Stella Dimoko SDK Blog Series -Meet The Inlaws - Story 2


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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

SDK Blog Series -Meet The Inlaws - Story 2

Have you met your in laws to be already?.....Or do you wanna gist us how it was when you met them?was it before,during or after the wedding?

How my husband met his father in-law is already in this story so here's my own version of how I met my in-laws.

You see, after my husband met my dad, they became best buddies so much so that I would often get jealous because it seemed like my dad was taking the attention away from me. Then, one evening as my husband and my dad were sitting outside and hosting while taking some drinks as usual, I heard my dad call out, "Ada, come and talk to your mother in-law o". Na so I check my ear again whether I hear well because dem never even do my introduction talk less of marriage, so where the in-laws enter my matter? Mmmn, okay na, with fear and trembling, na so I come out, collect phone, conversation begin!

It turned out that my husband had earlier told his parents that he had found his wife. That evening,as he was having a drink with my dad, his mum called, and out of excitement from having had some alcohol, he requested that my dad talked with his parents which my dad didnt mind, after all, alcohol na bastard (you know what I mean). 

After dem don greet finish for phone na, na im old man extend the courtesy to me o. So, una don see as we take break every protocol, meet oursef for phone.

 My husband's parents have always trusted his judgement, so they were kinda excited to know me. The truth is, I can't even remember what we said over the phone that day because I was just too nervous.

Flash forward two weeks to our traditional marriage and I still hadn't met my in-laws physically but we had become quite familiar on the phone. Na so my husband come tell me say abeg make we at least go see him people before dem go begin go hug another person when dem reach my village for the traditional wedding.

 That's how I packed my bag and off we went to officially meet my in-laws. I got the most pleasant welcome as all his sibling returned home just to finally meet "Ada Uche" (Uche's Ada). They were so warm and friendly and I couldn't ask for better in-laws.

 For a traditional ruler, my father in-law was anything but. Many years after, I'm still treated with so much love and all I can think of is how to make my mother in-law even happier because she has been such an angel. Meeting my in-laws made me realize where my husband got his great charms from and how lucky I am to have him.


  1. I am too happy, my husband met my dad few months ago for the firat time, promised him he would come marry me and take me to "in the abroad"where he lives, in three months he did everything and brought me here "in the abroad"life is good o.My husband is the best ever, never seen my dad this happy, he makes him happy.

  2. SDK is gradually becoming ladies' themed; runs girl, omugo, wnb etc.
    Anyway ladies make the world go round.

  3. Awwww nice, we need more stories biko.
    Stella ☺️

  4. Hmmmm...meeting my in-laws?? Story for another day..too long and full of drama

  5. Nice one.jst remembered d first in law I met.. boo's sis.then I was doing my internship in d bank and haven't really made up my mind.I was still seeing my side boo who I loved so much but can't marry cos of religious on dat faithful day I visited boo and his sis was around.after an hr my sweet side boo called and asked where I was..told him I went to see a friend only for him to say I shld give d friend fone he wants to say hi to her..I was confused but bone up and told sis in law to take a call and pretend to b my supposed friend..Kai I messed up dat day.but we are married now.

    1. And she cooperated? Chai!

      I can imagine her feelings about u wen u guys finally became serious

  6. I enjoyed reading your story Ada Uche. 👍🏾

  7. Beautiful...God continual blessings on your home


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