Stella Dimoko EFCC Files Fraud Charge Against Innoson CEO


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Sunday, December 24, 2017

EFCC Files Fraud Charge Against Innoson CEO

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has filed a fraud charge against Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, alias Innoson, his company Innoson Nigeria Limited and his brother Charles Chukwuma.

The charge was dated 30 November, 2017 and filed at a Lagos High Court.

In the case, the EFCC is accusing Innoson of obtaining containers of motorcycles spare parts by false pretences between 2009 and July 2011 in Lagos, ‘with intent to defraud’.

The goods, said to be property of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, were allegedly obtained from Mitsui O.S.K Lines Limited in Apapa.

The anti-graft agency claims that Innocent Chukwuma and Charles Chukwuma, “with intent to defraud induced the staff of Mitsui O.S.K and Maersk Line Limited to deliver”, to them through their clearing agents, the motor cycle spare parts, moulds of spare parts and steel structures and raw materials called polyvinlchlorid, imported from China.

The charge said the accused falsely pretended that they were authorised by GTB to clear the goods and take delivery of them.

EFCC had on Tuesday arrested Innoson in Enugu, stirring some controversy that the arrest bore some ethnic motive and that the agency should not have waded into a dispute between GTB and the businessman.

Central to this was the story that the parties were locked in a dispute over illegal deductions from Innoson’s accounts by the GTB, with Innoson claiming that the bank was indebted to him and his company to the tune of billions of naira.

In press and TV interviews, he said he had gotten judgement at both lower and appelate courts and that the GTB has an appeal at the Supreme Court.

GTB responded tersely that it would not join issues with the businessman as the issues between them are in the court.

The EFCC in releasing Innoson on bail Wednesday, explained that he was arrested after he refused to honour invitations by the Commission. He had been arrested by the commission before and granted administrative bail. But he reneged on the bail and his surety could also not be found.

The agency said Innoson and his brother, Charles Chukwuma (who is still at large), were being investigated by the Insurance and Capital Market Fraud Section of the Commission’s office in Lagos over matters bordering on N1.47billion fraud and forgery and other infractions. He was also alleged to have used forged documents to secure tax waivers.

‘Unfortunately the industrialist resisted arrest and stirred controversy by bringing six truck-loads of thugs to block the entrance to his Plot W1, Industrial Layout, Abakaliki Road, Emeni, Enugu, home.

”This was after he initially misled the Police Command by informing them that his home had been invaded by armed robbers and kidnappers despite the fact that operatives of the Commission duly identified themselves to policemen guarding his home.

”His unruly thugs encircled and manhandled operatives of the Commission who had gone to effect the arrest.

“Consequently, a distress call was sent to the Commission’s Enugu Office for reinforcement.

`’In all of this, the Commission’s operatives acted with decorum and civility.

”No one was manhandled or assaulted by the EFCC team, and not a single shot was fired, despite the provocation”.

”No one was manhandled or assaulted by the EFCC team, and not a single shot was fired, despite the provocation”.

Na wah......


  1. Cock and bull
    Aligator and rat
    Malaria turning to Hiv/AIDS
    Fish drowns in a bucket of water
    An arm length of stockfish disappears from okro soup
    A rat chokes a python
    A goat bites a lion and it dies
    A white leopard sighted in the sea
    ASO rock short of food and politicians dying of kwashiokor

    Hehehe plenty of stories!

  2. Have you heard the breaking news:
    Fuel is now so scarce that the president could not drive out of Aso villa . . . ?

    That's the stuff I read up there in gtb vs Innoson!

  3. I am confused:
    When did GTB start importing motorcycle parts?

    1. At 23.03 Please Educate yourself and stop asking a dummy question.Banks Finance companies dummy

    2. You have a phone , you have access to the internet but you are too dumb to read . Gosh , the next generation , empty skulls .

    3. All these things you are scripting there is not pragmatic. The charge did not tell us that Innoson took a loan to import motorcycle parts and reneged on payment; did it?
      "Obtaining by fraud, goods being property of gtb etc." isn't the way to tell us about "banks financing companies". the motorcycle parts were not imported in gtb's name; were they? The charge should rather address a loan agreement breached.

    4. Anonymous 2:27 and 8:10 are the ignorant ones:
      "The charge said the accused falsely pretended that they were authorised by GTB to clear the goods and take delivery of them."

      Do banks import and clear goods or do they lend to importers to do so?

    5. A bank can finance the importation of goods, car/land purchase in its name or jointly e.g. GTBank/Okeke Oyedele.

  4. The EFCC is of the devil
    I can see they're trying to save face after messing up

    The goods belonged to GTB how? Banks now do buying and selling of spare parts? A man of inmoson's status would do business with intent to defraud when his name and legacy is at stake? FIA burn EFCC and GTB.

    See the charge sef, no head no tail.
    GTB is headed for destruction.
    They should just pay Innoson his money and keep it moving.

    1. Sister Chi, this your comment is with plenty ignorance. Read the story about the loan properly then u will understand.

    2. Kai, ignorance is really a big problem.
      When you borrow money, and use the BoL as collateral, the bank owns the goods until you liquidate the loan.

      You should go ahead and read up on things before you show your ignorance in public.

      Innosson is big but he still needs banks to finance his businesses.

    3. Anons, is it not wonderful when some one shows their ignorance so blatantly. See her commenting so confidently of her ignorance. When all she knows is how to slay on social media.Is it today that banks borrow people money to import goods. Until the loan is liquidated the property in the goods resides in the bank.Innoson forged documents to collect the goods claiming it was authority from the banks to release the goods to him. Go read up on this instead of exhibiting your ignorance so shamelessly Chi exotic

    4. Hey you fucking idiot the word is BANKS LEND PEOPLE MONEY not BORROW. Why the hell do you illiterates keep using the word borrow instead of lend. Always fucking up the English language

    5. And why are you and your mates carrying her comment on your heads like gala sellers? Cursing her as if you are GTB. What an evil mouth you have. Please get better cos you are too bitter @ anon 7:00

  5. The executives of GTB are just compound fools. Waste of tax payers money.

  6. Did I just read they acted with decorum when the wife said they slapped her?

    If I were the woman, na to charge them for assault.

    Nonsense EFCC And GTB.

  7. Shame on Buhari for using that rag tag EFCC to harass Igbo business men. Meanwhile Dangote is importing hundreds of containers daily without paying import duties.

  8. When i read "ignorance filled comments"; then i understand why the old cargo are still in government and the youth.. pfffttt; The old business man actually went to school and read in the library and those that didn't go to school know their trade VERY well; This generation have the internet to research from the comfort of their leisure time but never they won't. Rather, they talk all spiffed up in their ignorance thinking they have something to offer in their empty skull. Which way Nigeria. I see this people ruling us for another 20-30 years and when the time comes for "we" the youth to take the mantle everything will crumble because we lack knowledge and the my greatest fear is that 80% of the youth are half cooked and baked literates. You can see all over the internet. They try so hard and all they have to offer is ineptitude ego and talking trash.
    How can someone say "The goods belonged to GTB how? Banks now do buying and selling of spare parts?"; obviously she doesn't understand a single thing about the banking system and all she knows is her savings and current/checking account.
    From experience these are the type of people that will say "hey i want to invest in FTD" and the bank officer will tell her "hey you will get 10% of your investment" and after one month, she will be back in the bank to get her 10% on her fixed term deposit just to find out that the 10% is to be for a period of one year and not a month.

    Bottom line is that, no matter the field you find yourself, try to do a proper investigation before you talk rubbish. Google is your friend always and if there is something you do not understand, ask people that knows better around you. Nobody knows it all, but asking questions about what you do not know or understand cannot kill you, it will only prepare you for a more constructive conversation the next time you are in that same position.
    Internet/library is for knowledge not to display your ignorance.


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