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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Iya Ibeji Series -My Dog Story

My family and I traveled one time and one badt local dog came into our compound and impregnated our dog. Come see how my husband para. Our dog that he was persevering for a better foreign mix breed to impregnate so he can make money. 

Through out her pregnancy my husband no send , I had to increase her food and be extra nice to carry belle no easy.

The night she gave birth she cried all through, I couldn't sleep.
Next morning I couldn't wait to see my dog and puppies as the grandma I had become. 

Oh the puppies were the cutest, they were 5 but 1 died. As I was still admiring them I saw their mother running towards me then I remember that animals that just gave birth are usually aggressive na so fear hook me. I wanted to run I figured she might bite my bum, and that's too risky.
When the dog got close I started pleading reminding her of our good times together.

Anyway I wasn't bitten but I avoided the dog. But dog being a man's best friend drew herself back to me and we became close again, that even my husband was complaining that the dog isn't a good mum to her puppies that she spends more time with me. Dogs are loyal.

As the puppies grew I had one major challenge, how do I feed them?
Feeding the humans in my house wasn't easy now we have additional 4 plus a nursing mother.
As they grew other I started buying milk for them, but that was digging deep into my pocket remember I didn't plan for this and my husband no send.

So when they grew much older I introduced solid food, but I didn't have enough so I went to different restaurant asking for leftovers.
People of God I no see leftovers. It wasn't like I was asking for free o I was ready to be paying for it but they said in this Buhari season people don't throw food away anymore. 

Kai I got home and started praying lord you feed the birds in the air help me feed this ones.
To God be the glory the puppies grew very well and healthy even my husband come begin dey admire them that they don't look local. He even started contributing for their feeding.

After a while Oga said we should sell, I told him I wasn't emotional ready to let go but I had to firstly I spoke to my dog about it and beg her to understand.
The worst part was it was my neighbor from the next compound that bought it.
That night the puppy started crying and the mother was running around the compound calling to her baby and I think she was crying too.
The scene broke my heart. I felt so bad, my husband was surprised he said he didn't know I'm this emotional.

Anyways we couldn't get buyers for the others this Buhari period most people complain about feeding themselves not to talk about feeding others so we gave them out for free. 

Ok we actually got buyers from people that eat dogs but my mind no gree me sell. 

My husband was astonished me wey like money. I just couldn't do it. Now all the puppies are gone and its just me and my dog. This is dog story, do you have one? 

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  1. I love you iya ibeji, pls work on your punctuation and tenses

  2. Replies
    1. I have the strongest phobia for a dog's bark. I can litterally pee on myself. My fiancΓ©e has a 4foot tall mastiff. Hmmm...i am coping sha. It has a head as big as a cow's! For now i remain on house arrest when ever i am hom alone with the dog to avoid stories that touch. Boo and i are moving in together soon. I am still trying to figure out how to get him to do away with it b4 we move houses.


  3. Nice story. I don't like dogs after I was chased a few times by them as a little girl.

  4. After the death of my father, my mum, a full house wife with 4 children (3 in the University and 1in secondary school), knew there was no room for an extra mouth and decided to sell our dog. She sold them to dog eaters. They came with a cage. I don't know how the dog knew these ppl. He cried so hard. I noticed the way and manner of barking was unusual, by the time I came out of the house, I saw the dog in the iron cage on the guy's head. I was so touched. However, with the kind of mum I have, nothing touches her. If u miss yarn, she will throw u out of the house.
    I just went back inside to cry. Infact, my mum was laughing.

  5. Lol...funny story.

    Went to see my friend and saw her crying with her mum beside her, I was scared to death, thought they lost someone. Twas when I got closer that I saw her carrying a dead puppy, *long hiss* I felt like slapping her.

  6. I got a puppy as birthday gift, did everything i could to make it healthy and left it in care of my family and left for school, only to come back to meet the story that my father gave it out because its too active, i could not help it, i cried my eyes out. never got over it up till now self. and to think he was the one advising me not to take it along oh, that how will i be feeding myself and the dog at the same time. i miss Hercules.

  7. Una wey like dog dey try o. I wish I could bring myself to like them.

  8. My dog story- growing up, my dad brought home a cute puppy one day- he was just 2 days old. we named it major. major practically was bottle fed by my mum with milk, pap and all. he actually became a family member, instead of the house watchdog. major slept indoors with us, drank coke and fanta straight from the bottle with us. The day he died, at age 11, i was in 200 level in school, and had to go home with my sister for 2 days, cos we were it sounds crazy

    1. It doesn't sound crazy. The day I came back from the village and I was told that the oloriburuku omonile had taken my dog, I wanted to kill him.

      I wanted to go to his house and attack him but I just had to listen to reason before they will sacrifice me to orisa

    2. Major, my dog's name. My Mum actually feeds him bread and beverage, her favorite meal.

      Iya Ibeji, I can relate to the emotional part of your story. We have a female dog and when she got pregnant and close to her EDD, My mum made sure there is always someone at home just in case she goes into delivery.

      I always prayed she won't go into delivery at night and we all tried to make her very comfortable during the pregnancy (Major was super jealous cos he craves for attention all the time and always wants the focus to be on him).

      God answered my prayer sha, cos she went into delivery very early in the morning, her cries were heartbreaking for me. By the time the Doctor arrived, she had delivered 3 by herself. In total she delivered 11 and 2 died.

      We had to separate she and Major, so she can cater for the pups. That's where Major's wahala started always crying and wants to play with her.

      We bought Nan milk to feed them and it's so funny watching everyone take turns to feed them. They are just two weeks old. And my dad is already discussing plans to sell them and my mom just gives him this side look like "am sure you don't mean it " when it's obvious we gonna sell most of them.

    3. Oh, I forgot to add thinking of names for them is so tasking. They will probably be around over 2 months old before we sell and they have got to have names

  9. Me am scared of dogs..dogs have chased me several times.

  10. Lol. I used to own a dog till it was stolen

    1. You were the thief that stole your dog!😎😎😎

    2. Kikiki....bugie is back! You just reminded me of the last skit Lasisi elenu posted on Instagram. You be serious case!

      However, this must stop in yeh?

      Ehen,to the post.. I don't like dogs at all. If I see a dog on the street, I'd rather wait in one corner for it to pass.

  11. One ekuke have pursued me like this that i almost died. Not a fan abeg

  12. I can totally relate to this.

    OH, my dear spike, that one that useless omonile took back from us.

    I remember the cries of birth whenever she's about to give birth. She will go dig ground somewhere and I'd be feeling really bad for the pain she'd go through.

    And the puppies are always so cute until they grow up and then start looking like proper Ekuke.

    Before that monster omonile took spike from us, she had already left us with a male puppy, spike junior (we use spike for all of them) since when u kuku call the mother spike, all will follow.

    My mum used to complain about how much money she always had to spend to feed new puppies so I thought she'd be happy that now no more bitch to give birth.

    But mba, Iya igbo had to go buy a female puppy, orobo spike (as we call her). Bought from my direct opposite neighbor. Really cute puppy. The first day was something else as the mum kept coming around but that was only the first day. My terrorist neighbor (that's what I call her) cos she even terrorizes her kids (pls, not in the child abuse manner) must have beaten denial into the mum as she stopped coming totally. Now that the puppy moves around, they don't even act like they know each other, talk more of having a mother-daughter relationship

  13. My last born dog is part of d family as he has his own plate,cup,spoon,sponge,soap,room,matress and cover cloth infact d dog watch movie and football with him.jack is just like im pikin

  14. Awww..all tru growing up we hav had dogs😍😍😍 so cute.

  15. I grew up with dogs, not the bingo typa breeds o, I mean oyibo dogs!!!

    I love em to bits and they're one of the bestest buddies I've ever had at the different point we had them...... Growing up was fun with them. I can't bear to see em sad or cry rara, it'll be like my heart is tearing apart.......

    In the future, I'd love to have dogs in my home....

  16. I used to like dogs until one day while trying to pluck mango with my friends as kids one of the mangoes fell into the dogs cage.
    The dogs cage was right under the tree, the dog chased us,everyone escaped except me. I ended up on the extra Geepee tank in the house.

    I had to wait for my parents to come back from work before I could get down because the crazy dog decides to pitch his tent under the Geepee tank.

    I was there from 11 am in the morning till 3pm when my mom returned.I nearly dies from the scorching sun.
    Me and dogs never again.


  17. Dog story I have plenty. Grew up with dogs. Have one now and it is just the two of us. Oscar's work is to jerk off my leg so I currently looking for a girlfriend for him. I can relate to a bush dog imprenating a through breed. My mum dog used to jump over the fence to go have a good time. At 11 pm you will hear thump......cleo has gone out ooooooh . At 4 am you will hear her cry. My mum will jeje go and open the gate for her oooooo.when she got pregnant by a one eye 3 leg dog my mama almost kill am. But the puppies were so cute she git away with it.Chei. When she died after 11 years come see cry......we still miss her will today

  18. Rex, Sheila, and Lexus, RIP.
    I typed a bunch and it disappeared, thanks tocobfkicting edits.
    I love dogs and will keep loving them till Jesus comes.


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