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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

What!!!!!...Are you Kidding me?


I am writing this short epistle to seek for advice from fellow Bvs.

I am married to a caring lady and things were going on well with us.We have 3 kids and fairly comfortable as per Nigerian standard.

One evening my wife disappeared from home about a year ago and never came back.She left without her phone or any other personal effect. I have visited churches,spiritual homes,name it but all effort to locate her proved futile.

As I write this,the search is still on.All known contacts of hers and acquaintances have been notified but the whole saga is still shrouded in mystery. To make it worst,she left behind a toddler who is barely 12 months old.

The pains I am going through now is better imagined. Taking care of our kids is tasking.I have to report at work daily.This woman has a job and her employers and mine have assisted me both financially and morally.

I am still in my late 20s and she is too.Ours was an introvert family.I have to encourage her to liaise with responsible neighbours because we reside in an estate.

Is there anyone who has experienced or heard of similar scenarios and how they've been able to overcome this dilemma?Suggestions are also welcome.

WHAT!!!!...Please your wife did not abscond!...Now woman will run off and leave a new born baby and she left her phone?

I am scared to say this but your wife may be no more...No matter what,it is not possible that she will be quiet for so long and not ask after her kids....

Where were you on the day she disappeared?This is exactly what happened in a crime story i read years back...
Was there an altercation?Are you hands clean regarding her disappearance?
Are you sending in this to make it look genuine like you are looking for her truly?I am sorry,i am just asking routine question....

This is so shocking and there is no link from her phone as to where she might have gone?YOUR WIFE CANNOT JUST DISAPPEAR FROM HOME!!!


  1. OMG! This could be a case of kidnapping or african magic. The lord comfort you sir and i pray one day she is found.

    1. Do you know your wife with a pastor or Islamic cleric. That's what they do now o. Take over peoples wives o. Its no joke, na God save me o. Not married yet but a man that I thought was a true man of God almost ruined my life. In fact my life has turned upside down. I wish I can tell the story but nobody will believe me. Its when I was going up and down for prayers that it was revealed to me say na man of God do me this strong thing o because in wan marry me and i no give am face and he has tried all sorts of things on me way no work but the one thing way in do me way work, I am still nursing the pain. I never suspected it or even gave it a thought that the man was nursing such in his heart. A married man with 3 kids. I cry and feel so betrayed, everybody is a suspect and I hate pastors to the bone. How God allow this people to perpetuate all sort of evil in his name. I don't understand.

      E fit be say your wife don follow pastor go o. Sounds stupid but its common o. The woman will not know what she is doing o. You think say na only women dey use jazz to hook man. I pirrry you!

    2. Poster, just to clear some doubts, do you really think this story falls into the category of regular chronicles? If I were in your shoes, I'd report this as a case of missing persons to police stations, media houses and blogs with detailed name of your wife,her current picture, location and contact number to be reached. You acted a bit insensitive if you truly love her for coming up with this story as anonymous without corresponding facts. Maybe your intension just isn't to find her but to feel pitied

    3. My thought exactly.

  2. Disappereared!

    Oga sorry!
    I watched a story where a man reported his wife missing, two years no contact, nothing!
    Turns out he killed her n reported her missing!
    I don't trust anyone!
    You can be innocent, but you should be working with d police too!

  3. Yes you are kidding me jare

    1. My dear, a very obvious and expensive joke at that.

      Someone is missing for the past 1yr and you think he absconded? Where's her family? They better arrest you

      *Larry was here*

    2. Are you sure you dint marry a ghost, who got caught and disappeared, or maybe she just felt too overwhelmed. Being a mother isn't easy and by my calculation you guys started really young are you she dint get depressed and left, oga please raise your kids after all they are yours

  4. Poster it is either you are not telling us the truth or you are mentally unstable.

    If you are sure she absconded, then you are the cause.


    Your wife has been kidnapped or killed and you did not report to the police.

    Mr man say the truth and shame the devil.

    1. Chike this man's story might just be the truth as he has explained it.

      Sometime in April this year I and a colleague went to ikeja mall to buy something.

      While approaching shop rite I just saw that my colleague started walking extra fast and before I could ask her what happened she started running after a woman.

      In all honesty I didn't understand until I saw a woman running ahead of us with 2 kids. They made it outside the mall before us ahead and zoomed off in a car.

      When I asked my colleague why she ran after the woman,she said that the woman was her neighbor in Port Harcourt and that she had been missing for 6 years.

      She had left home without taking a pin one day and abandoned her 2 children for her husband. A 4 year old boy and d a 2 year old girl.

      They had looked for her everywhere,reported to police and everything and no one found a trace of her.
      In short they thought she had probably been kidnapped and killed.

      Only for my colleague to see her in the mall on that day and immediately she saw her back she started running and that was why we chased her down.

      She was with 2 kids.

      So she probably abandoned her husband and 2 children in PH and then came to lagos to start a new life with a new husband.

      According to what my colleague said the husband was a good man and the whole neighborhood pitied him when the woman with went missing.

      So Chike things are happening,some women are pure evil.

      The poster may not have a hand in her disappearance and she may either have been kidnapped/ killed or she may have absconded with another man and that is the jamb question in this matter.


  5. This is deep and things are indeed happening. As Stella said I also don't think your wife absconded unless there's something else you're not saying. No sane woman will leave a baby barely a year old.
    I hope you get closure cos not getting closure hurts. I pray she's still alive somewhere and she's found someday.

    1. there are lots of cases whr young adults wake up to the reality of married life, after love gives way... & it gets overwhelming for the weak minds, lots of FBI files opened to locate & xplain such disappearanc, some whr actually cracked & eventually found living with a new identity in a distance or remote town ofcourse! And yes Stella, some nursing mothers actually throw away the baby with the bath water literally, & theyre not all mentally challenged.
      Poster here didnt tell us why he came to that conclusion that she up & intentionally varnished..

      Did she make a withdrawal from her acc days b4?
      Has her phone records been checked?
      Did she make threats about leaving u? cus there ought 2b signs.

  6. I think she was kidnapped and probably killed!...
    Which spiritualist did you go to?...
    You have not gone to a correct one Mr!...

    Do you know there is a place you will go to and they will invoke the spirit of your late parents or relatives,you will sit down with them and have a gist!..
    They will tell you how they died,everything that is happening in your family!..

    1. Queen queen kia ehhhh sometimes you weak me lolzzzzzzz, funny enough maybe you are as clean as, maybe it your business that expose you to gist like this not that you are actually involved

    2. Queen are u sure...are u sure is not unfamiliar spirit

    3. Maybe she has mental illness or disorder. That may be the reason for her being an introvert. You may want to check the streets or release her picture on the media houses across the States. God will find her.

    4. Saul invoked Samuel's spirit. It not a familiar spirit these things happen n dey r real

    5. My God, use visiting mediums. God detests such

    6. Ani nwannem dalu, I wonder what all their pastors teach them in this bible, they claim they knw in & out.

  7. sorry Mr. I think she was kidnapped. What steps have u taken since her disappearance? May the Lord bring her home safely. Amen.
    Stella you are asking if his hands are clean? Really?
    'Are u sending this in to make it look genuine like you are looking for her truly?' This question sounds insensitive to me. Someone is sending a story of his misery for d past 1 year and u are asking if he is faking it? What fake pity will he be looking for anonymously??????
    So sorry once again Man. God is with you.

  8. Oga no woman will abscond without her kids please.
    She has probably been kidnapped. I just hope she is still alive and not kidnapped by ritualist. She would have taken her phone and few clothes if she absconded.
    There is no way she will abscond and not look back. Not even calling her parents to check welfare of her kids ?????
    Are you sure you had a good marriage ? No DV involved etc.

  9. So what was the outcome of the visits to the spiritual houses?

  10. He mentioned churches and spiritual houses, but never said anything about involving the police and even the effort he claims to put into find his “caring” wife seems very passive to me. You don’t sound like a man who is distraught. Like Stella said “are your hands clean”?

  11. So what was the outcome of the visits to the spiritual houses?

  12. Shiver...this is so scaring.
    Poster,pls go and consult authentic and genuine man of God to find out her whereabout. I just hope she's still alive. It is well with your soul.

    A child got missing in Kebbi state this last sunday.
    His name is Ekene Uzor..
    SDK I will send you the guys details
    He's just ten yrs old ,anyone that knows his whereabout should contact FMC birnin Kebbi.

  13. OMG.😮. This is scary. BTW, no woman who is mentally stable can walk away from their kids and not care. Something is difinitely wrong, I don't just want to reason the possibilities abeg. Jesus keep her safe

  14. Huh, investigation units, over to you

  15. 'No woman will run off and leave her new born baby'
    Some Women do this all the time!!! We read news and we see how babies are found even in the bush. Who left those babies? Their mum of course. So dont be so sure.
    Poster i am not saying your wife ran away o.
    May God bring her home safely.

  16. Absconded ni bo? Sorry oga, I don't even trust myself not to talk of trusting you. She can't just disappear like that without any trace? There must be that one friend she confided in before she "absconded"? It's hard for a woman to leave her kids like that biko. you're here writing chronicle while your wife could be six feet under. Where were you the day she disappeared? What happened between you guys the day before that very day? Have you reported to the police? Come and finish this your chronicle abeg. I don vex

  17. Haaaa, ikunle abiyamo ooo
    Are you sure she was not kidnapped? Why would you use the word absconded? Why would she do such? Was she not happy in the marriage? What will make a woman leave her children? I pray she is still alive. May God help you.

  18. Bvs chill.same thing happened to my elder bro.his wife went missing and we thought maybe she was kidnapped ,we searched forher all to no avail. Even her family was threatning fire and brimstone.after three months my bro friend took him somewhere around ogidi and they were told that my bros wife family knows where there daughter is. Mind u she has two kids a boy and a girl she left them behind the little boy was just 1ur and two months old. imagine out shock when we found out that this lady left her family to travel abroad witout telling her husband. She travelled to Japan.

    1. Ha...😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jesus anyway sha maybe ur elder brother is wicked

  19. This is scary mbok...I hope she's still alive.

  20. She might be in a man's house o..

  21. This sounds like ghost story.this is how they vanish without trace.How did you marry her?
    If her relatives are alive,why are the one taking are of the toddler?
    Your chronicle is not complete.
    Was there any objection from her family or yours before the marriage?
    Her ex? She might have eloped with a lover to diaspora.
    A lot of questions on my mind.

    Something doesn't add up.
    You married too early and she is equally young.
    Why disappear after 3kids????


  22. Somebody should wake me up...My heart is with the kids alone.

  23. This oga is not telling us the whole gist. Have u reported to the police? What's her parents doing about it? U want to tell me till now your in-laws are just mute abt d issue? My dear, tell us d whole truth abeg. If it were my mum, by now everybody will be in police custody. A woman can't just leave her kids, her clothes, and even phone in this SM era, wch kind nonsense be that. Either Mr husband hasn't said the whole truth or madam was kidnapped and possibly killed.

    If u have gateman, house help, etc u need to interrogate them and know where they were when she disappeared or the last time they saw her.

  24. This oga is not telling us the whole gist. Have u reported to the police? What's her parents doing about it? U want to tell me till now your in-laws are just mute abt d issue? My dear, tell us d whole truth abeg. If it were my mum, by now everybody will be in police custody. A woman can't just leave her kids, her clothes, and even phone in this SM era, wch kind nonsense be that. Either Mr husband hasn't said the whole truth or madam was kidnapped and possibly killed.

    If u have gateman, house help, etc u need to interrogate them and know where they were when she disappeared or the last time they saw her.

  25. Sorry brother.. I have seen a cases of people disappearing without any trace and till date they are where about remain a mystery..
    God will comfort you.

  26. I can't believe what I have been reading here. who told you people that a Nigerian woman will not abandoned her shadow when it's involves money, so many women shouting up and down here haven't you been doing abortion so what makes you think this lady can't leave her live baby to hustle in the world. A woman's heart is deeper than an ocean shey many of you always advise women here to plan their escape from abusive marriage. It's possible this woman is somewhere hustling in Europe but she will remain missing so as to save her marriage and her children's wrath when she eventually returns. I strongly believe this woman is in one of these European countries through the help of these human traffickers they are good I things like this since the lady in question is still young. poster just need to meet a good man of God or someone who talks to the spirit to help him locate his wife.

  27. Please, are you people for really? That no woman can leave her child without checking back? Are you people in this wicked planet at all? What of girls that do dumps their babies in dustbins or soak away pits? Even two babies were found in Borno state two days ago in dust bins- one dead and one alive.
    I know a woman that was abandoned by her mother when she was barely eleven (11) months because the woman hates the husband with passion and transferred the hatred on her baby. She searched for her mother when she got married and the woman told her not to ever visit or get in touch with her again. is she not a woman?
    Investigative discovery series will makes you realise that people can frame their death just to walk away. Forget issues.

    And you people think that the family of the lady would not have gone to places to inquire if the husband is involved in her missing spiritually? And if the man is involved they will just leave him? Story.
    I just hope its not a case of ritual killers and that she's still alive.
    Mr, go to Champions royal assembly- Rev Joshua Iginla at kubwa Abuja to unravel the misery of her disappearance.
    You people should feel his pains and stop asking epic and annoying questions because its crazy searching for a loved one and not everyone is involved in evil acts.

  28. what of this pretty benin babe that left her two kids and husband and travelled to italy? Then came back after two years with stories that touched the heart.
    He might not give details of how far he has gone in searching for her- police etc. So, stop the annoying questions- this is just a summary.

    I hope and pray she's alive. Let God intervene and preserve those kids

  29. Don't say what you don't know. Some women can turn their backs on their children. Is it not women who dump their children by the road side? there was a case of one who dumped her kid and never looked back, no one knew where she was. She refused to keep in touch, the child are up and started asking questions and decided to go search, he found his mother and realized she married someone else and had other children. There was also a case of one who left her children and husband and disappeared, no one knew where she was until these children where in the university. she left the country and began to search for the children when they had grown.
    My point is that there are women who can disappear like that and leave their children behind. You thin her family too won't be looking for her? Stella the was an insensitive question you asked, it is not in our place to accuse him. She may be alive and may have relocated to another country.

  30. Mr poster... she might just be a spirit who did not fulfill her life before death and just had to come back to finish up and go back.. and then again have u informed her family,police etc...?

  31. If this poster was guilty he won't send in a Chronicle..haba...give him solutions if you have instead of pointing accusing fingers...Stella said if his hands are clean and everybody is following suite..d lady with similar incidence whose SIL disappeared help him...Queen and boss help him...stop adding salt to someone's injuries biko

  32. OMG. First off, hope it wasn't domestic violence that made her leave...were you a wife beater? If not are you sure she wasn't kidnapped? If you are sure then I pray she is found safe

  33. I rarely comment because sometimes you guys are so insensitive. Would the young man come and type his full story for you?? Why would you guys say " no woman would leave her child" what sort of callous statement is that. All over the world women and men who cant cope with the demands of life abandon their homes and runaway, not saying she ran away but it is a possibility.

    This man is asking for suggestions which some of you provided and the rest are looking for gist.

    Those of you saying he is sending the story here so he can pretend his hands are clean. is this a police station. In the court of law this blog doesnt stand as evidence for anyone, so that line of thought is silly.

    God help us all.

  34. Nigeria where you can be on third mainland bridge a car comes and knocks u down at night. body never found

    Why do you guys talk like people dont disappear daily in Nigeria. I have relatives who are missing and persumed dead at this point.

    People get kidnapped for rituals, others slave trade, some get killed in accidents and their relatives are left wondering what happened.

    i have seen so many posts of people saying someone should come and claim a dead body found somewhere without identification.

    Why would you guys sit down and type venom forgetting the country we live in.

    She might have stepped out to buy something quickly at a nearby place forgotten her phone at home and got knocked down by a car.

    like her hubby said they were introverts so its possible people wont recognise her to help.

    Anyways long story short. Advice the young man and stop all this negativity.

  35. Is it not women who deliver and abandon the baby , or flush them down. how many babies have we rescued in Nigeria??

    Can we all use our initiative sometimes.

    now women never abandon their kids. wow. Y'all dont say.

    So why do we have orphanage homes??? why are new born babies found daily abandoned and close to death??



  36. Oga, come back and finish this chronicle. Maybe there's something you are not telling us.

  37. Could this be a case of the woman forgetting who she is or where she stays? As in mental illness? I am sure the doctors will have a name for it.

  38. This may sound silly to u guys bt its true n I've seen it 1st class, in d area i was born it happened when i was around 10yrs old, a woman with a good job left home leavin 3 kids that are now grown n till date she's never found, I'm ova 28yrs now. At some point people will call her family they saw her somewhere n by the time that particular place is reached, she no go dey there.

  39. Stella I bow to you oh, why are you so surprised and even suspecting the poster. some women are just not maternal we have talked about it before, some can't relate to the same things other mothers do. It is not as uncommon as you think, afterall so many babies are abandoned daily on the road side. Used to watch on ITv, a show long lost family, i was shocked at the reaction of these women who abandoned their families, and dissapeared, took up new identities, some went on to have another family, some still ran away. Funny thing is some when reconnected with their kids who are adults, they refuse to want to even meet them, they would just rather not.I have a relative who did, and my hubby also does. I also have a couple of friends whose mum's eloped too. I know of a woman who left her husband with 3 kids, last 1 was just less than 2! Amazing right, they looked for her everywhere, someone saw her say 5 to 10 years later in Benin, another in Abuja pregnant, the abandoned kids grew up, and found her online, they communicate with her occassionally but she doesn't make much of an effort towards them. Heard she remarried and also left the man. The only thing I would say is poster, the signs should have been there was she distant from her kids, was she depressed, was she withdrawn, from what u said she was. Have they looked into her accounts, social media, telephone details. If she wasn't kidnapped, I think she will turn up, especially with this social media age, go to media houses etc, use social media too. It is well.

  40. Justswyt I doubt she had sudden amnesia rather these features are often seen with people who have multiple personality disorders/borderline/dissociative disorders. i do pray she wasnt kidnapped and harmed but i doubt, cos there may have been witnesses and lost items, like missing phone and purse.

  41. Dis is very possible !!! Stella let me shock u!!! I knew of a lady back then in unilag she read law n i had friends there. My friend knew her n her clicks n dey were runs girls. To cut d long story short she got married n had 2 kids, her hubby well to do n lived in his own built house at ajao estate, d lady drives 2013 RAV4 which d hubby bought for her after birthing her second child in d US. To cut d long story short, I met my friend venessa at a wedding 2years ago n we got gisting n she told me dis babe was misled by her same Uni friends to move to Abuja n she abandoned her hubby n kids n moved to Abuja to make money from senators n ministers. D guy went to her mum n d gave her time frame to return back to her hubby babe didn't listen n she didn't care or send. Her hubby stayed for 2years before he started filing for divource, sometime dis year as Abuja runs no pay again she came back crying that she was misled by friends n devil that she wants d husband back. Na divorce papers she come meet. D man sold d house n moved to lekki wit his kids n she can't return back to her mother's house cos d mum disowned her for such attitude. I didn't ask if d man has remarried but that was d extent I knew. So forget some babes oo they can so run away n go incommunicado n claim single just to make d money. Things dey happen for dis naija wella.

  42. poster, look for nanny to take care of the kids or better hand them over to your mum or sister. Have you really take out time and be alone with God to present this case to Him? i know if you create time in fasting and prayers God will definitely give you a lead or insight to what happened. Seek His face and ask for His help. Also put in more efforts in the search party and if at the end of the day it's not a case of kidnapping/ ritual killers which i pray it should'nt be. Let God bring her home .

    Stella, remember the story you published about what some women have to say about hteir own kids and one anon once commented that she married two husbands in different locations. Visiting them at will.


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