Stella Dimoko Military Stops Admission Of Combatant Female Cadets


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Monday, November 13, 2017

Military Stops Admission Of Combatant Female Cadets

In a major policy reversal, the Nigerian military is set to end the admission of female cadets into the combatant course of the Nigerian Defence Academy....

A set of 20 females, nicknamed Jonathan Queens, were first admitted into the course in Nigeria’s premier military officer training institution during the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration in 2011.

It was learnt that the recommendation to end the programme was made by the Armed Forces Council which was inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari last week.

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  1. Replies
    1. U just copy any lie lie story turn am to post as fact without any verification to discredit this government.Anyway na u go still post the retraction last last

  2. The women that applied have mind aha. They must be strong.. ..

    I think they should be given a chance if they can handle it now

  3. What is all this?mutcheeewww

  4. This is discrimination at it's peak. That a certain religious view does not permit women to do anything, does not mean all Nigerian women have to be subject to that. If a woman is up to the task, why not? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew...if Una like vote him back again so that he will surely finish what he has started.

    1. Dear annonymous, everything is not about religion. Do your findings before commenting. It said as regular cadets, No. but as short service Yes. How many female officers have you heard in operational grounds? They end up not posting them there because they are “females” so why train them for years wt our resources as regular combatants when they end up doing office work.

    2. It's not only about the training to do office work in the end. If you hear what these girls go through ehn! Sexual harassment from the seniors and who do you report to?It's a hierarchy and God help you before it gets to the appropriate authority for action, it passes through someone close to the person harassing you and it is swept under the carpet. You must submit if you dont want your life to become a living hell. A girl was sent out for falling pregnant. She wasn't impregnated by a ghost. It's better that way. Sure there's harassment everywhere, a graduate can handle it better. It's a combination of factors I'm sure.

    3. Thank you kiks. Sometimes we need to be objective and keep religion and tribe aside. I heard that cadet was impregnated by a Lt.colonel. Last last dey would train them for 5yrs and they’d be posted as catering officer.

    4. Teetee you reeks of ignorance. This branch of military has never been open to women before in Nigeria. That's the reason we never had women army head. The few that were admitted in 2011, one came out tops beating all the men and has won a position to be trained in the US.

  5. They can still apply as dssc cadets but not regular cadets, bcoz most female officers can't be posted to NE, that's y it was stopped

  6. Discrimination of the highest proportion.....yes, I'm shouting.....

  7. Is it all male officers they post to northeast? They have different specialty in the armed forces. Catering is a specialty and there are male catering officers. They can still train as regular officers and function in different specialties.


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