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Monday, December 25, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day Stella, 

 Thank you so much for this platform because I don't really know who to to ask for advice.

Please I need serious advice on my relationship issue. 

I am 24 years old. I started dating my boyfriend two months ago after a bad breakup with my ex and everything was going well until I found out by accident that he is expecting a baby by another lady soon. The pregnancy is very far gone and the lady will soon put to bed.

Now my boyfriend is saying that the pregnancy was a mistake and that she is too young to settle down with and their genotypes don’t match and that he would still love to marry me if I agree.

 My question now is that will I be able to cope? Please has anyone gone through this situation and everything worked out fine?


  1. Immature chronicle

    1. Nonsense. Just a 2 month old relationship. Must you marry him?

  2. Will you be able to cope? Are you asking us such rhetorical question? If you have a functioning brain, better flee before its too late

    *Larry was here*

  3. You were d sidechic!
    Don't believe that gibberish,

    Erm anty anty, been long I saw ur judgement on fuckery matters o!

  4. Poster so you want to carry baby daddy wahala into the New year? Mschew

  5. When are you women going to grow up.

    He says she's too young to settle with yet she was not too young to fcuk right!

    He fcuked another girl while you were together and got her pregnant and yet you are considering his cheating ass.
    Poster walk far away from this relationship and don't let a cheating lier become your husband.

    Please all these senseless childish thinking should stop in these 2017.
    Don't carry it into 2018


    1. It is not only "baby daddy loading"
      Acid is also loading . . . that girl may not be small to pour acid or arrange hit-men.
      If she is able to open legs and collect a baby, then she is a woman.

    2. Polygamous brouhaha loaded

    3. LEP the guy didn't cheat on the poster. They have dated for only 2months while the other lady is far gone in her pregnancy, that means the guy cheated on his baby mama with the poster.

      So poster, the gal is too young for him to marry but not to fuck? Have u asked him her age? Is she not up to the age of consent? If no, then your bf is not just a fucking pervert but a pedophile too who should be cooling his heels behind SARS bars.


  6. If u marry that guy just prepare your mind for more accidental babies... to young to settle down but not too young to gbensh... he goat

  7. Please answer the following questions:
    Why did he hide such an important life-defining information from you until you "found out?"
    If you are the other lady, will you like a man that impregnated you to dump you and marry another lady?
    What is his plans for the unborn baby - will you have liked to be in his shoes?
    Are there other secrets, secret homes/ladies/kids that he has hidden and you will find out after marrying him?
    If you are having sex with this man, it is a "mistake" and he was having sex with another lady; aren't all of you in a basket of mistakes?
    How are you entering a marriage full of mistakes before it even began?
    If that other lady should go to the spirit realm (negative supernatural of course) to exact revenge, won't you be at the receiving end of her wrath?

    Please LOVE is not blind, LUST is blind, deaf and dumb. Hope you are not in lust with him.

    1. Anonymous Dec 25 15:15
      You just gave me the name of the movie I am planning: 'Basket of mistakes'.
      Let me go and find Kanayo.O. Kanayo, RMD, Genevieve, Omotola,any more?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. You will soon find out about other "corpses in his cupboards" -stinking corpses like this one!

    1. Mumu chronicle. Abeg go rest you no get problem. If you get you no go fit type. Merry Christmas to you.

  9. At the mention of marriage, your brains condense to form Pap...

    1. πŸ‘πŸΏ On point

    2. I wonder o. If I must marry a baby daddy, the child mum must be married to someone else, to confirm she has really moved on.

  10. At 24 why should u even consider having to deal with baby mama issues, better thank your stars you found out carry your two legs and leave that man this minute, cut all contacts with him if it will give u more discipline to let go fast, haba when it is not like men have finished. Receive sense poster.

  11. Mumu girl , abeg shift make I tear my Christmas chicken with cold beer. Awon omokomo

  12. Girl better GET OUT of that relationship!!!! Like why should you want to burden yourself with such baggage at 24?? Ridiculous! Please you are young, he is not he only man available on planet earth, so please move on. There would be man t more men to come and a larger pool dating pool to choose from do not limit yourself!

  13. Poster, that guy is just using u to past time. When he is ready, he will wife his baby mama. Just move on.

  14. Let go of the baggage u call a relationship & allow this New year to usher u a happy love life. It's not easy having step children o

  15. Sweetie I have so many questions.
    Did you say you just got out of a BAD relationship?
    And, You have only been dating this guy for two months?
    And, you are already talking marriage?
    And, he has a pregnant ex whom he conveniently forgot to mention?
    Then, he tells you she's too young. But, it's ok for her to be a single mum with a potential sickle cell child to raise on her own at such a young age?
    I think he is a very wicked and deceitful man. And, you are very naive and gullible. The answers are there. You just do to want to see or hear the truth.

  16. I'm confused.
    How was it a 'mistake'?
    Did he trip over his shoelaces and fall inside the vagina?
    How was it a mistake.
    Cope with what exactly?
    You have not even started.
    By 30 you'll be looking 65.

  17. Poster,

    You met or rather started dating this ya man two months ago. That means his relationship with the babe was in existence before you started yours. All those his excuses don't hold water. Babe - wake up and read the handwriting on the wall! U are the side chick big time!

  18. So at 24 you want to still allow a man to show you the road to an early grave? She’s too young to settle down with but not too young to fuck? Their genotypes don’t match didn’t he know before rolling around in the bed? Two months is too early for the years of wahala loading for you. Please drop this guy like we are dropping Reuben Abati in 2018.

  19. Don't worry, by the time you find out about the fifth baby mama, you will answer that question yourself. He dated the lady, impregnated her before knowing she is too young? He 'dumped' her and moved on so fast to you knowing well that this is the period the lady need his support most. And you think your case will be different? I shake my head in advance for you. That guy is a selfish bastard.

  20. Funke! Funke! Funke!
    At 24 nne? Can you handle baby daddy/ mama brouhaha? Just 2months and all this wahala. What will happen when you guys are a year? What do I know. Make I dey sip my kunu mbok!

  21. Poster how old did you say you are again? You better get busy with your life and leave this namsense relationship.

  22. Your 20s are there for you to build yourself and adventure. I wonder why you are in a rush even with all the baggage?
    The mention of marriage seems to make some people lose all sensibilities.
    I’m off to ride my Santa’s blokos...opps sleigh. Lol

  23. anonymous to bahd25 December 2017 at 19:19

    I no blame this silly poster, na Stella wey announce say chronicle folder don nearly empty come make silly girl sef type this infantile crap to assault our eyes. No try am again o. Or else I go find you come for night, with Kidjo in tow!

  24. Excuse me this is not a chronicle....biko just 2 months or your destiny is tied to him....please leave Mr excess baggage

  25. He's too young to Settle down At 24years but not too young to bring out his dick to fuck fuck, you better find your way...

  26. Poster ur mumu not only tie wrapper but where condom join .nonsense wit ingredients

  27. Check very well to know if he telling you the truth

  28. Why would you even get into a new relationship only two month after coming our of a bad one? Did you even heal properly? I don't just know where to begin to advise you coz you've got it all wrong.


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