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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative

What!!!God help us!!!



Top of the day to you Stella. I have BV since the inception of your blog.

I learnt how to teach our very little kids about molestation here. I taught my kids all that since age 3, and reinforce the teaching during most bath times. (Note I have 3 kids aged 6, 4 & 2. The first two are girls).
This teaching just paid off!

I brought this innocent-looking 14-year-old girl (Janet) towards the end of August. She is from a broken home and had not been going to school. I enrolled her into school (JSS 1) I had great plans for her.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I was bathing my 6-year-old and asked my routine question "Did anyone touch your peepee?" To my surprise, she mentioned Janet's name. She touched her while they both slept on the same bed in the night. My daughter said she woke up and she removed her hand.

I called Janet and asked her in the most mild manner cos I didn't know whether to take my daughter's word for it. Janet denied almost crying, I pacified her sent her back to the TV she was watching.

Immediately she left, my daughter burst out "Mummy she is lying, she is lying". She said it was the second time she tried molesting her in her sleep. She described the first time vividly (a month ago) and it hit me! I called her back upstairs and she finally owned up. I gave her the beating/flogging of her life. I was prepared to send her back but her cries and pleas that she wanted to continue schooling convinced me(stupid me).

She told me with tears that her mother who is separated from her dad, has a boy friend who fingers her. She complained to her mum about it and she hushed her and promised to handle it. She also told her dad, who didn't act to protect her.
I don't know how that and other sob stories made me renege on sending her back (big mistake!!!). I thought returning her meant sending her back to her abuser. So I forgave her.

Five days later, this girl absconded while I was away and gave us the burden of locating her. She lied to the father that we had accused her of something she didn't know about. We finally located her, and her father who claimed he didn't know her whereabouts orchestrated it. Good riddance.

Just as I was smarting from that, I asked them our question today. Surprisingly, my 4-year-old told me now that her classmate (Bessy) put her hand in her pantyhose to touch her peepee and she bit her arm. This was during their siesta. She told me the teachers flogged her.
I'll see how I can talk to the Bessy's mum cos it's evident someone has been molesting her.

My 6-year-old also added just now that the beastly Janet asked her "Is it sweet?" when she molested her in her sleep. The nerve!!!

Please once your children get to 3 years, teach them to:
- bite (hard) anyone who puts his/her hand into their pants/briefs
- shout loudly
- run away
- report to mum or dad.
I usually practise these steps with my first two kids.
Then, remember that kids are kids, the quiet ones may not tell you of any act of molestation unless you ask them like I experienced.
So you should ask them routinely "Did anyone touch your peepee (or whatever you call it)?"

I am now vigilant more than ever.

Let's not give these debased people the chance to initiate our kids into evil.

Do something now!

God bless.

-A. J. O.


  1. Na wah oh!...
    Poster,what did you do to your children afterward?...
    Do you know they are now lesbians?...

    Meanwhile,I think I have read this story somewhere else! ...

    1. Yeah. You read it on the house help tale Stella did over the weekend. But i think the beginning part was missing from that one.

    2. Yeah. You read it on the house help tale Stella did over the weekend. But i think the beginning part was missing from that one.

    3. Madam, please accord yourself a lil respect. Dear poster, pls ignore her.

    4. "Do you know own they Varela now lesbians"...really are you that daft.
      How did someone trying to molest them turn them automatically into a lesbian.

      I hope that statement was a joke and if it's not them you need to get your head checked.

      Plus what should she have done to her children,throw them off 3rd mainland bridge for purnishment right!

      Na wa oh😤😤😤


    5. Benny Amadi get in here. Whether your stubbornness will let you learn. Keep keeping your maid in the same room with your kids when you have a spare room

    6. Once again, this illiterate shows clearly why illiterates should not have internet access.

    7. Queen, you are a mother. Nobody is safe from what this woman narrated here. I laugh at your comments a lot but this is really insensitive considering they are just innocent kids.

    8. I don't think Linda's comment is out of place today

      As poster is protecting her kids, she ought to counsel them too on not being a danger to other kids too. Like 'don't you ever put your hands in someone's pee or vee too, if you do bla bla bla"

      You know why she is supposed to do that? There is a spirit that goes with sexuality, whether lesbianism or straight sex. This kids have got a feel of that molestation and may without prior planning find themselves trying to touch another person to see how it feels too.

      So WARNING goes BOTH ways. "DO NOT let someone touch you and DO NOT touch another", coupled with prayers for God's protection and wisdom to choose rightly over your kids.

    9. Poster has tried, pls continue praying for your kids. Also these days male kids can also be victims so both sexes need to be protected and taught how to protect themselves.

    10. You are such in the head.. Imagine, they are lesbians?????

    11. I've been reading this blog anonymously for a while and I realise you're the biggest asshole on this blog. How can you be this insensitive? We're you dropped on your head as a child? I pray God fixes you up cos you have obviously gone crazy.

  2. Thanks for this but, we must not forget that not only female children are at risk.

    Male children are at greater risk bcx most parents do not see the need to monitor and talk to their male kids since they do not necessarily have a hymen to be broken.

    Parents pls, lets pay d same attention to both sexes

  3. OMG!!!!!....
    Evils lurks everywhere, may God's protection continuallyrest on us....

  4. See how perverse the world is turning into. God pls save our loved ones.

  5. Nawa o. Evil everywhere. God protect the helpless kids from molesters.

  6. Please teach kids to call the place by it's name;
    vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina!
    Wetin be "peepee?"
    Please leave that thing; im get name!
    That will make them more confident discussing any abnormality.

    1. Does it really matter? Capital NO. These children didn't call it vagina yet they sabi. The most important thing is for them to be alert and not let ANYTHING persuade them not to report to mummy. Calling it by its name doesn't change anything.

    2. Because most Nigerians are hypocrites
      Everyone pretends not to know the name of the place
      from where everyone came out
      And into which everyone goes in as often as opportunity affords.
      Even sometimes they go in by force when opportunity does not permit.

    3. How does whatever name anybody calls it make a difference? The important thing is that the point is made and clearly understood. N'est pas?

    4. How does whatever name anybody calls it make any difference. The important thing is that the point is made and clearly understood, n'est-ce pas?

    5. It makes a difference because they will not be ashamed to talk about it with their parents. It demystifies it and makes the vagina look like any other organ in our body.
      Can you refer to your eyes as "see see"? If you cannot so what's the big deal in calling it vagina or penis? I have two daughters and I ask them continuously did anyone touch your vagina,anus,buttocks or any other part. We are too hypocritical in this country including myself. Let's educate our kids so that we would have kids with confidence to protect their sexuality.

  7. The things children of nowadays indulge in scares me as an adult. I have caught little children doing the do and calling it acting drama including brother and sister. This is no exaggeration.
    These things are not gotten only from when the child is molested so that mindset about it being all about molestation should be changed. It could be as a result of watching their parents do the do without the knowledge of the parents.

    A pastor told us a story about a couple who had two children. A four years old boy and a two years old girl. One day, the parents stepped outside their door to see some visitors off.
    On getting to their flat they got a shocker. The children had pulled their clothes and the girl was on top of the boy doing it how mummy and daddy does it.
    Take note that if they had a maid, he/she would have been blamed. And these children are always with their parents apart from when the first child goes to school.

    The parents picked the children up-
    they were too short of words to even scold them- and gently asked them who taught them. They were flabbergasted when the children pointed at them.
    While we are warning our children about molestation we should be careful we are not the source of such happenings. Don't be too quick to say we share different rooms so it's not possible. With kids, anything is possible.
    As a kid I saw my parents making love and we all share different rooms. Truthfully, that experience did the opposite for me in the female-male matter.

    1. I also walked in on my 7yrs niece touching my 5yrs nephew and vice versa, when I asked them where they learnt it from they said in the movies but the question is of all the scenes in the movies why that part...uwa mmebi

    2. I stayed the weekend with a married friend of mine once. the daughter was only two years. She followed me to the room and as soon as I lay facing up this little girl just jumped on me and started riding and the strength was out of this world. I didn't find it funny so I called the mum aside and asked her why they make love when the children are not sleeping and why can't they take them to other rooms or use another room themselves? She tried denying that they do it only when they kids are asleep but on the same bed with them.
      Not long after, she was called to her son's school cos he was putting his hand inside a little girl's panties and to worsen matter the girl is white.
      Sometimes the parents are the abusers but they are always in denial while looking for who to blame. we all really need to be vigilant cos the most trusted can become the abusers.

  8. God help us all,not only with the female children,we should also watch out for male children,a lady in church told me she sent her house help back cos,her son told her, (sister Ngo) the house help does horse riding with him,and she asked her son what he meant by horse riding,the little boy said,she lies down and ask him to climb on her and move his body,that it's called horse riding.

  9. I have read this story before. I think in one of the post here.

    Anyway, thank God u where vigilant poster.

  10. One thing I appreciate about this poster is the fact that she bathes her kids herself. Shes not too busy to do that, shes not forming "madam".

    A lot of women make that mistake, they believe since the house help is being paid she should earn her pay. They load all sort of works on the poor girl, forgetting she just came to assist.

    Inspite of the fact you like to help some of them, their village people will not allow them stay. Mtcheeew.

    1. Aptly @ your 1st paragraph, bathing your kids is the best, unlike fab mum that tells us she normally woke up when her son comes to tell her bye that he is going to school. all na madma

    2. This word "forming"
      Is taking over the diction of a lot of Nigerians
      I wonder how many of you will under ideal exam circumstances make a pass in O' level English!

  11. May God help us. I learnt it here too, then my baby was 3.
    Even if any one touches other parts of his body he will tell me eg mummy daddy touch my head, uncle touch my hear. Every body will just me laughing.
    My mum's younger sister that was staying with us back then will remove her pants and ask me to touch her public hair while she closes her eyes and I don't even know it was wrong so I did not tell me patents, but she never touched me.

  12. Being friends with your kids is Bae.
    Growing up,my mother never taught me that, but thankfully I was never molested as a Kid inspite of living in a 2 bedroom apartment with more than 7 men and 6 women.

    I was just lucky.

  13. Wow! @Queen and Boss,I read part of the story too. That's during the post of housemaid experiences. Motherhood is very tasking and exacting; that's if you want to get it right with your kids. Parents should be vigilant: many pervets are lurking around...looking for a kind to mess up/defile.

  14. I was molested by a relative(my father's cousin 17years old boy) when I was 4-5years old,He didn't touch my genitals though but made touch & massage his Penis, he would always take me into the room & carry me on his lap facing him, I noticed whenever anybody opens the door he would quickly remove my hand & put his penis back, I thought it was normal play initially but I later thought it old & started avoiding him carrying me,that was how it ended,I never told anybody because i felt they would call me a bad girl,until my service I told a very close friend,I couldn't keep it to myself anymore because it always replayed in my memory, like even as an adult when I saw a penis it replayed back to when o was 4years, I found out I was super fund of penis's (not necessarily) having it in my vagina but even as an adult it was a play toy for me. Ever since I opened up to someone about it the crazy feeling gradually stopped.
    We need to protect the little ones & be vigilant always even when we are not around them, last holiday while I visited my sister, her 5years son one day complained of how a male classmate touched his penis & always wanting to touch him(the classmate is 6yrs)), immediately his mum & I became calm & questioned him, he told us how he usually fought the boy off, we encouraged him to always fight & shout loud, & then report to his class teacher, his mum went ahead to alert the teacher & asked for her son to be removed to another arm,we advised him never to let any body(male/female) touch his penis or bum.
    We really need to look clearly & be smart when dealing with people we leave little ones with, some are cursed & act funny, & these things has gas a way of messing up lives if not properly checked.

  15. A very good one madam...with such orientation, children can be bold enough to communicate and report to their parents. All parents should be involved on this issue.

  16. If don made that insensitive comments,twofaced minions would menstruate under him, but since its their queen n boss, they go mute, only few can berate her, bunch of weakling, even anonymous guys. Tueh.

  17. If don made that insensitive comments,twofaced minions would menstruate under him, but since its their queen n boss, they go mute, only few can berate her, bunch of weakling, even anonymous guys. Tueh.

  18. Lesson learnt will start when she is 1 as soon as she can talk

  19. Lesson learnt will start when she clocks 1 or as soon as she can talk.I practically learnt all I needed to know about sex and sexual abuse from I need to know series then, and my friends at school, which was just sad. Won't make that mistake with my kids.

  20. Lesson learnt will start when she clocks 1 or as soon as she can talk.I practically learnt all I needed to know about sex and sexual abuse from I need to know series then, and my friends at school, which was just sad. Won't make that mistake with my kids.

  21. so you think flogging the hell out of her was an option instead of just sending her packing. I just want you to know even though nobody might say it here - you are a stupid animal! The girl is obviously misguided. What gives you the right to physically abuse a minor! You think she is your slave or what? Why would you even take a 14 year old as housemaid?

    1. Have you had your medicine today??? Doesn't seem so

    2. This one dey koloo. What's your problem Real?

  22. I think you left this on the housemaid post cos have seen it somehow.
    God protect our Children from molesters.

  23. We had a help that I think made me lick her privates I’ve never ever said this to anyone and been scared to ask I remember a salty taste and crying and she threatening me. I am paranoid with my children we call parts what they are penis, vagina

  24. I love that your child that bit her classmate. Correct pikin!!!

    Communication is very key with our children. Teachers in school cannot do the job of a parent, dont let the search for wealth destroy the lives of your children.

    Well done Mummy Poster!!! God would protect your children from harm.

  25. Somehow somewhere sometime most children of nowadays will spoil by their teen. it's just a matter of time. No matter how you protect them.

  26. I was molested as a child.I have even been caught up in the act of lesbianism and masturbation too but these two,i didn't really realize they were wrong until i gave my life to christ but the guilt trailed me for long.As for molestation,my mum was just too distant, the first day it happened, i was over powered,and i remember crying i was pregnant you know nollywood movies.Lol then i didn't know you can't get pregnant if your not menstruating,i didn't even know what it was,but i never told her or anyone, i was just too scared,i thought she will beat me up.I have a lot to say on this shaa.But what i know is my children will be my best friends and i will love them to tell me everything and my experience makes me look out for sisters so well and they tell me everything.I always tell God all the mistakes i made in life my sisters will never make it or my children.

  27. My son is 3 but from age one when i bath him i say it day and night that nobody should touch willy. I test him regularly by acting like i want to touch it and he shouts at me that dont touch willy. We have now graduated to did anyone touch willy and he always tells me no. I am mother hen noone will abuse my children unless they want to die young. I wasnt abused and none of my kids will be abused.


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