Stella Dimoko Man Returns Blokos He Reportedly Stole With A Handshake


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Friday, November 10, 2017

Man Returns Blokos He Reportedly Stole With A Handshake

There was a tense drama at Emenike junction, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State after a suspected ritualist reportedly stole a man’s penis with a handshake. It was gathered that the man returned the penis, after SARS officers who patrolled around the area intervened. 

Na wah!!!


  1. Port Harcourt and disappearing of boobs and blokos be like 5 & 6.

    Last time, they said one aboki abi where did they say that man was from again... Was changing people to Keke in Bayelsa until he was changed himself...

  2. I used to think this thing was a joke until I witnessed it about seven years ago. We were returning home and saw a crowd, we couldn't move the car. People just parked anyhow, my brother got down to enquire and we discovered a man on a bike asked a pedestrian for description. Immediately the man told him he felt "light" and grabbed the man on the bike and started screaming they have stolen my thing they have stolen my thing. The bike man was scared and pushed the his passenger down that asked for the description and sped off. Not sure if they were in on it together. People started beating the man, the affected man was just screaming please return my something and he stripped naked and we saw his something was actually not there. Then the man started reciting some incantations and the thing started coming back slowly then it stopped. The man was not satisfied, the mob intensified their beating, they almost killed that man. He was telling them that if they kill him, the man will never get his something back fully. The police arrived, I'm not sure if someone called them or they came because of the hold up but they came just in time. Stopped the angry mob, took custody of the taker of something and the man that his something was taken. Cleared the road for us and we were able to leave the place. That incident has remained with me. My pastor also related an incident many years before then, that a young man came to him and told him someone asked for the time. He replied the person and his manhood disappeared unfortunately for that one I guess he didn't shout because according to pastor the guy undressed and there was nothing where his penis should have been. There's evil in the world.

    1. This one is lucky his was returned. Some of the "takers" don't have d power to return it.

    2. Nothing shokes me again. These things happen. Because we don't talk about them much

  3. Pictures of before n after or adonbilivit.

  4. I always find this type of story hard to believe. I need prove to be convinced that such things exist.

  5. Used to doubt until it happened to my husband's business partner. Customer came to his shop n d blokos of his 2 sales boys disappeared. That's how the boys parents arrested the shop owner. Blojos sha came back Dont just have the details. Happened in Ilorin last month

  6. Things are happening my people....happy for the man....hian

  7. Christmas done come o, Evil things every corner,May God protect us with his infinite mercies.


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