Stella Dimoko Vlogger Jaaruma Cries Out About Her Product Silky Kola That Has Been 'Stolen' By The Rich And Powerful Wife Of Her Village King..


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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Vlogger Jaaruma Cries Out About Her Product Silky Kola That Has Been 'Stolen' By The Rich And Powerful Wife Of Her Village King..

It is not news that Jaaruma was the first person to ever tell the world about Silky Kola and its therapeutic advantages but after her hard work, study and research, the wife of the village king now wants to use nepotism to take it all away. Please watch her interesting video where she advises us to guard our Knowledge!

The product in content here is Kola and so powerful that once you chew it,the dryness goes away and you MUST Find your Orgasm.

Meanwhile My friend ate this Kola and has been screaming..It fixed her Marriage and hubby cannot get his hands off her......Hmmmmmmm!


  1. Please what is silky kola
    is it bitter kola?

  2. Jaruma my baby. Shes so cute and full of life. Dem no born the rich thief well

  3. I understand where she is coming from and I emphasize with her. However, this is the reality in business and this is why people have competitors and pay marketers to market their products. You are a special entrepreneur and you understand the power of social media and how to market your product. Don’t let your competition distract you. You have already won a new customer. Lmao.

  4. it is called competition, preserve your intelligent.

  5. Darling you chat too much, a good business woman would sell information and not give it away easily. Watch, the Europeans would learn about silky kola call it the next superfood. Get your lawyers involved.

  6. Mmmmm... Goron Tula Babe... My friend told me that her products are damn expensive. You pay 30k to talk to her... Then 50k to see her... Whatever works for her...

    Even Stella sef dey call person if the need arises. Free of charge. The girl they monetize every opportunity with this her new whatever

  7. She sounds dumb and ignorant! It is a business obviously people will copy you!!!!! That is why each business has a USP (unique selling point). Focus on that and keep it moving

    1. I agree she is dumb very dumb,the silky kola is it not a fruit like sugarcane that was created by the almighty no one should sell because they are afraid of her or what??she should take several sits abeg

    2. *Unique Selling Proposition

      Unique selling point was invented by amateurs

  8. My dear it is one of the components of Kagan Mata.

  9. Jaruuma puts alot of info out there and I think people close to her might not be all innocent.
    I like her actually but her drama no be here.

    If whatever they sell is from a tree, Anyone can pluck it but what matters is her customer service delivery and relationship which I believe shes got locked down.

  10. Jaaruma don't lie most fulani women know this kola, its no secret for women around gombe, bauchi axis. They have been using it for centuries as an aphrodisiac, you only made it popular to other tribes, because you are not shy and conservative like other women.

  11. Replies
    1. Ebuka's Agbada30 November 2017 at 17:51

      Aunty na kola nut with silk inside.
      Some na brocade, some na cotton, some na lace. Na as your hand dey na so your luck fit shine.

  12. Just eat some sugarcane and tiger nuts,ladies...
    Thank me later!

  13. Jaaruma wey her things cost no be small. I think she is using every opportunity to make money now because a lot of pple outside d north do not know about these things and are ready to pay heavily to improve their sex life.the rich are d only ones who can afford her products.

  14. I stopped at the prayer part. I thought they said it's only Christians who are religious?
    Abeg that prayer for the person and her children are uncalled for. I thought you would use this video to market your products and gain competitive advantage over them. Competition and stolen ideas are normal in business.


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