Stella Dimoko Mama Tee Series -The Story Of My First Apartment


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Friday, November 24, 2017

Mama Tee Series -The Story Of My First Apartment

Like I said in the last series, I had started applying for a loan at my place of work after chopping correct beatings from my cousins. I wanted to move out.

I got the loan after a few weeks and another phase of my life started.

I had decided to move very far away from my folks and so I contacted a  house agent in my preferred location to get me a one room self contained apartment or a room in a boys quarters with one or two tenants. I paid the necessary fees and we started the search. 

We entered one compound where I saw a very fat woman and another slim one seated outside gossiping. When I inquired about them from the agent, he said the fat one was a Lastma official and the slim one a policewoman . I quickly rejected the apartment. Don't ask me why, Lols.

Another one had a broken soakaway pit located at the back, oozing into the compound, one was sandwiched in-between two churches, chai! noise will just kill somebody. So many houses with commas.

After 2days of searching, tired already, I was forced to settle for this one room self contained apartment. It was a new building , standing alone in a compound of four old flats, complete with a fence and gate(my type of house), the only snag was that the landlady lived in the compound but I was made to understand that she was very nice.

I painted the place and fixed some things, then moved in after knacking correct prayers inside the apartment.
First week, no complaints . Second week, it rained heavily one night. In the morning, I woke up, entered the kitchen to drink water, lo and behold I was met by a swimming pool. The water on the kitchen floor covered my ankle.

Alarmed, I quickly checked the room and my fears were confirmed. Water was dripping from my wall hanger, my shoes were wet, one of my boxes was soaked. The small fan that I had bought a few days before and the only chair in the room, a two seater were not spared.

I started crying.

What did I do to deserve this? A leaking roof? I remembered how we battled with the roof in one of the rooms in my aunt's place for years. Whenever it rained, we placed large basins at strategic locations in the room. Different carpenters tried fixing this roof every rainy season but the leaking only reduced as at when I left. The landlord did not even care. They battled it alone.

Oh poor me! where do I start from?

I cried for sometime, yes I cried very well as I remembered all my struggles since I entered Lagos. At day break, I called in sick at work and then went straight and informed the landlady who called the carpenter.
Like my aunt's place, different carpenters worked on this roof for months. The only difference was that the landlady took care of the expenses.
I suffered so much in this apartment. Asides the leaking roof, another problem was the invasion by cockcroaches. I bought insecticide every week. As they died, another set came in.

 Some cursed cats too were always fighting on my ceiling every other night. At a point I had to complain to my church pastor who told me that they were all witches sent to torture me by the enemies. Hahahahahahaha

He later sent some prayer warriors in the church to come and do deliverance for the apartment. Heheheheeh

However, the endtime roaches and cats refused to leave. I later got to find out from a carpenter that my apartment was built on a sewer pit. Lord!
How heartless can some people be. I confronted landlady and we quarrelled. By now I had stayed 7months.

To cut the long story short, I did not use up my rent before moving out. I handed her over to God and moved out for the sake of my sanity.
This is the story of my first apartment.

Mama Tee


  1. nawa oooo! am always lucky with accommodation shaa

    1. Me too. I've always lived larger and serene. Been living alone since NYSC and na better accomodation oh.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I have lived in a house where the building was just a fence. Lagos houses; story for another day😃😃😃

    1. I know those kind of houses miss Ess. They full Mende Maryland and some parts of Island. They will just attach iron sheets or wood round the fence, house do stand. Lol
      The type of heat that will be coming out of the house can cook moi moi

  3. Some house owners are wicked. Build on a sewer pit?? 😲 😲. This is annoying. No wonder the cockroaches didn't stop.

  4. Searching for a house is too frustrating. An agent took me n my husband to check one house and I just could not believe he could take us to that type of place. Mere looking at my face,he knew how I felt and immediately started apologising. I did not even answer cos I would have either bursted into tears or lambasted his life, I was that pained!
    Then my fear of living in the same compound with landlord is something else. I fear that thing ehn!
    Once lived with my landlord in the next compound, 1 week to expiration of rent,he would have sent SMS to remind us,he'll continue till the date. Then he will send account number,he will now stand upstairs and be calling n focus we have to pick cos he knows we are around. But let something spoil and you need him, gulder ultimate search begins.

    1. It's more frustrating when you don't have enough money. some times even with your money agents go dey show u shakuku house

    2. Your own is one week abi.

      A few months, texts have already come in.

      Thank God I'm leaving this place this December to a better place.
      I don't know how but God will do it.

  5. Hahahahhaha...sorry. Getting a good house is worth celebrating.

    Talking about churches in residential area....A guy staying close to a church was frustrated, he reported to the landlord who in turn told the church to keep their speakers inside, they refused. He said "ok, no problem". He got his own speakers and mounted it opposite the church speakers. During programs he'll be playing wordly music. The 'pasta' was now begging him to stop.

  6. Lol, this is too funny abeg. I was just laughing all through.

    Well done Mama Tee. You really made me laugh.


  8. Searching for house to rent can b frustrating,I am already doing DAT now, anyone who has house to rent out at Oyo town?

  9. I have a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in a sweet estate. All ensuite but my rent will expire next year February. My mind just dey cut because things are not how they used to be. Maybe I should sublet 2 rooms. I'm a single lady.

    1. Or sublet one, it all depends on your tolerance level.

      Start with one person and see how it goes.

      Living with strangers can be hell sometimes or better still start looking for another cheaper place.


    2. Loll, only you one in a 3Bed? What for? To feel space all around you ba?
      Just find one calm flatmate and sublet.
      No shaking.

      Abroad, subletting is not a problem.

      Only in Nigeria untop all your religious hypocrisy, people dey fear their shadow.

    3. It was le boo that got the place for me,he has always been a generous and loving person but now he's abroad and things are tight. Rent is 900k per annum. I need flat mates.

    4. See babe, I will advise you like a sister.

      Comfort is key but now that you are young and single you can bear anything.

      Better to 'manage' money now that you are young and live in great comfort while older.

      If you are living alone, there are studio flats, 1 bedroom apartments etc you can get for 350-400, even far less depending on the area. The remaining 500k invest it, do business, buy bitcoin, buy land, buy music equipment, speakers and rent out, let your money work for you.
      I mean c'mon, why do you people fritter money away without rationale thinking???

      Someone pays 900k for accommodation for me ehn, I will sublet it, collect 700k and invest and use 200k and find a place. Maybe you are not aware that you can buy land with 700k in some areas,that you can even build even if just 2 blocks loll.

      Trust me, I'm so comfort conscious, I hate stress, anything that will make me breath louder than normal. But you don't owe anyone explanation for adapting to living standards.
      Tell me all the people una dey do pepper dem gang, dem dey even look your face when you are hungry and things are tight?

      Baba God, it's me again, please be sending these kind of guys that give 1.5m to their babes to me inugo?

      I know how to handle money pass accountant sef.

    5. I am interested....Thinking of being on my own

  10. My first apartment in Lagos was shades of trouble.
    High marks:
    4 ⛪es on one street.
    Generator noise at night.
    Stay at home nosy neighbors.
    Flooded compound during ☔ seasons etc. Had to move out to a new place and now my complain is that my estate is always too quite.

  11. Finally have a blog I.D,Yipeeee!!!.
    Mama Tee pele jare, some houses in lagos eeeh,only God will save the tenants living there.
    From cracked walls/fence to leaking roofs,to broken soak aways and dirty gutters passing through one's room.
    Chai.......Lagos na wa?

  12. That church thing is so true. We once stayed in an apartment surrounded by several churches. We didn't know until we moved in . Every night was a vigil. I had just given birth... The white garment churches will not close on time on Sundays. The Pentecostal churches were always in church everyday for different programmes..from choir practice to midweek services,all sorts. During their vigils, as angry as I was, I would always see myself repeating their prayers unconsciously or humming their songs.

    The landlady begged us to renew our rent but we left before expiration when headache and fatigue wanted to finish us.

  13. Wel done Mama Tee.

    I had to quickly read your post to know wetin to write tomorrow.
    As we don dey think the same things these days.

  14. Let me even add my own experience since I didn't mention it in my previous comments.

    2 churches on my street.

    1 mosque directly behind my house.

    1 funny looking school on my street and a small bar. With street boys congregating and cat calling.

    NOISE. NOISE. NOISE. Me that hates noise with a passion and likes very quiet areas, I will be crying with headache.

    The house was in a supposed big estate that has light maybe once a month!!! I'm not sure I saw light more than 10 times in that place.

    Was it the noise of the generators? Leaking moldy bathroom roof? Woodworm eaten doors? Or the country of cockroaches or the...

    When I packed into the 2 bedroom,it was looking spick n span. And the exterior was well kept, a cleaning lady came every Thursday to sweep the compound and do cleaning for the landlord's family.

    Omo I saw HELL. HELL.

    I paid for just one year and I fled like my village people were after me. Started packing my things from the third month. Finally got a place before the year elapsed and fled.

    Please don't listen to these demonic agents from hellfire. Most of them know the problems of the houses they take you to but only care about their money.

    What I have learnt is to go back at night and see how the place is. By that time, everyone has come back, you can ask questions etc. Check for water marks. Check where the generator shed is. In this case, landlord converted what should have been the generator shed or security house to his personal house. So my neighbours generator was by my living room window. I suffered.
    Check if there is church or mosque near your house, no sleep for you. Check for any bar, niteclub or shayo bar.
    Ask questions.
    Chai, person don see for Lagos sha. Currently looking for accommodation and I'm being very very very careful.
    There is a kind of cockroach that can chase someone from his country of citizenship I tell you.

    1. *converted to his personal office

    2. thanks for this advice

    3. Nice tips from you anon 15:19

  15. I once rented an apartment to stay alone,first month was ok and peaceful until the second month when strange things started happening

    Cockroaches that u only see at night, hearing voices in ur room when you are alone, laughter and discussion between two people that u will never see,footsteps around the house,food that u will cook at night,wake up the next morning the food has spoilt,waking up to feeling like u had sex the previous night

    My fiance broke up with me,which shattered my abroad wedding dreams,hardship started happening,plus strange illness

    The breaking point was when I'll arrange my stuffs and go to work and then come back to meet a scattered house,i went to tell the landlord I wasn't going to stay there anymore and the useless man refused to give me back my money,insisting I stay till my rent expires,i said God forbid and packed out,i can't wait till whatever it was kills me,immediately I left,i went for deliverance Biko

    After I packed out I met my husband and good things started happening again,till today I still don't know what that was,but I thank God that whatever it was didn't kill me

    1. Hmmmm my dear, just thank God for wisdom to leave.

      Most landlords have spare keys.

      Many landlords are in the occult, as you are paying in your money, you are exchanging your favour, health and happiness.

      No strength to type, there is more than meets the eye.

    2. I had an experience close to yours in the first apartment I stayed in was terrible.people that were pregnant suddenly discovered that there pregnancy vanished without reason.Serious headache.I married my wife into the apartment and God took over.was the first person that gave birth successfully in the house.The landlord came looking for me after everything but I refused to see him.left the house after sometime and breakthrough major ones started.dont ignore prayer when looking for accommodation in Lagos.most landlord are cult members and people usually have bad tales to tell after moving to their houses.prayfully select apartment you will rent God win

    3. I had an experience close to yours in the first apartment I stayed in was terrible.people that were pregnant suddenly discovered that there pregnancy vanished without reason.Serious headache.I married my wife into the apartment and God took over.was the first person that gave birth successfully in the house.The landlord came looking for me after everything but I refused to see him.left the house after sometime and breakthrough major ones started.dont ignore prayer when looking for accommodation in Lagos.most landlord are cult members and people usually have bad tales to tell after moving to their houses.prayfully select apartment you will rent God win

  16. Mama tee you are a good story teller. I love reading your stories. Very apt. I am building myself to write well like you.
    I once lived in a house In school, hostel was full so I rented an apartment outside and shared with a course mate. Every night a dog will be crying sorrowfully outside our window. We stopped sleeping in the house after sometime and started sleeping at friends place.

    1. Your story is creepy Meena
      Thanks for the compliment.

  17. Mennn this Una Stori dey scary ooo,God Almighty please protect Your children.

  18. The apartment my husband got after we got married and had our son, we moved in a month after having our child. Merely entering the compound, I knew something wasn't right. But my husband overlooked it because the compound is spacious and very big, neat and queit. The landlady is living in a duplex there and the other apartment are 2 and 3 bedromm flat respectively. You much be working, leaving in the morning and coming back at night. You can't have plenty children who makes noise, no visitors , no starmgers, no area people to fix up something whwm it spoils. The landlady knows when you buy new things in your house, she will be the one to call people to fix whatever you want to fix. No other party must live with you. There are some eveil bird that comes to our window at night to shout, I use prayer pursue them, then it was bat or maybe cat that comes to the centre of our bedroom to start banging the ceiling, you won't be able to sleep. I started fasting and praying since my husband refuse to move out and doesn't believe whatever I say about the house, maybe lanlady don use jazz for him, I dont know. Every electrical things in the house has spoilt, no progress, everything is down, lost my job and on top of it our marriage is shaky just because of argument on top this house ooo. Same me with my other neighbours too, they said there husband refuse to move out. People in the area said the house is always vacant for years before people rent it. Miscarriage and selling of small small properties has occurred a lot of times. I am tired, I just want to run away or just end the marriage. The husband of the landlady has been dead a long time ago,just tired

    1. There was a similar post Stella did a few years ago.
      One person said that after the landlady died 10 padlocks or so were found (can't remember how many)each joined together representing each flat with different pieces of cloth and many strange fetish objects. The person said nobody entering that building prosperous will come out with a pin.
      If you come in to the house with a car, you will leave with old edition of leggedyz benz. So many trials and tribulations all the tenants went through.
      Before you pack anywhere, pray and make sure your spirit is in tune. If you understand how to perceive energy,when you enter a place, you will know when something is off, be it house, office, church, anywhere.

    2. Hmmmmmmmmmm
      Start praying for hubby at midnight. Tell God to release him from any bondage

  19. I remember before I moved into this my present house, things was not this bad with me. I suspect our landlord to be occultic. he lives in the same compound with us.
    Since 3 yrs I have been living here, no body in this house has bought bicycle even for their child before talk less of adult own. Every body is always owing house rent. I manage to pay him thanks to angels here. If only I have the means to move out, maybe things would be better for me. Hmmmmm Let me keep praying whether God will break whatever curses it is one day.

  20. I just saw that my neighbour in my present house chasing me in my dream.

  21. A lot of people blame their bad luck on houses when their own lives are nothing to write home about. A tenant moved into a house and fell ill. She blamed the house. When she died,it was discovered she was a professional prostitute specialising in accompanying politicians on their trips. Yet she expected God to bless such a "business "? Another tenant moved in with another woman's husband. When the man left her and followed another young girl, she blamed the house. One tenant was a yahoo yahoo expert. When his "trade" nosedived, he blamed the house. Really? Did he honestly expect continued prosperity in duping others? Some tenants have run up bills in their former apartments and they ran away leaving the bills for the landlord to clear or for the next tenants to figure out how they will face NEPA. So, Do they honestly expect that it won't wait for them somewhere in future? Many tenants have skeletons in their private cupboards and when nemesis comes calling on them they are quick to blame the house. Abegi. God is not sleeping. Before you blame a house for your misfortune, check yourself well. Are you not the architect of your own misfortune?


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