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Friday, December 22, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



Good day. I'm at a crossroad in my life and I don't know what to do.

I'm a 23 year old lady.
I started dating this guy December last year and it's obvious that he genuinely loves me and wants to marry me. We decided to date for a year before getting married.

Early this year around February, I was diagnosed of having fibroid and PID. I was advised to get married fast and try to have a baby. When I told him about it he said he doesn't like to get married due circumstances that he prefers to do it because he wants to.

My mom called me one morning in March I was to tell me that she had a bad dream. She said she saw me crying and my boyfriend was walking Away and that I was lamenting and saying "it's his mom o" repeatedly.

Sometimes in May I realised that he hadn't told his mom about me (his dad is late). I was bothered because he had an ex-girlfriend that still goes to visit his mom and his mom believes they are still dating. I later got to know that his family was friends with the girls family. 

He promised to tell her about me. 

He surprised me with a call from his mom... I had a brief conversation with her and was happy. That was the beginning of frustration in my relationship with him.

I need to mention that my boyfriend is his mother's favourite and most successful child. He tells me she's always praying for him. There was a time he mentioned that his colleagues at work tried to do evil jazz on him....that they later confessed that he was untouchable. The

He started quarrelling with me over silly things. Sometimes I'd think about the cause of the quarrel and find it unbelievable. I'd conclude that it had to be spiritual.

On three occasions when we were going out together in his car, we were accosted by police /frsc.... And he always had to part with money. He confirmed that it was only when he's with me that he gets accosted.

He did some contracts around July and somehow they all refused to pay him.
I started experiencing some things on my own end too that were abnormal like me not being paid my entitlements.

In October, we had a major fight and almost broke up and as usual the cause was ridiculous. Somehow we reconciled and were enjoying our relationship .

Then he told me that he told his mom that he wants to marry me. She told him she wants to pray. 3 days later he messaged me saying he had bad news that his mother embarked on 3 days prayer and fasting and went to 3 different mountains that they said we must not marry that if we do things will be bad for us. She told him that "you people ought to have been seeing signs"

Of course we were sad at first. Then I realised that his mother must have some secrets... because that her prophecy was too good to be true. How do you tell someone that they ought to have been seeing signs?
Signs that my boyfriend didn't see while dating all his exes (his longest relationship was 6 months). And she didn't go to ori-oke when he was dating them.

We separated because of this matter. No communication at all. At first I was devastated, I cried a lot. I later decided to start praying and fasting that I wanted God to intervene. In the midst of my fast he called back and said he was sorry and still wanted me. He still wanted me but the problem was his mother. I continued my prayers and he started praying too.

I even asked if he did blood covenant...he said no.

Just last week after attending my church church convention for days and praying. We met and somehow we made love. I felt bad and we asked God to forgive us.
On my way home I had a bike accident and it was only me who was injured...the bike man wasn't.

Now my boyfriend feels it's because of him that bad things are happening to me.
He said he wants to stay away from me.

Two people prayed on our behalf. The first person said he promised marriage to someone. The other one said he has a deep secret that I won't like if I find out.

My relationship was perfect from December till may. It was after he told his mother that trouble started. I still love him very much and he loves me too.

Should I leave the man I love because some people don't want us to get married and they are attacking us spiritually?
I need good advice/counselling from experienced people.
Please BVs recommend any good Christian marriage counsellor you know.


  1. Just try and give him space for now and move closer to God for good intervention, a friend of mine while in school then was pregnant for his boyfriend and d guy went to inform his mum,d girl tod us she had a dream of d mother breaking an egg and told her dts her child,she woke up covered in blood dt same afternoon,she ran and didn't look back from d guy,till we finished then ,the guy didn't know his offense to d girl,when u see any mother to close to his son,get ready to marry d mother bf the son,use ur no 6

    1. Hmmmmm

      Poster, have you ever heard of "let go and let God"??? That should be your state of mind right now!

      If you force things, you may win but will be totally broken when it happens and also you may loose.

      This young man is not ready for marriage. Face your life and free him!

      Yes his mum maybe doing stuffs spiritually, but she doesn't own your destiny. If her son is yours,no matter how long it takes,it will happen.

      You are too young for the battle you think you are strong enough to fight! You will hurt your self in ways you never imagined.

      You are young, relax n date other people (with left eye on him though)

      All the best

  2. women,it seems you all love problems and you all love to ignore reality .

    1. Even if his is not to blame this isn't a smooth relationship na, why go to s family that doesn't want you? It's obvious he is easily swayed so why bother? Okay let's even say his mother dey waka do you want to keep fasting and praying every min of your life? So you want to enter a spiritual battal with your eyes wide open? Please walk away it's not so hard.

  3. When he’s not the only guy in the world! Poster better receive sense and find your way. It’s already this complicated and you guys haven’t even started the journey sef. Na wa!

  4. Nobody is blocking u baby gyal.
    Ur guy is not ready to marry.
    All na scoping...u are putting him under pressure cos of health issues.

    Ok, let ur own church prayers counter his own mom's prayers naa, abi ur own no dey work?
    Wisen up n stop crying.

    1. Why do you guys like to suffer? Why oh why? You and that aunty on yesterday's chronicles seem to be related. His mom has already attacked you spiritually before the so called marriage and you're still asking questions?? Do you want that women to harm you further? The statement, "you ought to have been seeing signs " is enough proof that she's behind your problems. Sweetheart, run as fast as you can! You should be thankful you haven't married that mummy's boy yet. You're still pretty young. Don't worry about the fibroid, you can undergo surgery and get them off.

  5. No don't leave, fight for what's rightly yours. You know your destiny is tied to his and you're too old for marriage, please pray and fight for him o

    *Larry was here*

  6. Leave to live o. You are obviously not spiritually ready to tackle o. So leave him biko

  7. keep marriage far aside for now, & keep observing the positive & negative energy flow, maybe you'd understand the direction & wats triggering it. Stay close as a good friend, no sex involved.

    1. Women! They will see problem and put their heads inside. I remember when my ex took me to his family to meet his parents in Owerri. Immediately we got in and sat down, the mum came into the sitting and asked me to stand up and turn around so she can assess me well. Shortly after that, she took me to the room and started harassing me with all sorts of weird questions; how many boyfriends did you have before my son? Have you done abortion before? Do you have any spiritual talent like speaking in toungues? All sorts my dear. I started crying at some points because the questions were overwhelming. The next morning, She called me again and asked how monthly period is; does it come often, how is the flow, Is it thick? I nearly threw up. After that trip, I ran and never looked back. The guy had no problem, but I couldn’t contend with what his mum had in stock for me. I ran because I knew I deserve better , I knew my self worth. My mum will always say that you don’t only marry the guy, but the family as well. If the family is troublesome, my daughter there is no point going in. Thank God, today I’m married to the best husband and my mother-in-law is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. She calls me Precious meanwhile Precious isn’t my name but that’s how She cherishes me.

      So poster, how long are you willing to fight his mother? How long? Desperation shouldn’t lead you into making the biggest mistake of your life.

    2. Anonymous 18:51 A billion likes for your comment

  8. My dear things happen in this life and not everything is spiritual. If u make up ur mind that the problem is spiritual u will continue to see this so called signs. Live the guy, he is not ready to marry you. Focus on praying and medicating urself for the fibroid (under the guidance of a doctor) and wait to meet the right man that will marry you and pray for a mother in law that will accept you. You are still young. If you marry your current boo u won't be happy in marriage, every little set back in his life him and his mother will blame you for it. It's your life so trade carefully and don't rush.

  9. You are already experiencing all this in a relationship, what will happen in marriage? I once had an ex-boyfriend who said that his pastor said I had problems bla bla bla and we cant get Married Because of that and his mum does not approve Because I was too younger. I told my mum about this and she laughed at it saying that "he doesn’t know want he wants and cant take decision for himself" and there is nothing wrong with me.

    Thank God I listened to my mum and let him go and after three 3 years am happily Married and have a baby.

    So when a man starts telling you that his mum said that or a pastor said that and cant take decision for himself then know something is up.

  10. Hmmm... you are seeing the signs and wonders now and you still think you’ll ve a happy marriage withe that guy? I don’t blame you sha. Na small pikin still dey worry you.

    Have you even tried to find out the big secret he’s Hiding? You had better stay away from that guy and have your peace of mind or else when you get married you’ll find yourself running from pillar to post most of life trying to solve various problems.

    May God grant you wisdom✌🏽

  11. Poster how long are you willing to fight spiritually? A man that dances to the mothers tune all the time will make you cry and regret. Love can always find you

  12. Prayer + fasting + fornication =?
    This relationship is heading nowhere.

  13. I know some women are evil but before you are quick to say his mum is hurting the relationship, remember you will be a mum some day. Maybe it is just coincidence maybe he truly promised his ex marriage either way I know every mum wants to see their sons happy. At 23 you should be building your beautiful career. Leave doctor's report believe the report of the Lord. You will have your baby at due time. Please dont go and marry and come after 6 months with another Chronicle. Hugs and Kisses.

  14. It is not every time people should ask for advice. Sometimes you need to advice yourself. You have a brain. Use it. You already see the signs and know he is from a diabolical family. Do whatever u think is right for u. My one kobo...

  15. Too much wahala. Leave the man. I'm always sceptical of marriages where the man's mother does not like the intending wife. It never ends well

  16. Too many abnormalities already... Don't stress it. Love isn't so hectic (I think)...

    I still don't get this mountain and prophet seeing things and signs in relationships especially when it comes to marriage. I believe I can pray to God and ask him for personal conviction. But well, different strokes

  17. From your write up, it’s very obvious you are desperate to marry this man at all cost! Be it his mother or not, some people are not destined to be together. Once you notice bad signs it’s God trying to tell you something but if you decide to play blind and deaf then you have to deal with the consequences.

    You are just 23yrs and moving from one mountain to another just cos of a boyfriend, is it really worth it? How long can you keep moving from one prophet to another? These are things that push people away from their faith.

    Leave that guy, developed yourself, hang out in the right places, and slay with class. In the shortest possible time you will meet other guys without baggage.

  18. That "made love" is a wrecker of prayers/fasting. Please do not open your vagina again for any boy/man. For if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do?

    You have to let go for now and continue your prayer and fasting and above all chastity. Let him come to find you if he is interested. The man does the finding; isn't it? If he is for you, nothing will be able to prevent that as long as you are at peace with God.

  19. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, you don't want to live your whole life on your knees fighting and praying , prayer is a good thing don't get me wrong. Look for your soulmate somewhere else, somewhere with less drama and action. Goodluck and may God see you through.

  20. If you face the map of Nigeria, those from the lower left hand side . . .
    That's it!

  21. una never marry yet una don dey face all this wahala. why not just leave each other instead of all this suspense.

  22. All this gragra on top say you wanna become Mrs, I love him, he loves me too Story, Abeg look up and give the next Available guy chance...

  23. Better see this as God trying to save you from future have a health condition which I'm sure he has told his mum about.she will not accept you now or later. Let it go. For how long do you intend to fight this battle? Spend your time in God's presence seeking to know him more and for divine healing. imagine getting married to this guy and not being able to get pregnant immediately? Are you sure you can stand the heat? Let it go. I'm God's time,he will send your own man. See the stress you are going through when you're yet to enter o.Advice yourself.

  24. Dear poster leave him for now,and go to God in prayers,if he is yours he will come for you and marry you asap.if I judge by your write-up the mum is diabolic.

  25. Poster stay o shogbo. Instead of you to thank your stars that you're getting signs here and there that the union is not straightforward, you still want to force yourself in. Ah mean who does that?? If you like, do ogboju and marry him, just prepare to paddle your canoe when the real trouble starts.

  26. Love isn't stressful my dear...At least you can walk away now. It's hurts believe me but when the right man comes, your story will change for the best.

  27. E everybody has advised you to use your brain. leave this guy & his mama wahala.. it won't end well. pray for healing & a man who'll marry you without problems.

    that guy is not serious & ready..I'm sure you alrqady understand the writings on the wall.
    babe, walk away, stop calling him. give yourself a vacation if you can't get over him. begin to make female friends who will stand by you not friends who will confuse you more.

    you are already desperate because of doctor's report..God can still heal you. 2018 will not pass you by.

  28. You are not yet marrued to him, his mum has already started using jazz on you. You now want to open your eyes and still marry him?
    Be like say you like misery and misfortune.

    There are powers, principalities and powers and for you guys to be affected already, it means you are not yet spiritually strong to battle them. Better to better your life first, spiritually while staying away from him and his family.

  29. The relationship is already full of turmoil and there is nothing to look forward to. See, love is not enough to sustain a marriage. Don't you want to marry into a family you would be celebrated? You want to spend your life fighting spiritual battles? You want to endure marriage instead of enjoying it? Please,you are young, let this guy go so that your God-ordained husband can find you. Marriage is already complex enough to add a diabolical motherinlaw to it.

  30. Go for a myomectomy and remove the fibroid, you have PID, take drugs to treat it before it completely destroys you. No man is behind your predicament, even if they are, the relationship is dead since your man already believes being with you is the cause of his misfortune. You'd meet someone else more eligible if you'd only give yourself the chance. Goodluck and enjoy your mermaid days.

  31. Too much problems for one relationship. I'd leave if I were you. God will give you your own man. This fibroid thing though kai. May God's willbe ddone in your life.

  32. Enter your comment...abeg poster run for your life,your are still young you will meet a better man whose mum will love you the way she loves her own children

  33. Africans and superstition. We now consult prophets and go to mountains the same way pagans visit with doctors. Instead of analyzing problems rationally and praying to God, you spend time consulting one « prophet » to another. Tell me how different are you supposed Christian from the pagan. I tell you the Bible says these people call my name but their hearts are far away from me. My sister seek God, focus on your career and when a man who loves you comes around, there will be no drama

  34. I wish i listen to the mother of this one i married here,
    the woman told me to be very careful with this one i married,
    i thought maybe its was becos both of them have no good relationship,
    but since then i have being paying the price of getting married to someone
    becos of pity,,,,never marry for pity,,well my own is GOD WILL,,


  35. After being in relationship with him for seven years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster Dr Oriafo that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the Dr Oriafo and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days my ex will come back begging. I thanked him in earnest hoping he will come back to me because I miss him so much.To my very surprise on the 3rd day he came back begging and asking me to accept him back and he will never leave me again. All this would never had been possible but for Dr Oriafo I will always and forever recommend you to the world Dr Oriafo This is his contact below: or call +13103599685


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