Stella Dimoko Pension Fraud - Maina Explains How Buhari Secretly Re-instated Him...


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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pension Fraud - Maina Explains How Buhari Secretly Re-instated Him...

Are you kidding me?...WOW!!!

The embattled former chairman of the Presidential Pension Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina, on Tuesday said his reinstatement started with a meeting with the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, as ordered by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a video aired by Channels TV on Monday, Mr. Maina, wanted for alleged corruption, explained how the current administration held meetings with him and returned him to the civil service.

His secret reinstatement, exposed in October by PREMIUM TIMES, outraged Nigerians and raised questions about the Buhari administration’s seriousness about tackling corruption. The president responded to the report with alarm, and ordered an immediate investigation as senior government officials directly involved in Mr. Maina’s recall traded blames and denied responsibility. Despite receiving the report of the investigation, the president has not sanctioned anyone for the scandal till date. Instead, Mr. Buhari swiftly fired the Secretary to Government, Babachir Lawal, and head of the National Intelligence Agency, Ayo Oke, indicted in separate corruption cases. Critics said those sackings were diversionary.
In his first known public comments, Mr. Maina appeared to imply the president merely feigned ignorance to pacify a roiled public as he was not only in the know about his reinstatement, but he ordered it. Mr. Maina said he initially decided not to return to work despite a court order reinstating him because some people in the past administration did not want him back. But the last administration refused to take me back to my job. They refused to obey the court order. The Head of Service was asked not to return me to the office. The Federal Civil Service Commission chairperson at that time did not want me to return to office. Mr. Maina said he has never been sued in any court of law for any allegation. Even the one they could not do, they went to immigration, put my name on no fly list. I went to the airport. I was in Nigeria, that was in 2015. I went to the court, the court granted me N2 million damages for not flying that day.” He relayed how he helped the government recover N1.3 trillion through the AGF.

He added that the process of his reinstatement started after the Attorney General, Mr. Malami, visited him.
“As soon as this present government decided to sit with me, and after sitting with, me, I told them I will not leave you to go back to Nigeria without something in your pocket. I’m going to give you something in your pocket and the Minister laughed. The Minister of Justice said what are you going to give us as gift? I gave him a document, I say go here, here, here, there’s N1.3 trillion they are going to steal it because they’ve been stealing every year. He was shocked, he said not possible. I said sir, with all due respect, could you please try it, this is a gift I’m giving you. I haven’t gotten to Nigeria, I’m just giving you a gift. I say try it for you to understand where I’m coming from.

“I’m not a saint but I try as much as I can to help the system. The minister thought that won’t be possible, when he got back, he realised I gave him a correct information. Now, after giving him this information, he asked me, when are you coming back, I said I will soon be back.

I said I have a court order. So, I asked my lawyer to write a petition. He now wrote a petition to government and the Minister set up a committee to look at the petition. They looked at the petition and recommended that this is a court order that there’s no question of going back on it, nobody has appealed it since 2013 so government must obey it.

“So, he sent a letter to the Federal Civil Service Commission to say this is the petition I got in my office, I’m attaching the court order which you must respect. I’m hearing people are saying he’s directing people to reinstate me. No, he said you must respect the court order, this is the court order because he is the chief officer of the country.

Now, the document was taken to the Federal Civil Service Commission. I went to the Federal Civil Service Commission, they told me they have just received the documents, they are going to see me later and we have a meeting. After that meeting, they wrote office of the head of service.

They say we want you to sit down with your Senior Staff Committee and after that you send it to the Ministry of Interior; that was used at that time because they were coerced which I later found out. The Senior Staff Committee was coerced by the then Head of Service, Mr. Isa Bello Sanni to make sure they send me out and packing because I had stopped the inflow of 5.2 billion monthly to the office of the Head of Service.”

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina, refused to comment on the allegation. Reached Tuesday night by phone, he told PREMIUM TIMES, “Anything on that issue, get in touch with the AGF”.

 The Attorney General did not respond to phone calls. His spokesperson, Salihu Isah, could not also be reached as his telephone line was switched off.


  1. I'm not surprised...
    We all know Vuharia is a fraud!...
    I pray another party take over APC come 2019 so we all can see his dirty nyash!..

  2. #PMb = corruption fighting corruption

  3. Too much medemede.
    Fighting corrupt officials cannot be the same thing as fighting corruption. While the former is short term and hardly outlives the fighter, the latter is long term because it establishes a precedence for future engagements

  4. Haaaaaaai!!!!
    I used to be a strong supporter of APC,PMB,but since this Maina case,I'm now having serious doubt.
    Do I really know WHO PMB that I am/was rooting if IS???????

  5. APC is a corrupt joke
    from Tifnubu
    to coacroach Okorocha
    To Rothiefmi Amaechi
    To El thiefi
    To Fash Ole
    to Oshi Omo Ole

    to All of them
    Are the same old corrupt bunch!

    1. The oshi Omo ole just made me laugh my ass off, na now una morning start, eka ro o

  6. I have always known buhari came to steal. Na them sabi. Yansh go open tire.

  7. I thought he came to fight kwaropshion 😱😱

  8. Hope Nigerians are reading this.....If Nigerians like they should vote the clueless Buhari in 2019.....smh
    Don.....still waiting for what you have to say........

  9. APC is same meaning as fraud, useless people

  10. Anyone will be foolish to believe this Maina of a guy! A confirmed smart, intelligent fraudster and propagandist. This is same lame talk he used to blackmail and bamboozle President Goodluck Jonathan and before that one knew it, Maina had become friendly with Patience Jonathan (MAMA PEACE) and sharing part of the pension loot with her and other top government officials - he started blackmailing these top govt officials to do his bid because he knows when the alarm blows, it will be covered up cos so many people will go down with him. Same tactics he is now trying to use with the current govt officials - make spurious and exaggerated claims and financial wizardry of knowing where pension funds are being looted, rope them in and resume the blackmail. Have you asked yourself where Maina, a Level 15 govt official got the huge funds to sustain himself and family in expensive Dubai for over 5years now? LOOTED Pension funds he claims to have recovered, of course.


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