Stella Dimoko Uniben Students Protest Hike In School Fees


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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Uniben Students Protest Hike In School Fees

Oh no,not again!!!

''The fact that we live in a lawless country where we wake up to behold any law from institutions, stakeholders, and those in authority doesn't mean the madness of putting up negative shocks on the faces of people should continue to spread, in as much as it has become a norm in the already decayed system of democracy in which we operate.

Considering the state of the nation, the already frustrated condition of students, civil workers and citizens, isn't it imperative that the opinion of people are put into consideration before some changes are put into effect ? It is to this that this memo is directed to the management of the University of Benin who suddenly felt it necessary to make an addition of #10,000 to every of their fees. 

This is talking about 20% increment including the incoming students except school fees which was only increased by #1,000.
The question is, why would fees be increased without any reason or explanation to those who are to pay this fees ? And assuming it was increased due to economic hardship, why the marathon race of such amount ? 

It is to the effect that students came out enmasse to protest for the cause of this, asking that they be given an explanation and fees should be beaten down. Thus calling on every Uniben students, media and the public to join hands as we demand for a reasonable reason as to why the hike of fees from the management.

From a concerned Uniben student speaking on behalf of all.''



  1. Replies
    1. And

  2. Too bad. I know uniben is one of the cheapest universities in the country, but sudden increment in this economy isnt good at all.

  3. Whydrant would the school just wake up and increase school fees when they know the economic situation of the country...horrible people


  4. Stella what the school authorities are doing is so unfair. I was paying 13,800 before now it's 38000 hostel fee also increased times 3

  5. An ELSA student here?

    Need to ask you something.... :-)

    1. Loll.

      Are you in school at the moment?

  6. My cousin is there ooo. He told me they increased by 1,000 Naira. I told him ok no problem. Seeing this na, i hope things will get better.

    Na wa. Recession caused so many things in this country courtesy of APC

  7. Greatest uniben
    Pity parents na
    I know you are one the cheapest university in Nigeria and only university that can accommodate any tribe in Nigeria .pls reconsider this new increment ,the economy is not smiling oo


  8. now is for the rich.which way naija?

  9. Convocation go still get head so?

  10. I paid yesterday and yes they added 1000 to our school fees. We've been told by the SUG to stop applying for hostels as they are still in talks but some over sabis are applying and willing to pay making the efforts fruitless. I don't blame them though. I didn't have accommodation last session and no money to buy a space off campus and was squatting from room to room and I can tell you my eyes saw my ears without mirror. You won't even know when exam will come upon you. It was and is still a horrible experience. Very hard to wear off. I don't have a problem with both sides honestly. Nobody likes pain.

  11. This same UNIBEN that I paid 7,700 as school fees... Na wa

  12. To top the whole thing up, they are telling students to evacuate the hostel before7.
    Me thinking it was as a result of the protest earlier.
    But come to think of it, who does that? Giving "quit notice" few hours as deadline.

    They should just tell the students to sleep outside

  13. Uniben is no longer what it used to be, years back after the post ume they will bring out the list of candidates whether successful or not. But now they will be bringing out names of successful candidates small small and others will be showing submitted. so most won't even know what to expect. In actual fact they are doing it deliberately so that when people pay they change submitted to admitted. This VC has scattered the school

  14. Why convocation is going on..hmmmm I must say well timed.

  15. That's cheaper compared to 124,900 that I pay in Enugu state university, ND late payment by jan next year will still attract extra 10k


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