love.

    1. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT8 November 2017 at 18:59

      Wise words @ lady stainless but i insist that the generation of young people today have cottonwool soaked with palm oil in their ears, advice them and you automatically become a hater. Let life knock them down a few times and they will learn. Life itself will teach them. Lol

  12. I know this since.
    My mother and sister na my friend and confidants.

  13. #Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action - just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord*

  14. Cool, really cool. Thanks Stella


  15. We all have Friends,what we lack is "TRUST"

  16. Oh yes..the worst type & most hurtful treachery is that from family members & so called "friend(s)"
    I have learnt my lesson the hard way & now totally blocked my heart from any intimacy or trust in a living human being.
    I suffered horrific betrayal & still haven't recovered after almost 9 years now. I'm still badly damaged financially, spiritually & mentally. Deeply traumatized by what mybown blood relatives have done to me.
    I believed that it's good to see another human being thrive & to do well. I sacrificed my time & life to see that my life & that of relatives can improve. When I consider u a friend, I will do anything to support & help u. But unfortunately humans r competitive, jealous & greedy in nature that they will uproot someone out there doing good deeds for them in a twinkle of an eye without any cares at all, just for their own selfish & wicked satisfactions.

    I don't need friend, brother or sister, child or mother or husband.
    In fact I shut the door or feeling for human beings permanently forever now in my life. And if u cross me now I'm ready to kill.

    1. Oh dear...I can't even imagine what you must have passed through to live by this decision.

      But do you know that forgiveness will heal your soul. By forgiving them, you are only setting yourself free from any hidden bad weights that might be pulling you down. Let go of the hate. I am not saying you should start hugging them or something like that but to let yourself out of the hate you have muddled inside of you. In so doing you feel more happy, and at peace with yourself. I once heard that Hate and anger makes one age faster physically and otherwise.

      So dear forgive and let go of that hate. Leave them for the creator of the universe to handle.

      Even in the Bible, God sent his only begotten son to save us, but we rejected him...not only that,we also killed him. We kill him with our sins everyday.

      But did that make God to abandon us? No!
      We still go to that same God to pray and ask for so many things including the same forgiveness, and he still listens and answers us. We are not God, we are not perfect either, but there are little things we can do to edge towards that perfection.

      Sending you hugs wherever you are πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

      May the Good Lord Jesus Christ heal your soul and make you whole and loving again. Amen


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