Stella Dimoko Peter Okoye Covers Guardian Life Mag And Says His Journey As A Solo Artist Is An Exciting Experience


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Peter Okoye Covers Guardian Life Mag And Says His Journey As A Solo Artist Is An Exciting Experience

Peter Okoye covers Guardian Life magazine and he described himself as a singer, dancer, entrepreneur, and entertainer. He also revealed that his journey as a solo artist is one of the most exciting things he is experiencing.

Popular opinion has it that Peter was the cause of the P-Square breakup because of how open he has been with their issues.

On their breakup

"If I hadn't opened up, the fans would have seen through it all... The only thing that kept us for the last four years was the shows; it's not healthy, I can't do that, I'm sorry."

On accusations  of causing the breakup 

"It never started from me. If you feel that it is my fault, for telling you guys the truth, look at where it has brought us today. I am cool with my brothers but I don't do (family) business anymore. It's not healthy."

WOW Peter is HOT!!!..Look at his eyes,damn!!!


  1. Replies
    1. And you look like an elf!!!

      Stupid woman always spewing thrash!

    2. Lola come and carry your dwarf oooh.

    3. 😂😂😂😃
      e don do na, it's time to move on biko, nne.😋😚

    4. Lol
      But he is actually not a dwarf.

  2. His wife is doing his career well as a PR consultant sha. She just knows how to shoot him in our faces.

    1. Let her continue instead of managing in d group where d are well established n making thier monies. How long do you think d wld ve stayed on top in d music industry maybe two more years. This brothers no get sense at all.k

  3. SDK you're funny we are taking abt good music n u are taking about looking into his eyes.
    Ok he's as handsome as D'banj while d other looks like Don Jazzy

  4. Is there anywhere u don't ve issues? He wants to go solo so he shd stop looking for public sympathy n do good music. He's ok with d brothers yet he released d videos to kill their careers n images.He cannot grant interview without defaming his brothers yet he loves them.
    Pls bro every family has its own challenges so hide yours as I ve been hiding mine. If u must breakout of a group u must be like 2face who is good n doesn't need public sympathy but good voice, good lyrics n good songs.
    For me Psquare is dead u both shd look for another biz to do after all u ve made enough money Stop robbing ur family name in d mud. Enough of d disgrace.

  5. If u must rush to leave a group u must be as hot as 2face with good voice, lyrics n good songs not always crying on social media for unnecessary sympathy afterall we all ve our family issues we hid for peace sake.
    Who social media help? Pple will always judge u d way u present yourself.
    Go get good voice n good songs.
    Ur careers are dead ie u n ur brother.
    Defaming ur brothers u claim to love will not take u anywhere.


  6. SDK is not fair I'm looking for my two comments or shd we not tell this musicians d truth. SDK must we praise them at all times even when d are going astray? Ok this is ur platform u ve d right to enable or avoid publishing comments.

  7. Hotie kwa Peter nah short man


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