Stella Dimoko President Buhari Orders Release Of Unnecessarily Detained Prisoners As Part Of Judiciary Reforms


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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

President Buhari Orders Release Of Unnecessarily Detained Prisoners As Part Of Judiciary Reforms

President Muhammadu Buhari has directed governors and state chief judges to release prisoners who are unnecessarily detained as part of reforms in judiciary.

The president said in Abuja on Monday that he gave the directive to the states last month and explained that over-crowding prisons and some other noticeable problems in judiciary have caused loss of confidence in the system.

Buhari spoke at the opening of the 2017 All Nigerian Judges’ Conference of Superior Courts, in Abuja. He said that the public expected fairness, impartiality and speed in the administration of justice. Reform of the judiciary should start at eliminating these seemingly endless delays in settling what to the layman are apparently simple cases.


*Release them to hunger or what?Is it not better to stay inside where food is assured and no house rent to be paid?


  1. May be u need to b there 1st b4 writing dat thing up 👆. Jst be painting everything black.

  2. Stella, I usually don't comment but your comment up there and your smiley pushed me to say a few words to you. Believe me, you dont want your greatest enemy to be in any Nigerian prison. the way they live there, is inhumane and they are usually tortured. you need to visit a Nigerian detention cell abi na jail and see the gravity of things for yourself.
    i would rather sleep under bridge than remain in any police detention cell. so my dear don't sit there and make comments of what you know nothing about. half of the people there are innocent. they just go and raid a bar and brand the young boys armed robbers. and that's how they spend years jail without being taken to court and for a crime they did not commit. so it is a good thing he did. the Nigerian police force needs serious reform.

    1. Germany has brainwashed stella of some realities in NIgeria.
      The fowl point here is that the governors will release the guilty
      thugs that helped them to power and their political cronies.

  3. Who said there's free food? Even the accommodation is sometimes not free. Prison life is worse jare

  4. Anonymous 11:04.. well the discussion is on prison and not police cell or jail as you have painted and proved in your discussion... though her comment is not such to take as one which is to be regarded but let's focus on the discourse which is decongesting the prisons and honestly its high time this is done as most of the peeps there have been awaiting trial for years unending without ever being to the court..



  5. Madam stella don't compare Nigeria prison with oyibo own oh.better release them and be homeless and jobless
    thank being in
    the prison.

  6. Stella pls don't wish your worst enemy nigerian prison.


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