Stella Dimoko Mama Tee Series -Brain Shifting Thunderous Slap


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Friday, December 01, 2017

Mama Tee Series -Brain Shifting Thunderous Slap

If a client slaps you while discharging your duties in your workplace, what would you do?It happened to me!

It was my second month in that hotel as a receptionist back then. The time was a few minutes past 1:am on a Wednesday. Exhausted and sleepy, I was arranging my sleeping spot when I heard the main gate opened.

A young dark guy walked into the reception reeking of alcohol, he was most probably in his early to mid twenties. He picked his choice of room and as I waited for him to pay, he started telling me stories. He started by telling me his name and I immediately sensed trouble. He went on to tell me how he was an old client, how my partner was so nice to him, how generous he was and how she gives gives him room on credit sometimes.

Now Mr Blacky was a regular in the hotel from the records but It was my first time attending to him. According to some old staff, he was bad news. The last one he did about a week after I resumed almost cost my partner in the reception her job. He had came in the dead of the night as usual, dropped his designer wristwatch and gold necklace for her as collateral for a room with a promise to go and withdraw first thing at daybreak and pay up.

As at 8:am when I resumed, he was still snoring in his room. The poor girl knocked and knocked, no response. The manager was already smelling a rat as the girl was restless. She could not close her account and hand over to me. She had to run home and arrange the 9k and balanced up. Then she waited at the security post for Mr Blacky to check out by 12:pm. When he came out, this girl followed him. The next day, she told us how she and Mr Blacky waited for hours in the banking hall until someone credited his account around 4:pm before she was paid.

Back to our conversation, Mr Blacky ended his story by requesting that I gave him a room on credit, he dropped his car keys and wristwatch as collateral with a promise to pay me first thing in the morning. In my mind I said "God forbid! Where will I see 9k to pay if he repeats what he did to my colleague the last time?"

I politely told him it's not possible with me. That I was a new employee and still under probation. He was adamant. We dragged this for more than 30 mins and then he flared up. He asked why I was being stubborn, I told him I was doing my job. Before I completed the sentence I heard a thunderous 'tawai!'. Then everything went blank and then I saw a few stars.

A brain-shifting slap it was.

I regained consciousness after a few seconds and saw him standing in front of me fuming with anger, set to pounce on me if I uttered another word. I was the only one in the reception, other staff were probably sleeping. Scared for my life, tears streaming down my cheeks, I pressed the security alarm.
The only security man on duty was a man in his sixties, he came in and I told him what just happened. The old papa seeing my attacker's posture told him sorry, he was even apologising and pleading with him to calm down.

Oh Lord! I had just been assaulted and all this old man could do was to beg this beast? Manager was no where to be found, fear could not even let me move. With all he was smelling of, he could beat me and Baba to death at that point. I cried as I watched him go out, the Papa opened the gate for him.

Daybreak, I reported to the management, the chairman assured me that they will take action, they did nothing till I left. The beast even came twice while I was still there. He did not apologise. Nothing. I just handed him over to God.
Back home, I told my people, all they did was to talk and swear. I was new in Lagos, a young lady who had just came in for greener pastures. Not even a boyfriend to comfort me. At that period, I wished I had agreed to date one Hausa soldier who was on my case. At least, he would have fought for me in the usual military way. The Internet too was not this handy and popular, I would have used it to cry out.

Well, I still remember his face and his name, they said he was a student of Unilag and a bad boy. When the time comes, I will call both him and the hotel out.
What do you think? If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Mama Tee


  1. Lol i can't laugh abeg. Regain consciousness after few seconds 😅🎄😅

  2. #The moment you allow yourself to be treated like anyone else, it is too are swallowed and digested. To prevent this you need to starve the other person of your presence*

  3. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa

    Mama Tee, your two ears still dey work well? If yes, you get luck o

    Na that kain slap dey make some people go deaf.

  4. Mama Tee i honestly understand how painful it was. funny enough i encountered a similar situation, i was just lucky not to get a hot slap. so i went to one of our branches in Gombe for our annual audit and checking the financial record for the year under review. when a man from one of the top NGOs came shouting at the top of his voice in the reception. apparently,they had a 12 day training in the hotel and twas time for their bill to be compiled. the secretary was still typing the bill when he came and started shouting at the waiter for including 10 percent service charge on the food and drink and 5 percent VAT on the rooms.
    i politely came and asked him what the matter was,trying to explain to him how it works and this man told me to shut the fuck. at that time i was already furious and told him never to speak to me in that manner again,then he started shouting on the top of his voice ooooh that he was going to write a petition against us to their organization never to use our facilities again. oho me i was in the manager office sipping tea while he was busy shouting like a raging lunatic. Lord knows if he had slapped me i would have slapped him back, tho he might be stronger than me but the one slap he will receive from me will forever be memorable to the idiot. there is a limit to what i can take.

    1. There is no way I could have slapped him back at that ungodly hour(1:am), also, there was no other person in sight asides the old fragile security man. I was scared for my life.
      Maybe if it had happened during the day, some guys would have thought him a lesson but I doubt if the chairman would have allowed that. He valued money(customer) more than his staff.

  5. Let me try and type again. I think it is too late to call them out, especially if you have no proof of event.
    This reminds me of one slap an account officer got.
    The bank had some system challenge and had erroneously left some money in the 'abokis' account. Aboki had unknowingly transferred the money twice to someone in another bank. Perhaps because of the english language barrier, aboki felt insulted and was screaming that he wasn't a thief, he had two wives and was responsible, no woman should address him over money....bla bla bla. The next sound we heard left a deafening silence in an already crowded banking hall. Before I could make out what the sound was, people from the crowd in the know were already dishing out to aboki what he gave this fine account officer. Slaps landed on his head, his face, his stomach, infact anywhere hand fit touch, na slap from one person or another. This was during that fulani herds men killings and Babas' silencebon the issue. So one can only imagine the bottled anger towards his race. Bank did not have network so it was double frustration hitting aboki. I guess he would never hit a woman in public again. The banks mopol rescued him before they could lynch him.

    1. That was in a crowded banking hall. Mine was in a quiet reception in the wee hours of the morning.

  6. Hamm if I am slapped once I will return two hot ones period

  7. Hmmmm I might endure it depending on the kind of work

  8. Hahahaha mama tee sorry ooo, but Ehen if person Slap me,Me go return my own o...

    1. He go beat you, wunjure you or make you unconscious before help go reach you at that hour of the night. Lols

    2. Mama tee, dont listen to them scaring lying people. Sorry dear. Only god know how much you weigh on that horrible day, kpele.

  9. Even if he will beat me to death,we will dig it out first by him receiving my own slap. What nonsense. Nobody dares do that to me and goes scout free.


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