Stella Dimoko Word For Today -Be Kind To People!


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Word For Today -Be Kind To People!

This is so Deep...

In my last message 'your problem serves a purpose', i talked about Naman, the Syrian Army leader who was highly admired by many but unknown to them, he had leprosy!

Now, Naman had an Isrealite maid whom he had captured during his battle against Isreal.
This young maid was the only person aside Naman's wife that knew of his leprosy.

This maid had every right to be bitter against Naman. Naman snatched her away from her friends and family, away from her culture, and demoted her to a servant or slave girl.

However, this maid knew someone who could cure Naman of his leprosy. You see, Naman was great because of his social status, but this slave girl was great because of who she knew.

Someone once said; if you turn the world upside down, you will become your cleaner's cleaner! Sometimes, your biggest help can come from a commoner.

This slave girl had every right to let Naman rot and die, but she didn't.
Sometimes, your greatest test is in the way you treat the people you dislike!

So Naman had captive, the very person who had the solution to his crisis. Can you imagine what it will look like, if Naman was treating this slave girl with scorn and disdain?

This text has taught me that the solution to your problem is not farfetched, it is somewhere around you. It is only a matter of time, it will manifest.

Friend, sometimes, God hides treasures inside trash. Following the circumstance behind Jesus' birth, you will mistake him for a commoner, yet He was the Messiah.

Treat people nicely, especially those lower than you. They may have the solution to your problem.


*Hmmmm i learnt a thing or two here and this will renew my thinking.


  1. You see, Naman was great because of his social status, but this slave girl was great because of who she knew.

    This cuts across every sphere of life and this is enough message for me today

  2. Hmmmm.....i understand clearly too. There could be a diamond inside a pig.

  3. May we be blessed with the spirit of compassion.
    Have mercy on us Lord for all the times we have been unkind.

  4. Thank you for this....more grace!

  5. anonymous to bahd17 November 2017 at 10:26

    Hmmmmm. I'll try to be nicer to sperm donor. He doesn't deserve it, rude insolent boy. But as na bible lesson be dis, who am I not to adjust!?

  6. Thank you for this Amos. You are due for short videos on your instagram. #ProlificWriter

  7. This is very deep and now i will put it to practice....thanks for this bv amos God bless you

  8. Thanks Amos.

    We all should take a cue from this.

  9. Thanks Amos.

    We all should take a cue from this.

  10. Thank you thank you thank you.

  11. I have learn long time ago that it's only when you want to admire someone's shoes is the only time you look down and not at the person's size, height, worth, status, etc. No body knows tomorrow and it is very deep. god can use any body to change and lift one higher. thank you Amos and God bless you.


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