Stella Dimoko Meeting Point 70


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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Meeting Point 70

HUH???...Her Desperation amounted to nothing until it was the appointed time..Nice story eeeeeh!!!

Hi Stella luv, I decided to share my story today.

I attended the same school with hubby but we actually never met till December last year. I guess God saved the best for last. I graduated in my late teens and got a job immediately after NYSC. I grew up fast and was blessed to get lots of personal jobs. I was able to sponsor my vacations, reached the peak of my professional career and acquired properties too. 

Because I graduated early, I didn’t want a serious relationship. I wanted to slow down and smell the roses plus I didn’t want to date for long or be pressured to have sex. I felt I would choose from one of my numerous toasters when I get to 25, date for one year and marry at 26. 

I was awoken back to reality when the guy I dated at 25 broke my heart. That was when I realized that life was a survival of the fittest. These people had thrown my plans into disarray and left me desperate.

By the time I was 30 last year, I had experienced a fair share of disappointments, engagement and almost married scenarios.

 In fact my last breakup was with a married young man who connived with his family to say his wife was dead because he wanted to marry me so badly. Thank God the wife called and saved me, although her threats no be here o.

I made a birthday resolution to calm my tits and take my mind off marriage for my sanity. But you know society often makes this hard. From over-zealous friends who remind you of your age, to family members, single life aint funny. 

So against my wish, I was sub-consciously desperate. I went searching for love again. This got me badly burnt.

I decided to relax and let God. But this was short-lived. 

It didn’t help that my best friend was in a loving relationship and I felt lonely every time she gushed about it. I decided to contact a guy I had met at work earlier that year. I kept chatting him up and calling until a relationship started by force. But I couldn’t even tell where it was headed. It didn’t help that he kept introducing me to his entire family as his friend! Friend ke? At my age?

Fast forward to November 2016, this cute school mate chats me up online. Within a month, we were best friends and shared our future aspirations. We could talk for hours on end, all night long. We lived in different cities so communication was key. I had just registered an NGO and he helped me develop content for my website and handbook. He was well read and already a media consultant.

He insisted on coming to see me. I was hesitant. Our communication on phone was amazing and we got a lot done. I didn’t want to jinx it by starting anything. 

All of a sudden, I was no longer desperate. He came over to my base and spent three days. We went to the cinema, and a few joints. I enjoyed everything but he kept bringing up relationship and marriage talk even in the mist of the movie. He wanted to settle down quickly as he had had a fair share of painful breakups too. His childhood love left him because he wasn’t financially buoyant at the time and since then, he claimed he hadn’t found another after his heart. 

He was even contemplating having a child and forgetting about marriage completely.

I thought his story was too good to be true and didn’t want to fall victim again. I did shakara eh. Funny enough I kept going to single’s programs and praying for Mr Right. My friends thought this was silly because they already met him as He came every other month to see me.

So April this year, I decided to say yes. He proposed the following month and we had our Trad and Church wedding two months later. It’s been fun, friendship and happiness all the way. God has blessed us tremendously and we are already expecting twins. Do say a prayer for us.

To all singles out there, just trust God, go about your daily business and be courteous to everyone you meet. The right person will show up. You may think it is late but remember, God is never late.

WOW!!!...Twins?Your story sounds like it walked out of a fairy tale babe..


  1. Replies
    1. Whatever will be will be.
      I am next in line.

    2. the future's not ours to see

  2. Awwww... this is beautiful.
    I'm happy for you poster.I Wish you more happiness and blessings😘😘😘

  3. Wow, wow, wow!
    Interesting story, God's ways are not the way of man.
    Congrats poster .
    You shall deliver as the Hebrew women..
    God I receive my miracle oh!

    1. God will do it dear, just believe.

  4. Congratulations to you dear..
    I tap into the twins blessing..
    May the Good Lord who did it for you,Sarah and it for me and everyone else looking up to Him.
    And may we reunite/locate with our spouses.

  5. I will be the next to tell a good story by the grace of God.

  6. Congratulations...... I love the twins part...I love children coming in multiples....

  7. This is beautiful I know the feeling of being pressured into marriage especially when everyone around you is married, now am just gonna take my mind of it and relax and enjoy my self

  8. wow a fairy tale indeed!am blessed. congrats my dear

  9. Congratulations. God hear and answer me.

  10. Congratulations dear. I wish a safe delivery in advance.

  11. Nice one. Congratulations. God bless your home.

  12. Thanks for being honest poster. Very nice story. Wishing you all the best and forever love.

  13. Now this is what we want to hear not 1month old relationship that u don't even know where it is headed. Congrats dear,me too am expecting twins.

    1. Awww... congrats dear... i wish u safe deivery

  14. Reading this, I remembered the saying, "things don't usually work out the way we plan it"

    Indeed, God is the Master Planner.

    Congratulations Dear.

  15. Wow! Twins! Congratulations.

  16. congrats to you two. God will do my own too this year by his grace and mercy.

  17. I've noticed relationships work when you are least desperate.....

  18. Beautiful story, your union is blessed

  19. Lord please at 20 I'm too young to be settling with a man who doesn't worth my time and tears. Can never marry because of my mistake. I will wait for your will. Being a baby mama isn't the end of the world.

    1. Hey please leave marriage alone, improve yourself in every way you can and be a very confident woman, trust me you will get a good man. At some point in my life I was a single divorce mum, but I married a young ,rich and handsome man who adores me, he has never been married nor has a child. When your true love finds you, he will love and choose you no matter what



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