Stella Dimoko Monday in House News -Christmas Edition.


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Monday, December 25, 2017

Monday in House News -Christmas Edition.

Hey people......Today is a very special day...I am sure everyone is busy with food and guests and I hope you find time for comments

Who prepared Amala with Ewedu soup with the goat meat that has body odour?LOL


Hello Stella, it was my birthday yesterday 24-12! 

I profess into my life wisdom and knowledge in good health. May this new year brings joy and peace into my life. Happy 22nd birthday to me!

WOW..Happy Bleated Birthday to you!!!



Good day Stella,

Merry Christmas to you and all the BVs.
I have 5 suits to give out. They are all size 10. Lost my banking job and have moved on to other things so I wouldn't be needing them. 

 Anyone who is really in need of them should send me a What'sApp message on 07034729132. My location is Lakowe, Lagos. I could get it down to Ajah. 

There is a lady in Iyana Ipaja who says she will be having an interview in January and needs a suit. Please send me a DM if you are interested.

 I can send it to you via a public bus. All the best.

No fuel! no Church!

Thank you and God bless your new hustle



Good day Stella, 

Merry Christmas to you and all the BVs. 
I  have 5 suits to give out.  They are all size 10. Lost my banking  job  and have moved on to other things so I wouldn't be needing them.  Anyone who is really in need of them should send me a What'sApp message on 07034729132. My location is  Lakowe, Lagos. I could get it down to Ajah. There is a lady in Iyana Ipaja who says she will be having an interview in January and needs a suit. Please send me a DM if you are interested. I can send it to you via a public bus. All the best. 

No fuel!  no Church!  


Who Loyalty Epp?

 I am a loyal person,well to an extent, but I can beat up my chest and say,you can count on me..there have been many instances of my loyalty to family and friends,one that stands out was when my sister who lives overseas,sends money to my account for certain projects here in Nigeria,i'm talking abt money running into millions,i use them as instructed and even write everything down..

one day my friend saw alert on my phone and widened his eyes in shock,he even advised I elope with the money that "afterall,its your sister,she won't kill you",i didn't do as advised and also stopped talking to my friend.

So,the reason for this writeup..i work in one of the governmental institutions, i'm the supervisor in my unit and being called "oga",well we know how little civil servants salary can be except you "know" your way. 

My head of department is a man,i see as my father and mentor,we are quite close and he confides in me,there are a lot of politics happening in my office,and because of the sensivity of my job title,everybody wants me on their side..the director of our department who is superior to my HOD took me and a few of us out for drinks,and offered us very juicy deals,not in anyway illegal,but a position where milk and honey flows like water.. but i was torn between being loyal to my head of department or going with the director,because the two men don't see eye to eye and once I go with my director that is "it" for my HOD and i.

Let me bring to your notice that my HOD,also assures me of his position,because  he plans on overthrowing the director and taking his place whilst I become the HOD.
I had sleepless nights,i didn't know what to do,be loyal and "wait" till whenever HOD overthrows director,or go with the director and start making extra cool money..some of our people went with the director,HOD started badmouthing them and was betrayed,whooosh! I thought,i can't betray this man,here's where my loyalty lies..

 Back to the present day,those that went with the director,are millionaires now,they buy houses and cars like it's going out of fashion,i remained loyal,yes I did,i am in the same position,my financial life is just based on my meagre salary,and even my so called HOD turned his back on me and changed my office to one that gives me nightmares each day.
So I ask this question once again..WHO LOYALTY EPP?.


I'm in Calabar for the carnival and will like to get hooked up with fellow Bv's in Calabar. I don't really know my way around but whoever is coming or is in Calabar with me, we can both tour around get to know the place better and have fun.  I'm female and can be reached on



The media has been awash with the news of Maryam Sanda, who allegedly
stabbed her husband,Biliyanu Bello, to death in their Abuja home in
November: with her mother,brother and househelp as conspirators and
co-defendants. Her pathetic attempts at subverting justice with the
use of her six-month old baby to attract pity during her trials would
move many hearts, but that would be those of her ilk.

But as if that is not enough, the media are again reporting the death
of Samilu Usman in the hands of his pregnant 15-year old housewife,
Dausiya Abdulmuminu. Dausiya admitted sprinkling #40 rat posion on the
27-year-old husband's food just last week Monday, in their house at
Dan Mayaki village,Bakori Local Government Area of Kastina State.The
husband died alongside an eight-year-old Mohammed Abdulmumin, her
half-brother; who incidentally ate from the poisoned meal...

Spouse-killing is the outcome of psychological abuse and mental
derangement. It is evident in the lives of many couples all over the
world. In fact, it is common to hear about divorce cases in our law
courts,which are as a result of domestic violence or lack of peace at
the home front.

The deaths of Biliyanu Bello and Samilu in the hands of their wives,
proves that men are also victims of domestic violence, especially
through psychological abuse. Just last month,I ran into a couple at
Nyanya having a verbal battle. The issue at stake was the failure of
the man to pay the school fees of his daughter. The exchange of words
between the couple degenerated into name callings and the woman was at
her best; revealing many intimate secrets about the man. It took the
intervention of neighbours to douse the tension,but a little inquiry
revealed that it is usually strange for a day to pass without one form
of altercation or the other involving the couple.
 I leave you to
imagine the psychological dispositions of the couple.

By virtue of their position in the society, men are expected to be the
breadwinners of their families, and any reasonable man would regard
himself as a failure when he fails to live up to expectations. But
there is no more an ego-murdering act than calling a man a failure to
his face. With a running tap-like mouth, women use verbal abuse to
make up for what they lack in strength.

Common problems among couples include, among other
problems:infertility, poverty, or extended family relationships. In
many cases, the woman would murder the man's ego by calling him a
weakling,a one-minute man (due to poor performance in the bedroom) or
any other thing she imagines would hurt his feelings... and enduring
the verbal abuse of a woman has been the limitation of many men. Since
no man would like to become an object of ridicule to his friends, he
suffers silently in a society that believes that women are always at
the receiving end of every form of domestic violence. 
No thought is
spared for the man who works himself to death in order to satisfy an
insatiable wife.

As a matter of rule, many men would rather bear a psychological and
mental abuse from their spouse than become an object of ridicule to
their friends if they cry out for help. Tongue-lashing from a
dissatisfied wife is sometimes more dangerous than a physical attack.
Trust me, you wouldn't want to imagine a situation whereby, no matter
how best a man tries to provide for his family, his partner would
always find faults in his action, because the love that once brought
them together has gone out through the window.

However, in such a situation, men are advised to speak out in order to
receive help. Instead of dying in the hands of your spouse, free
yourself of the psychological trauma called mental abuse by letting go
of the marriage when irreconcilable differences become evident. It is
no glory to die while trying to save a marriage, out of not being
ridiculed by friends and family.

It has been proven overtime that women have one-track minds and
sometimes act before they think. When a woman becomes tired of her
marriage, no amount of pacification will make her change her mind. A
man persuading a woman to stay in a marriage she is no longer
interested in will only be signing his death warrant.

Dausiya poisoned her husband because ''she never loved him''. What is
more,her pregnancy belongs to her boyfriend. And pending the
determination of the two cases, I am of the opinion that the two men,
Salimu Usman and Biliyanu Bello, were killed by their wives: for no
justifiable reasons.
Paul Okah.



Please bear with me.....I have the worst flu in the history of flus and have been ordered to stay in bed and cough and sneeze away....its Christmas and I am in bed and this is just to let you all know in case today is a slow news day.

I go soon enter Instagram go see whats going on..

Those of you with presents for me can stat sending them

One love to you all....




  1. Merry Christmas πŸŽ… everyone
    Sorry oh Stella,get well soon
    Happy birthday to the celebrant

    1. Sorry about the flu but have you tried taking procold. It works a lot.

    2. Procold for Germany? Samanta kuku kill me

    3. Abeg Stella when will you do one million naira and above give away.

  2. Its features embody 24 battle robots with varied strengths, more than 20 weapon types
    akin to vitality and plasma guns and ballistic missiles,
    and limitless combinations of those robots and weapons.

    1. Wetin be this? Guns and ballistic missiles?


      Today na krismosi o

  3. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas everyone. God bless you Stella. God bless this blog.

  4. I just finished eating Jollof rice and chicken by our landlord. I'm never and will never be a fan of Jollof rice. Our neighbor also gave us iyan (pounded yam) with correct Egusi soup, will eat that later.

    That's the update from my side, there's light but we no get TV πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, uncle promised to get another TV before December and till now, we're still waiting

    *Larry was here*

  5. Awww! Stella, you got me almost teary with the sign out picture. Heal fast and enjoy the season.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. Birthday girl is none other than Bonario nnags wife. No wonder

  6. Hi everyone.


    Happy birthday Makason.

    Shout-out to you too Paul

    Beloved... Ogini? Kilode? Paul......
    Wareva Sha.

    It's damn cold mehn.

    My ex called😐 smh.

    Oh! Congrats Ruth kadiri... Be good.

    Alright, I'm out. Kisses everyone

    Merry christmas

  7. Merry christmas to you Stella and your family.

  8. Stellz merry Christmas to you and your family. Also sending my Christmas shout-out to two very important personalities on this blog, Doppelganger and Greatlady, you two have been a source of inspiration to me, from the comments you drop here, and the novels you are always willing to send to me, whenever I ask you for some. God bless you real good.. May 2018 be great... And lastly to you Eka Joy, I love your personality on this blog, keep it up....

  9. Merry Christmas Stelka,thanks Stella. Thanks everyone.

    Just finished downloading Nsala soup and Akpu with a bottle of Malta..

    Na sleep sure pass

  10. Happy Christmas to all SDKERS and Merry Christmas to my Santa Oyenuga O.
    God continually bless you.

  11. Happy birthday omobolanle.

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Do have a wonderful one.

  12. Gosh, I'm so overjoyed!!! I think this has to be the best year so far for my family.

    I even appreciated God yesterday for how he's turned my family situation around not knowing he saved the best (or better, the year never end) for the last.

    Yesterday evening, my younger sister, yes younger! Came home driving. She drove into our compound with her own personal car, bought from her personal sweat. *I'm having goosebumps typing this* and it wasn't even any kpeshere car sef.

    God has been faithful.

    Yea I know it isn't my car and she'd soon go back with it but mehn my family is everything to me so anything God does for my family, he's done it for me.

    I can't believe my parents, my managing parents oh are parents of a car owner.

    You see that dance igbo mothers dance in nollywood movies no be fiction rara oh. My mum dance tire without music. She will sing igbo songs of praises then I will chip in the 'pim pim pim pim pim' for her and she will scatter floor with dance.

    I hope God gives everyone of us here a shocking testimony before the year runs out.

    My God! I can't believe someone in my family has a personal car

    1. I came back k to tell Stella sorry and here I am reading and imagining your pim pim pim song..πŸ˜‚

      Congrats to your sister. The good Lord who gave her car will help her with the maintenance. Congratulobia

    2. Amen
      Congratulations to you and yours

    3. Congratulations.
      But why are you surprised?
      Don't you know your sister's source of income?
      Or you didn't think she couldn't could afford this based on how much she earns?
      You seem to be easily moved by material things. I can only imagine what will happen if someone buys a house for you.
      I honestly don't think poverty/lack I I problem but your poverty-stricken mindset.
      You can achieve anything you want as a woman.
      Congratulations to your sister again.

    4. Congratulations to her, more God's blessings upon her.

      Eka joy why will you say you can't believe someone in your family has a personal car? Don't write yourself up my dear

      *Larry was here*

    5. Wow!!!! Congrats to you and yours. GOD has indeed remembered your family for good

    6. *don't write yourself off

      *Larry was here*

    7. Congratulations dear! God will continue to bless and be faithful over your lives.

    8. What is her source of income? Hmmm. Any which way, congrats to her

    9. Congratulations dear!God will continue to show his awesome wonder in your family. 😍😍😍

    10. Eeyah anon, whoever u are, God will also give u a reason to rejoice. Now let me rejoice with my poverty mindset in peace

    11. wow..... that's great news. God bless your mummy and every member of your family plus mine too

    12. Just to gloat a little cos I can read the underlying tones, she works as an accountant in one of the top auditing firms in Nigeria

      I hope u are happy now that you've allowed me expose her a little.

      For those that are genuinely happy for my family, I pray from my heart that God meets u at the point of ur needs

    13. You ppl should be going anon when you want to reveal such personal information about yourself.
      Just an advice.

    14. Ikwakwakwakwakwa. I love that your reply to the anony'mouse. Awon 'rich' bvs...
      Congratulations to your sister.

    15. Congrats to ur sister. Pls just ignore that anon. Don't let her kill ur joy.

    16. Loll, I made a simple statement.
      With no hidden meanings behind it.
      Pure hearts never assume negative in every statement they read.
      It's actually projection.
      Sad to see how quickly minds can be twisted.
      Again, like someone rightfully pointed out, it's none of my business.

    17. sharap anonymous. you are a wicked soul

    18. Congratulations to your sis.

  13. Get well soon Stella,airtel been fluctuating since 3days ago,God dey,happy birthday girl,more of it by God's grace,it is well with us all

  14. Meerry Xmas Stella, The Smelly Goat You refering to in Yoruba is Called Obuko if am correct. Kai that goat can smell for Africa. Funny to watch when its trying to woe a Ewe.

    1. Some people have it as personal body odour. Terribly nauseating.

    2. '.. trying to woo an ewe'

      English is hard, ekpele sir

    3. Understooded English Master without work.

  15. Merry Christmas everyone
    Sorry bout your flu stella. Use hot water and robb.
    Happy birthday to the celebrant.
    This hot yam and red oil with palmy I am doing justice to eehn.

  16. Merry Christmas to you all.
    In celebrations, we try not to outshine the celebrant(s); Christmas is about Jesus Christ. Don't outshine Him, don't steal His show. Make Him an integral part of your Merriment.
    For Christ is d reason for the season.
    Love you all.

  17. I don't even have that kind of friend that can read my face and know what's up with me. Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you are enjoying all your rice and chicken and turkey and etc

  18. An anonymous angel bless me with me with 10k this morning. I pray God will bless you my santa

  19. Mr loyal
    Relax, and ask for your reward from God.
    It doesn't matter how it turned out. God will reward u in His own way and time.
    But wen an opportunity presents itself, still remain loyal.
    Hope u read DAT story of the typist in an institution, who d VP Osibanjo talked about? Let it be your comfort.

  20. Merry Christmas everyone
    Stella,wish you quick recovery

  21. #That awkward moment when they wish you Merry Christmas and not happy birthday 😁

  22. Hmmmmm. Wrong spouse/marriage kpalaba.
    If only ladies will learn to be patient and not desperate.
    Just DAT u won't understand until you are wearing the shoes.
    No matter wat is said, u are checking ur mates and ur age and ur juniors,all in their husbands houses.
    God help us ooooo. To know when to walk away and d strength to walk away, damning it all.

  23. Helloo bvs,
    May your heart and home be filled with all of the joys the festive season brings. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  24. I ate pounded yam and egusi soup. Nothing else jor. Going back to sleep

  25. Where was it proven that women have one-track minds?
    Yea.That was all I got from that article.

    I am also a very loyal person(sometimes even blindly loyal). Friends say I stick like a burr. I can be annoyingly hard to shake off. I have never checked to see though if my loyalty has gained me anything or not. It is simply what I am.
    So dear who-loyalty-epp poster, is your loyalty an intrinsic value borne out of the high moral standards you possess or is it something you are because it could 'epp' you?If the former is the case,please be you without counting the losses or gains that would accrue from being yourself especially with the full knowledge that it is impossible for you to be some -one/thing else.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    I feel such unparalleled joy today.

  26. Merry Christmas my lovely SDK yard pple..maami Stella a very merry Christmas to u and urs.A bigger u I pray in 2018
    God bless my Santa who gave me 50k yesterday.. SSS God bless u more and replenish in million folds.

  27. Boring and lonely Christmas for me.
    Guess I will have to stay online all day.

  28. I had given up hope, partly blamed myself for dropping my details under the Santa post knowing fully well that I'm hardly fortunate when it comes to receiving gifts, told myself I'm maybe not good enough to receive an Angels touch. But guess what guys.... I received a Sunday message that lifted my spirit. infact I was at my place of worship and we were about to sing when my message tone beeped, the content of the message made me sing louder than I'd normally do (in this era what text message is sweeter than "I saw your request on sdk, send me your account details?")
    My Angel, Mrs O.E for putting this huge smile on my families face God will embarrass you with showers of blessing, you will never lack, when you call on one a thousand shall answer, what you extended to me will be given back to you in billion folds. Your heart desires whether big or small will be granted by Jehovah. Thank you soooo much ma for giving a complete stranger part of your hard earned cash.
    Thanks Stella for this wonderful platform, the spirit of the Lord that lives in you will forever make you and your household dance like David danced.

    I'll be buying small rice from the cash, I can afford to give one paint rubber out of it to one BV. Pick up will be in Mowe, Ogun State if you live close by and will be early next year as I won't be around till then. E-mail

  29. Merry Christmas Stella

  30. Merry Christmas everyone

  31. I'm grateful Lord for another Christmas. May your name be glorified. I'm grateful to sdk and her blog, I'm grateful to blog visitors especiallly my santa from abroad Mr C.O, he blessed me with 10k. I and my child are very grateful, the food seller I was owing 3k, I have paid her and I can now walk past her shop in peace.
    Sir, I tried to call you several times but it was not connecting, may God bless you in hundred folds. Merry Christmas all.

  32. Stella so sorry abt ur flu..get well soon our landlady for SDK yard.
    Eka joy my love for u tripled after reading ur comment abt ur family yesterday. And now see me feeling like part of ur family after reading ur comment up there.See eeh God sees our hearts and bless us accordingly. This is d beginning of better days for ur family.write it somewhere ur mama go travel obodo Oyibo for omugwo someday.

  33. I was, busy in the kitchen since morning. I just managed to drop that comment on SP this morning.
    I just finished munching fried rice, chicken and salad. It's been years I cooked fried rice. So I had to consult one post like that in one Facebook group that I belong. I followed the steps and my fried rice came out very delicious, more delicious than the ones I ate this year. The vegetables(carrots, green pepper, green beans, sweet corns and the rest) were plenty. Not like the scanty ones I do see in some fried rice. My visitors gave me 98%.


    In other news, I look so sweet. Thinking of sending in my face for in house news tomorrow. Let me go and snap the face.


    Merry Christmas o everybody. God will bless all of us.

    Stella sorry for your cold abi na flu, use Aboniki, e be like say e no dey for that side, look for any hot balm, rub am for your nose and forehead, the flu go disappear, fiam!

    *runs away****

  34. Happy belated birthday Bolanle.

    Stella sorry about ur flu. Get well soon.

    Merry Christmas to u all my lovely bvs and stella.

  35. Congratulations to your family Eka Joy.Such a heartwarming story.

  36. Merry Christmas bvs, may our celebration not end today. Celebration galore all through the coming years!

    Stella sorry about the flu, wish you quick recovery. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  37. Merry Christmas to everyone!...

    Happy Birthday girlie!

    Stella, take a lot of oranges and/or drink warm water with ginger and lemon juice. Please get well soon...

  38. Happy birthday to the celebrant up there.
    Dear Stella, you'll be fine.

    Merry Christmas people.
    Been lying down all day.
    Reading some E-books and scrolling through my phone.

    One good thing about Jalingo is 24hrs supply of electricity.
    I'm enjoying it sha.

    Hope y'all having a great celebration.

    Merry Christmas once again.
    Any bv in Taraba state????
    Holler at ur girl.
    Santa, remember me please.

  39. Missed d Santa post #teary eye#

  40. Merry XMAS to everyone ina here!


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