Stella Dimoko Removing Tattoos For The Love Of God


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Removing Tattoos For The Love Of God

Does this mean that those who have tattoos cannot be born again until they take off their tattoos?Or did this poster understand this the wrong way?


  1. Confused lady.

    when you are born again, old things are passed away and behold all things are made new. Na mumu she be

    1. Lol. Very funny. I guess its her pastor that advised her to do it.

    2. @miss ifeoma Vivian emeka
      Repentance is internal as God Almighty is concerned with your heart, not your physical appearance.

      1Samuel 16 vs 7.

      May God reveal himself more to you.

      Hadey Halaba

    3. 1 Cor. 7:20 Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them.

      Read more of this chapter to grasp it.

  2. LMAO 😁
    Hahahaha. Where's Tonto dike?

  3. Her brain is on vacation and literally partying hard in LA smh such ignorance !! aunty U re capable of murder walahi!

    Being spiritual is not an excuse for you to suspend your brain. Dear Holy-Holy, may sense fall on you ijn 🙏

  4. My daddy in The Lord says people that has tattoo should leave it,beg God for forgiveness and move on!..
    You don't have to damage your skin...We all have done things in the past out of ignorance....
    God is not man!...he knows who worship him in truth with or without a tattoo!!....

  5. wrong step. She might get herself injured

  6. Rubbish! I have tattoos and piercings and I am a practicing Christian. How convenient! All these interpretations and misinterpretation of scripture to soothe an itch. Stop reading scriptures in isolation. Find out the genesis behind the passage on markings/tattoo in Leviticus abeg...oya na, shebi same chapter mentioned do surgery when/if the need arises o! Wisdom is profitable to direct


    1. Exactly! Leviticus 19:28 very well speaks about tattoos and even tribal marks but they forget leviticus 19:27 telling men not to shave their beards or trim their side burns.

      People choose what they want to believe in and leave the others. Same old testament frowns at wearing jeans and cotton together, planting corn and yam on the same piece of land and even forbids us from eating unclean foods like snail, pork and crayfish.

      Those were the law of Moses, for the people of that generation, according to things happening at the time. Christ came and abolished those when he died on the cross, He taught us how to pray and gave us a direct link to the Father.

      Read your Bible guys, don't let someone brainwash you with what they think is right.

      *My people perish from lack of knowledge*

  7. I can imagine the scar after the wound heals.

    You needn't inflict such injury on yourself.
    God sees your heart.

  8. some people sef. HER LIFE HER CHOICE!

  9. 😕😩😂😂 did it pain? I hope it did! Why hurt yourself? Which one is it's urgent? You be wan wed and they said not without tattoo or what? I don't understand why you took such drastic route. That injury can fester and turn to something else. What happened to laser removal?
    Let me give you a testimony and hopefully it will give you another shot at seeing this from another angle.
    There's this woman in my church. A Muslim turned Christian who has a tattoo on her upper back (close to her neck) so unless she wears a turtle neck or high neck cloth you can't help but notice it and not that she flaunts it anyway. Sometime last year, thieves came to her house armed to the teeth. Knocked her kids around, gave her a good beating and was about to shot her dead because she saw their faces and they saw the tattoo (she was facing down with the gun touching the back of her neck). She said the guy said "ah you're one of us?" (Whatever that meant) she answered "I'm now a child of God please have mercy on me" the guy now told his colleagues let's go and that was it. The tattoo that she was ashamed of and that people used to judge her became what God used to prove to her that there's always a reason for something and that He can still turn her shame to a testimony. She was just rolling on the ground crying and testifying that day.
    She uses it as a reference now when preaching especially to prostitutes and all these agbero guys.
    Anyways rub iodine on it sho gbo? 😩

  10. This one is not alrite upstairs..
    Let her check well, some ink didn't get burnt. I'm still seeing something that looks like 22.
    She might need to plug in that iron again.

  11. oooh please. its more like for the love of foolishness.

  12. Hot iron?just wow.
    I have a friend with this massive tattoo,he removing the one on his hand and ended up with a big scar
    Now he only wears long sleeve shirts because he is ashamed of both the scar and the tattoo
    I have try to convince him that old things are pass away but his adamant about it,I hope he get understanding some day.

  13. So if she'd had an abortion, she would have 'ironed' her vag too? Or taken her womb out?
    Proverbs 4:7- Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

  14. So being born again means u should do things? Na wa oh! I have tattoos and am a practising Christian. We have all done things in which we regret but that doesn't mean we are a cast away.Enjoy ur scar!

  15. We all have no rights to judge anyone. To each his own. What u don't know is that these tattoo s are like magnetic forces. They are spiritual they attract the spiritual world. Tattoo is like a portal for the devil to pass thru. Who knows what demonic image she had in her arms. If burning it off gives her peace of mind, then, good for her. After all, it's her body and her faith. Not mine nor urs.

    1. When you are born again the saying that old things are passed away and you're now a new being means what to you? You're now the son/daughter of the most high and He dwells in you so what portal to what demon are you saying? Make we try to dey study the word of God and pray for enlightenment as we read it

    2. @ ralu m don't waste your bread. This is how majority of Nigerians think, like lethargic sheep. Unable to objectively reason or constructively criticise. Just swallowing whatever their fada in da lords say like capsules for quick fixes.


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