Stella Dimoko Immigration Reveals EX Wanted Pensions Boss Maina Is An American citizen And Has THREE International Passports


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Friday, December 01, 2017

Immigration Reveals EX Wanted Pensions Boss Maina Is An American citizen And Has THREE International Passports

Sacked Chairman of Presidential Task Team on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina, has been reported to have three international passports and the he is an American citizen.

Mohammed Babandede, the Nigerian Immigration boss speaking at the ongoing House of Representatives adhoc committee investigating on Maina’s reinstatement into the public service on Thursday said that Maina has THREE Passports, and also an American citizen since he has an American passport.

From Vanguardngr

*So they did not do any research on him before employing him?NAWAH NIGERIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


  1. Nigeria my country am so ashamed and he was appointed no investigation mtcheeeeeeeee

  2. Nigeria surely is a country of fools. Y'all keep deceiving yourselves that you have a country and Buhari is your savior.

    1. And you are one of the fools. Was it Binaries that appointed him as pension boss. Part of the many mess Jonathan and PDP did that Buhari is battling with and fools like you keep blaming him for and yet you want him to turn Nigeria to paradise with all the mess and rot in our system.

  3. Failure in every sector. Such a shame !

  4. So what's wrong with that, is he not meant to work as a civil servant? Is saraki not a British citizen? I don't understand, please enlighten me ooo, house. Thank you

  5. Na wa! Abeg Stella, where did you get your own report from that he is an American citizen? Haba!

    What the guy said is that he has an American visa that would expire n 20XX and not that he is a citizen.

    BTW, is there a law that prevents dual citizens from being civil servants? is the Senate President not also a British citizen? More so, our constitution recognises dual citizenship, so what is the fuzz about?

  6. The problem here is 3 passports.
    You can't have 3 passport except the 3rd one is a Diplomatic Passport and this man right here has got no Diplomatic ties. So what he doing with 3?

    You all don't get it twisted please.

    Stella Kork...everything is wrong with this administration. You can have only German and Nigerian here, I have British and Nigerian. 3 passports? Naaaaa.

    Investigate you say? Hahahaha. You need serious update, welcome to the Federal Republic of Northern Nigeria. THEY RULE!

    1. One can have as many passports as they are citizens to such countries.
      You can be Nigerian by birth, live in UK long enough to be a British citizen and emigrate to Canada to be a Canadian. You'd have the 3 Passports if you want.

      And if you cross to US and stay long enough, to marry, voila American passport Don join be that.

    2. Lol many ppl have 3 passports, many family members and close friends do.
      Nigerians born in UK (during old rule), who moved to US/Canada
      Lil cousin (Nigerian British by birth) born in the US

      I can go on and on
      Some even have 4. Lol

    3. Ooh dear. Hahaha. Please eeh
      Anon 00:36 and Ada...let me break this issue down for you guys because you don't seem to understand it one bit.

      You listed some people have 5, some Igbo guys have 7, they married a Brazilian and paid the chic: Brazilian passport gotten. They divorce thereafter, moved to St Vincent, paid a chic and immigration, they married and after 2 months left: St Vin's passport gotten. They moved to Trinidad and Tubago, married a T woman, got their passport. As they move, depending on available dollars, they marry, divorce and move on. May have one or 2 kids usually left behind with the Said Wifey.

      We are talking Nigeria Civil Service Act, you can only tender 2, though you may be a Citizen of many countries. Maina tendered only a Nigerian passport. When shit hit the fan few years ago, it was confisticated and his travel means restricted. He travelled with another Nigerian passport bearing another name not Maina.

      On further probing, it was discovered he has another passport, a valid American passport which will expire in 2018, he has also been travelling with it.

      Please guys you can only have 2 passports as a Civil Servant, tendered, even when you have 7. Once it is seized, you can't leave Nigeria. Not America, not any other country. Except you have Diplomatic ties, then you can move with many.

      Stella Kork...if you divorce your German hubby and move to Cuba, if you marry a Cuban you get a Cuban passport making it 3,on employment if you return here, you can only have 2 passports, tendered and scanned, in case of gbege you can't leave the shores of Nigeria, shikena.
      Please endeavour to put "the news behind the news" in these write ups. Some of your bvs are something else. *Some mothers do have them* Na wa o.

    4. You are not even supposed to be a citizen of more than 2 countries at the same time. All those claiming their uncle's and brothers have 5 citizenships are either lying or got them by falsifying their status.


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