Stella Dimoko Killer Husband Arrested Blames The Devil For Hacking His Wife To Death...


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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Killer Husband Arrested Blames The Devil For Hacking His Wife To Death...

 THE Niger State Police Command has arrested a 50-year-old man, Bamaiyi Tanko, for allegedly murdering his wife, Auta.

According to the police, Tanko, who hails from Maigoge Village in the Mariga Local Government Area of Niger State, allegedly hacked Auta, his wife of 10 years, to death following an altercation.

Tanko, according to the police, threw the cutlass he allegedly used to kill his wife into a nearby bush in his bid to cover up the crime.

In a chat with Northern City News on Tuesday, Tanko said his late wife starved him of food for five days, adding that he attacked her in the heat of an argument.

“My wife was fond of not giving me food on time and when I complained, she would abuse me. She never gave me food each time I demanded it.

“She even asked my 10-year-old daughter to abuse me because I was asking for food,” Tanko said.

Regretting the incident that led to his wife’s death, however, Tanko said it was the work of the devil and advised men to always keep their anger in check.

The suspect pleaded for forgiveness.

“I am sorry, extremely sorry for what happened; it was the work of the devil and I pray my in-laws would find a place in their hearts to forgive me. I regret all my actions,” he said.

from punch

*I dont understand this,if she doesnt cook,doesnt he have hands to cook or go and get something to eat?to kill someone because of food?SICK MAN!!

The acting Police Public Relations Officer in Niger, Peter Sunday, said Tanko had already been charged to court.


  1. he didnt just wake up & picked a cutlass, he must have been abusing her physically b4 then, but she'd cry, abuse him & remain there.. women keep seeing themselves as trees

    1. I am sure he doesn't drop a dime but expects the woman to perform magic and provide him food.

  2. So this man had to kill his wife all because of food. Okay lets see if you'll get that food in the prison when u demand for it

  3. The thing anger causes.

    And just Because of food. Now he wil rot in prison where he will be starved most of the time.

  4. Stupid he goat. Just imagine because she does not give you food on time.

    See his long neck like tolontolo

  5. The evil men do,makes d devil a learner!!

  6. Look at the haggard looking piece of shit, devil kill you there, mad man.

  7. Alot of Nigerian men especially the local ones have this notion of marriage being a wife is simply a cook,a cleaner and a sex object. They expect all this on unfailingly daily. Even if the wife is also working and getting home daily. I know of someone who's husband must eat daily fresh food,fresh stew daily. Even fresh moin moin fresh everything. Luckily the guy is rich and she doesn't work. So she doesn't complain because he over does his responsibility.
    There is nothing wrong if your wife is working gets home maybe 9 daily because of traffic. You get home 6pm . You can always bring out the stew she cooked in the freezer and make your own rice.
    As much as taking care of a home is a woman's duty. I see nothing wrong in you helping yourself when she's busy. As most times she has gotten the house in order already.
    A wife is not only to be your maid. She is your companion and there is nothing wrong in assisting her when the need arises. Knowing she is not a lazy woman and her working is for the home as a whole. I can't even sit at home daily for my even my own sanity sake.

    1. Poster, I am not justifying the action of this criminal but,
      i know you are not married if yes you are seeing this from another angle women!women!! Give them one one small chance and you will regret ever doing that. I have given madam such chances before now, when I realized she was taken it for granted I blocked it. If she like make she come back 11pm I go wait for am make she enter kitchen. Since them she will always try to get home before me.some women are born lazy.

    2. Anon 11:08
      So u are married to one woman out of billions on this earth, yet u conclude that all women are like your lazy wife. No wonder she took u for granted; u no get sense.

  8. He killed his wife cos of food ordinary food, what a devil in human form.

  9. Stupid ugly man. I won't be surprise to know he doesn't give his late wife money to cook


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