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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day Stella,

My story is complicated,
it all started when I lost my job in the banking sector 5years ago and
I got introduced to a gigolo life to elegant women and I made a lot of
money after servicing them but nothibg comes easy coz that was a quick
and only hustle back then even though its bad to be a gigolo. side
eyes @queen and boss.
 I like your true and playful comment. 

Stella my problem now is that I am addicted to heavy masturbation and sex..I can sex six times weekly and I will still masturbate heavy at least 5times
daily and its killing me softly as I have lost three women this year
due to my demand for sex and high libido .

They left coz they couldn't cope coz I still masturbate after sex with a lady. I masturbate sometimes that I sleep Off on my bed naked or my bathtub tired with my hands and be looking for a lady to still lay. Its that bad that I even
masturbate during office hours in the toilet, and sometimes at odd
places when I am alone. 

Someone said is becoz I trained myself those days to last longer due to the gigolo job and drugs enhancement but its scary now ..I don't pray,destroyed all my porn movies and
magazines but still I find myself wanking
 everyday and I have a steady
girl..she left me recently coz of my high libido and excess wanking
which I can't control... 

I am in pains coz its like something just enters my mind leading me into wabking daily ...I need help on how to ovecome bad that I sneak out to cinema toilet or mall toilet to masturbate whenever I drive out to chill .Many people suffer from this but my own too much..I need help please on how to stop and what to do.A counselor or advise needed, no need to curse me coz check if
you holy and white pass snow.. Thank you Sdk

M bro,you need JESUS FAST!!!


  1. Replies
    1. You sound like my ex, after love making he will still run to his laptop to watch porn and masturbate. He sometimes gets carried away thinking he is alone and does it. He is so forgetful /unfocused, always tired and sleepy as a result of this. All forms of addictions are detrimental to ones health. You need to see psychologist and pray.

    2. So you 15.38 that gives sex to men including your ex also know about prayers. Mkpo ase aba o

    3. Addiction is very bad. We should all do everything in moderation.

      If you watch porn, lessen it.....

      If you are a lesbian, reduce it..

      If you are gay, reduce it

      Reduce everything you do..

      I can do without watching lesbian porn for months, and I will be fine.. .

      I can do without having sex with a lady, and I will be fine.. ..i am not addicted to anything..

      Let's be guided


    4. 17:10....ufan Ima. Mabasi, mkpo abah oo


    5. anonymous to bahd9 December 2017 at 18:02

      But galore you said you'd changed! 😲☹

      Reducing is a start I guess but only if the end goal is stopping. We NEED to stop ALL vices in order for our worship to be accepted. Please!

    6. Mumuni anon 17:10 sometimes you need to think before you type, "Ex husband" was what I meant.... I was married and now separated. Idiot!!!

    7. It's like someone sleeping with quin & bus and expects to be free from demons.
      Guy you must have slept with 5 of her type so go cast that 'legion' of demons out of you. All those women are fetish.

    8. You need deliverance o.
      All those women use jazz to make you never get enough of the sex with them. The jazz makes you always want to fuck them. Since you were involved with more than one, the jazz makes you wanna fuck anything . go for deliverance o.

  2. Haa! This one na serious matter o but One man food is another man poison

    1. You see what the disciples of queen and bus are passing through?
      Choose you this day, whom you will serve with this your body; God or Satan?

  3. My dear what you need is counseling and therapy!!and then prayers!!!very important..May God help you.

    1. Who did you offend o, Cus this is strange or maybe you look for a lady with high libido as well so you can both kill yourselves

    2. We be like sex therapist here?? Abeg go to yaba left you will find the answers u seek.

  4. Poster you need rehab. You need to be in an environment where your daily moves will be monitored, supported and with good therapy, you will be fine.

  5. Counselor or adviser ke?
    Bros, you need serious deliverance.
    If I describe the kinda demon that has a hold on you,
    You'll almost pass out.
    When they tell people not to indulge in certain things, they think it's a lie - I'm not judging you, just saying - Let God open your eyes to see the demons roaming the earth on your matter, you'll shiver in fright.
    You can't just pray yourself outta this one on your own, Poster.
    You need help that only a God-ordained deliverance minister can give.
    You just have to find him/her.
    Don't despair, there's a solution.

    1. Must everything be tied to demons? My God!!

    2. Anon, it hasn't been given to you to understand.
      Don't worry, you'll be alright.
      I gave my opinion, go give yours somewhere else other than under my comment.
      Thank you very much.

    3. He can't pray himself out????silliest comment..

  6. Maybe it's the effect of the jazz from one of your sugar mummies. She fit don use your destiny while you are dying slowly

  7. Masturbate at work and at malls.
    Hope you don't do it in church toilet also.
    You are the sort small children or even animals can't be left with. Because that is next for you.
    When they tell you people to work hard, and wait for your time to get rich. You will be looking for rich women to be your maga . Not knowing there are spiritual implications to such lifestyles.
    Your case is serious. You need deliverance . One of those sugar mummus have probably used your star and cursed you. That all you should be thinking of should be sex.

  8. I am praying for u

  9. I had a friend over a year ago that was in this same situation. Unfortunately, we could not get a counselor for the addiction in Nigeria. However, we met a pastor at the elevation church in lagos and he was willing to help him.
    First, my advise is that you have to be determined you want to stop this. Determination is the first step to success
    Second, you have keep yourself busy with other things you like. For instance, sports, traveling etc.
    The most and important of all, you have to be prayerful.
    I wish you the best.

  10. .... in public places too? do u walk around with vaseline or lubricants? thats the "Peak"... its in you! Detoxification bro!
    Join Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), theyre also online, its a 12step programe 4ppl seeking to stop their addictive sexual behaviour, it functions better online with live streaming, cus thrs been reports of members "thumbling" eachother, being that their weapons are attached to their bodies.

  11. Poster dear, I don’t think you’re possessed like some people up there are implying. You’re just addicted to sex and masturbation and what you need is counselling, therapy and rehabilitation. Try to redirect your mind to something else whenever the urge comes. It won’t be easy but slowly and surely you’ll overcome this addiction. It is well with you dear.

  12. I have been hooked on masturbation since 1991. Its terrible!

    1. Wow

      It is well

      It's a new dawn in your life.

      Just ask God, and He will help you.. There is nothing God can't do.. He will take care of you.


  13. The self styled "Queen and Boss" did not comment today? See what her "playful jokes" are causing. He was doing "side bobo" and now side bobo is doing him!

    Poster, except you confess to Jesus and plead for his forgiveness for abusing your body; this body he gave you, you will not be able to be free. After that, begin to discipline your flesh through prayer and fasting to "kill" (fornication) in your flesh (Colossians 3:5).

    1. Did she tell you they are playful jokes??? Be deceiving yourself

    2. @Anon. 18:27
      English 101 -that "playful jokes" were in inverted comas ("") meaning he/she was quoting someone and if you read the story at all, the poster was quoted hailing his mentor Linda Eze.

      We all know that Linda Eze posts the life she lives and deceives a lot of girls to join her.

  14. My colleague who was addicted to porn dealt with it by fasting; 6-2pm everyday for months, then 6-6pm everyday drinking only water for some months, then some fruit fast. After five years, he has neither watched porn nor masturbated. You need real work and meditation on the word of God to purify your mind. It can take months to years but you will overcome. Do not forget that YOU DID IT FOR YEARS, So be patient and work on yourself. But be sure you have a repentant heart from the lifestyle you've lived.

  15. Why is Stella opening mouth?
    Were you not the ones hailing Linda Eze as she ruins lives on this blog?

  16. Jesus will heal you.

  17. My guy na heavy deliverance u need o!uv bn possessed by over 80 demons o! Dev taken over ur destiny and ur virtue!and it mite be due to dos married women u whr sleeping with o!uv got to go for intense deliverance o!go to mountain of fire asap and confess wat uv bn doing before now so dat de can tell u hw to handle ur case! Ur case is very intense! May God Deliver u o! Smh

  18. Even tho I sense some joke from d way u arrested ur story, i think this is very serious and truthfully, u need deliverance

  19. ..Please go to the nearest bible believing church.You need Christ

  20. Nigerians and deliverance...they forget that the brain only gets accustomed to what it's trained to do.

    If what you process your brain daily with is porn then you will find yourself wanting to masturbate or have sex always as that is the only information presented in your brain to process.

    Poster you need to find a good rehab and a good therapist to help with your addiction.

    Seek professional help, follow the treatment plans and you will be fine.


  21. My brother, u need help fast! This battle is SPIRITUAL. Go to MFM prayer city for deliverance prayers. It runs weekly starting from Monday's. The good Lord will grant you total freedom in Jesus name amen.

  22. First you must be willing to Change!!

    If you ain't willing no amount of counsel can change you.

    Then visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament daily (Spend 2 hours with him) ,visit our Lady"s Grotto daily after evening mass.
    Talk to our Lord in the blessed sacrament about ur addiction s and plan to Stop.
    You need divine help...
    All they above is possible If you are onye Catholic!!

  23. All you need is deliverance, you need Jesus as as soon as possible. You need to be strong in God, you need to be filled with the word of God so that whenever your spirit ask you to go to the rest room to do evil you open your Bible to read.

  24. Im very educated but with spiritual experiences one of the women you have slept with has used something for you that doesnt match your star hence the sex crave. Go for spiritual deliverance and conselling. Take care

  25. you Need a psychiatrist or psychologist asap

  26. I prefer LGBT to giggolos maybe cos I was married to one

  27. I started masturbating at 11 and only quit last year. I am 29 now. At first it wouldn't seem easy,but you can try. I did it for atleast 5 times daily. 1st january would make it one year since I quit. You too can do it.

  28. You need to pray yourself out of it.....


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