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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hello Stella, I am so addicted to your blog and can't stay a day without opening it. You are God sent . Pls I want you to hide my identity for personal reasons.
I am a 29yr old woman that is tired of herself, being in and out of relationships..

Six months ago, I met a guy at a friend's dedication, He saw me and felt love immediately (so he said) We exchanged phone numbers and all.. He started calling immediately, telling me that He would want us to have a relationship.. NB: He was too forward for my liking and kept on telling me to give him an answer so that He would stop looking for a partner since he has seen what he wants (me) 

Two months later, we started dating and during one of our dates, I jokingly told him I would like to be celibate, He frowned and gave a fake smile . We had sex two months later and I noticed that once or twice isn't enough for him. Well, I would like to say He is one caring guy that buys stuff whenever he sees something that fits me, and sends me money without letting me know.

Two weeks ago, he came over and as usual we had sex (I was very ill and bleeding at that time cos m suffering from severe fibroid) when we were done, he demanded for another, and told me that once or twice is not enough for him.

 At that point,i told him I was very weak n can't do another. He tried forcing and pleading, and told me something that I would never forget. He said "if you don't give me enough sex, then u r giving room for other girls to come do your work " didn't give in to his plea, and He got angry ,left me weak on my bed and left my house, banging the door.. I tried calling him but he ignored me n left angrily.. 

He didn't call for two days,only for him to start calling the third day but I ignored his calls. (He broke up with me days after) . it's so painful that all my relationships has ended because of my inability to give in whenever they want to have me

I am so scared that I have lost another good guy that treats me well just because of sex. 

Stella, I have been depressed and so scared of my Life, I don't want to remain single for the rest of my Life .
I am tempted to call him and beg cos I don't know how long I will remain this way (single)

I just need you to tell me that I might find happiness eventually.. *cries *

'Your self esteem is so low...How can you not see that losing him is not your fault?what makes you think it is OK to equate care to material things?you were weak and bleeding and all he waned to do was have you without caring that you couldn't?My dear good riddance to bad rubbish..

A man who cares will look for the solution to the problem with you.

Please also speak with your Doctor to see how and if your Fibroid can be removed.
Dont call him,dont beg....Trust God blindly.


  1. He told you from the beginning that he "had seen WHAT he wants". Not whom he wants.
    And you know what he wanted, your breasts and vagina and you gave it to him.
    Learn from this and stop giving sex, it does not keep a man for marriage, it keeps him for sex!

    1. Poster look at yourself in the mirror tell yourself you are beautiful and made by God, you will surely get married to a good man.
      Go see your doctor rectify the fibroid and be well again. You don't need sex to prove a point

    2. Everybody will come here to say what they like. Poster plz follow ur heart. Don't mind this people talking shit. Most of them that din't fuck before marriage are crying now , some fuck before marriage and they are crying now. Everybody has a story to tell. What about those that dint have sex before marriage that are now divorce? The most important thing is that he loves you or Ioves something about you. You have something he like use it!

    3. Na wa for some guys nawadayz.

  2. Na waoo oo, so men are mean,well dear dat dude is not in love with you Asap

    1. Poster, Fear can drive you into making a lifelong wrong decision, like driving into a one-way road with no U-turn sign... Fear of the unknown, fear of being single all ur life, you shld be more scared of ending up with the wrong man! why worry so mch about 2mr @ 29? Those material items he used in blinding you, its trully not care or genuine love, youve never been trully loved by a man, you'd have had sumthg to relate to & knw the diffrenc.. its more like him paying for ur services, dont confuse that for love or care, he dsnt gv a damn about ur well being, hes a selfish guy that'd do or say anythg to cure his itch! Is that the kinda guy ure tempted to call? or guess what girl, even if u give him doggy, missionary, aeroplane positions.... he'd still cheat, his libido is high! You gals dont knw wen uve dodged a bomb, ure trying to go back n hug it.

    2. What do you mean by "you lost another good guy" how does this idiot sound good to you? You should be more concerned about the fibroid you are dealing with and leave men with high libido alone, I don't know how girls date guys that are not respectful. My hubby cannot even say these things to me, let alone boy friend

    3. I wonder ooo, the guy don't love you biko, he is a pay as you go guy, that's why he give you things,

  3. You said you were bleeding and still had sex? Please how did you do it? You cleaned up for him or what? Should his "thing" even stand when he saw you in such condition?

    Well, he's only using you to cure his libido, he never loved you and he won't love you as well. Get your mind off him and start thinking of how to be a better person, not everyone will marry early

    *Larry was here*

  4. He chop you clean mouth
    Sorry o
    If you continue giving men sex, you won't get married.
    Give them your character and show it to be strong. Let God rule in your life and let him send one that will love you not lust after you.

  5. Dear poster pls take stella's advice and you'll be fine.
    E-hugs dear

  6. Oh you want to "BEG HIM" TO COME AND HAVE SEX?
    Has it gotten this bad? He called you after two days because he wanted to release into your poor vagina; full stop.
    Just like when he wants to urinate, he comes to the rest room and that's you!
    And you are thinking marriage with such a goon?

    1. Well said... The way girls carry marriage matter for head, it's like that's the beginning and end of life... Poster u should be more concerned about your health at this time and not the good for nothing dude

  7. A man will tell you you are leaving room for other girls and you call him good? what sort of brains do you girls have? Do you know men will act right for a woman they truly love. He was forward with you then because he wanted to smash and he could smell your desperation. Sister sit up and stop acting like being single is a curse. Same you will complain about an abusive dog and still marry him. Please get yourself together and love yourself enough to want better from a man. Fathers need to step up and teach women how to be treated right.

  8. Replies
    1. My sister,you follow me see that one? Hian!!!!
      Even husbands wait for the right time to have sex with their wives not to talk of ordinary boyfriend. Poster biko keep it moving,forget that guy biko

  9. Maybe all u ve really had to offer is sex. Thats why they leave when you say "no". Ur self esteem is really low. Focus on ur sef for now. Take care of ur health and ur self mentally. U need to start loving ur sef and enjoy your own company. Don't bother calling the idiot he never loved you and no hes not a good guy lik e Stella said good riddance. I don't know why a woman would allow a man treat her like that. Maybe it's this sex u always give before marriage.

  10. he was all about the sex and not you

  11. Wipe your tears, you will eventually find true love. That guys libido is way more higher than your. You guys are not compatible. Him asking for more sex in your condition shows how he will treat you in future. Such man might force himself on you. It's better for you to find out now than after marriage.
    Don’t call him or apologise to him. Move on because if you ask for forgiveness, he will accept and gives you conditions on how he wants the relationship to be. Be wise and wait for a good man that will treat you right.

  12. Imagine what you are doing to yourself?

  13. My dear sis, that man will soon leave you one day. He is an intending rapist and a womaniser. Thank God he left now. Get well soon

  14. How can you have sex with someone that is bleeding . A lady that isn't even your wife ..*yuck*

  15. The guy only came to have sex only he never loved you and you also dont love yourself. Look at what you're doing to yourself???? A man that never came for marriage but just to have sex and leave. Is it not better for you that he left early?

  16. He saw u bleed and entered.

    Came and still wanted more.

    How much is his care and how much will he pay day queens to bang them.

    U better run for ur life

  17. My dear, the only reason you are settling for rubbish is because you think you’re getting old and you need to get married. Many people out there did not start out perfectly compatible sexually, but they work towards it. This man is shoving ultimatums down your throat because he is selfish. This guy will eventually cheat like crazy and still blame you for it.
    This guy is good only on paper. Character wise, this one is not a husband. Unfortunately, husbands are an endangered specie lately

  18. Others pass through abuse in the hands of people.. but you are inflicting pain on yourself.
    You never wanted to have sex.. You didn't jokingly tell him you were celibate. You meant it, but because you don't have a mind of your own, you instantly gave in to avoid losing him.
    The painful part is that the dude will still leave you after subjecting you to sex even while you were bleeding.
    He will keep begging.. You might take him back, but I don’t see anything good coming out of that man.
    Gifts are nothing compared to a person without conscience.

  19. Dear poster,
    Till you're able to come to terms that it is not only your body you have to offer men you will always feel this way and they'll always treat you this way.
    I'm 30 going on 31, I've never been kissed and never had sex. I know my self worth. I don't need any man telling me its only sex that will make our relationship work, you say this we are over. Please sex is not everything. Know your self worth. You're priceless don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.
    To think you were bleeding and he still wanted sex. Let him go he doesn't care for you. The best will come for you.
    Sorry I had to go anon on this. You might say something with good intention and the next day it comes and bites you on the butt.
    The Lord is your strength and by His stripes you are healed. Get well soon.

  20. Good riddance to bad rubbish as Stella said...dis one will just give u hypertension if u decide to stay with him yeye somebori

  21. #Trust God blindly# Stella that's a deep one!

  22. You gave what you have, and what you have is not enough for him. So baby gal move on. Don't be desperate make you no enter one chance. S×☆ no dey keep man.

  23. Trust God!! The man for you won’t just want sex, he will want your heart,body and soul.
    Trust God!!! Be Patient,If God is making you wait then be prepared to receive double...
    Do you even love urself? You were bleeding and having sex all because you don’t want to lose a man. Let the he goat go to hell, God will hear u soon

  24. E-hug tightly too . You are only 29 get a life and you will see them seeking you like petrol kisses darling

  25. You feel you are getting old. So you wan to settle for a man who can sleep with you when you are in pain bc of fibroid and even bleeding. Who did this to you ? Please go n get that fibriod removed. A friend of mind remove hers at nyanya general hospital and it was less than 60 k. As for getting a life partner, ask God to show you who your husband is. Don't think bc he gets you stuff he is automatically the one. I turn down man who buy me stuff bc when I got the revelation on who my husband was, I stop looking. Don't marry without God. Goodluck

  26. You didn’t post my own narrative that I sent last night, I hope I didn’t do anything to offend you (honest question)

  27. You're clearly not thinking about yourself or even love yourself enough to care for your own self. You were in pains, bleeding and all he cared about was a third round. You should be wondering how come you fell for such a stupid soul and not how to call him back cause you're scared of being single. I know you will still call him oh but let me just join the band wagon and say forget about him.

  28. My dear this guy is not good at all. Just take it easy. You clearly have really low self esteem and you need to work on yourself.
    Forget about this stupid african mentality, the appropriate age for marriage is 30years and 35 for child bearing. That way the woman has her own mind, knows her own self and knows exactly what she wants.
    Just forget that useless man and men for now. You need to focus on yourself. Fall inlove with yourself, learn how to love yourself for only you can make you happy.
    Also when you make certain decisions let it be because you want to and not pressured to do so.

  29. Na wa to you o, so you were bleeding heavily and weak yet you still opened the pleeding punani for him to scatter twice? I hail thee o. Anyways forget about him and make sure you dont call him if he is a reasonable guy he will have a re think and come back afterall you still gave him twice even while you were bleeding, if he does not call then good raidence it only shows how insensitive he is. Dont be desperate for a relationship my dear if not you will just keep getting your heart broken i tell you just be patient and carry yourself with respect and dignity and the right guy will surely find you. Lastly stop being so conscious of your age there ladies that found love and settled in their 30s and even 40s and the got good men do please stop rushing God is never late just trust him ok? Ciao.

  30. Poster let him be ,all he is after is your body.The right person for you will come.

  31. As in eh. I dsted 1 guy like that. Came to see me. I told him i was going in for surgery in 2days, the idiot asked if i wanted to sex him.

  32. Poster go with stella's advice. I know it might not be easy but Pls dodge dis bullet. U deserve d best n d best u'Il get IJN.

  33. All I can say is God bless you madam Stella

    sex and men are one,that was the reasons some wise woman keep there home good

    1. You are an idiot. Did you read her post at all? It's not about the sex, It's about wanting more despite her condition of bleeding and weak.

  35. Sometimes I wonder why we ladies act the way we do..@poster,u saw a man who takes pleasure even during ur pains and all u could do is pen down this piece to ask if u should beg him?I'm shook. .just be thankful that he didn't act like a solve in sheep clothing,he came out as real as he can be..walk out of toxic relationship and be sane..30 isn't 300..get a life and get ur mind off men..just like butterflies,just wen u ain't watching love will pitch its tent just by u..BTW I'm 30 and happily single!

  36. You were bleeding, yet he had sex with you. I hope you remembered to use condom. This one that does not have restrictions will sleep with anything. You better go for HIV and chlamydia test if you know you've been having sex with him without any protection.

  37. Boy/girl, your English can cause convulsion!
    Your advice na earthquake!
    You go soon tell us say you be graduate
    If you no fit write English, make you nack am for pidgin like I do

  38. Guy man is just stupidly using you to pass time, You said you are bleeding and he foolishly have sex with you, After round one He still insist on Another round Again, My dear you are on a Long thing. Can you see he bloodly dnt care about you All he cares and thinks About you is Sex sex sex.Move forward dnt Ever ever go back to your vomit..take care of yourself first and be very patience and see how things will Definately turn-Around for you..may Almighty healing be upon you...

  39. Not a husband material. He just wants sex and may be that's why ladies keep running away from him. Investigate.
    Trust God

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