Stella Dimoko News From Camp -Commandant Decamped!


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Saturday, December 02, 2017

News From Camp -Commandant Decamped!


Last night we were to have drama/dance in the hall by 8pm to 10:30pm.

When it was 8pm, the event started, some were inside, some were outside the hall, while some were in the mami market.

Around 9pm, half way to the program, some soldiers went to the mami market to chase out corpers.
Some were coming from church program also. (Normally everyone should be in the hall or around the premises of the hall for the program holding there)

So those corpers were punished, some to squat, some frog jumps. As they were serving the punishment, the camp commandant came out to supervise.

The soldiers now told the corpers to go, but the commandant felt that it wasn't enough, so he asked them to continue, not only that, he asked them to crawl on their knees.

For over 50minutes, the commandant was still instructing them to do this do that.. Some corpers were already shouting and demonstrating, then one of those he was punishing stood up to him to tell him he can't continue.

That was were the problem started ooo..
The commandant slapped the guy, and they started exchanging blows. Then corpers started protesting, throwing chairs and sachet water that they should release the corpers.

Solders started shouting that we should move back, from there, everywhere scattered. Some rushed into the hall, some were outside.. When the soldiers saw that it was getting out of hand, they took their commandant into a car and drove him off the camp becos Corpers were ready to beat that man.

Now the reason why the corpers hate the commandant so much:

He punishes to the extreme. Like imagine the worst punishment a soldier can give to a civilian.

Yesterday the man asked 3 girls to wave, clap and smile as he was walking. That one happened for my korokoro eyes. Those girls did that for 5hours, even more.

Another incident, a girl was vomiting while serving punishment, the commandant's soldiers were even begging the man to release the girl, that she's not feeling alright. The man refused oooo.

Even last night's punishment, some grown up men were crying.
Some fainted too... 

There was another time he asked a guy to salute his car for 3hours.
If you pass the commandant's house and he is outside, he must find something faulty in you.

These injustice were already registered in various minds. Last night brought out the venom in everyone.

After the whole thing, the soldiers retreated, surrounded the commandant's house. Corpers stood in front of the OBS hall, demonstrating and protesting.

Then the state coordinator came out to address us. He spoke to us gently, then he said, "we know you have been treated unjustly, we know you have been maltreated through rigorous punishments, please we plead with you to take it easy" then he said, " THE CAMP COMMANDANT HAS BEEN DECAMPED".

Everyone went to their hostels happy.


*Woe nice one.his method of doing things was negatively extreme.


  1. Good for him then! Crazy people

  2. For real? Thats a first. I've never heard of a decamped commandant before.
    Good for him. He was just intoxicated by power.

  3. Bv ola wealth I'm in Kano if u wanna holla at me. I'm a serving corp member alsoπŸ‘―

    1. Please your email.... You can get mine by clicking on my moniker

    2. All those rubbish soldiers from bukavu barrack. you guy tried standing up for yourselves.

  4. Nawa o! They would have allowed d corpers beat craze comot for him body nau.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‘

  5. Na wa ooooo, which kain wahala be this??

    My own Camp is peaceful, the only wahala is the stress of drills, you go match tire and also how dirty some girls can be in the hostels........ The soldiers are really nice, our commandant is nice and cute, my platoon inspectors MI even sabi halla, Na just play play Yabs!!!

  6. #Sometimes the right person for you was there all along. You just didn't see it because the wrong one was blocking the sight*

  7. Heartless man,y will he be treatn dem like a criminal,gud riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. This commandant's own is too much...
    He is so young..

    There was an incidence that occurred, a roommate of mine was coming from the clinic (A doctor), he met the man punishing some ladies for not putting on their nysc caps, he was actually not with his own.

    The man called him and asked where he left his cap, the doctor said, "in the clinic". So the guy pleaded with him that he won't do that again.. Then the commandant said, "EVEN IF IT IS JESUS THAT WASNT WITH HIS CAP, HE WOULD PUNISH HIM"
    So you can imagine how far that power has made him invincible.
    And God decided to embarrass him.
    Remember also those he was punishing yesterday, some were coming from the church..
    But e no hear word...
    Well he got what he deserved..

    Nobody mocks God's name and go freely.

    1. That statement was his greatest undoing. Which state are you serving Ola?

    2. Imagine fa! They would have allowed you people to make him soft a little. I detest people that are unnecessarily wicket wallahi.

    3. Common camp commandant is turning his head like this.
      Na wa oo.

  9. The same thing happened when I served in Bauchi just that in my case captain Bala was not decamped, the state coordinator had to intervene and the soldiers gave us our way.
    The punishments were outta this world and the one that broke the camel's back was when he asked us to stay under Bauchi hot sun for over 3hrs,corpers were fainting the man no care o,
    The guys had to protest and soldiers wanted to shoot corpers,hmm camp scatter that day.
    The guys were not even afraid,in fact,they all matched to the captain's house and told him he must shoot them o lol,afraid catch the man.
    So happy I was redeployed after 3months,life in Bauchi was hell menh.

  10. Wow. Reading this story, I just realized we were really treated like ajebors in kubwa camp Abuja. It was almost like they were afraid of stepping on the wrong foot. Nice one Ola.

    1. THEY won’t dare Mess with Lagos or Abuja corpers, especially Abuja corpers. Na those places big man Pikin full, them senator, minister, commissioner children and other top shots lol.

    2. Lol honestly. In abuja camp they treated us like egg. If the soilder come and chase for anything, some people will not stand up and they couldn't say anything.
      Rumors was that the set before us, a soilder beat one guy who turned out to be a minister's son, the soilder was sent to sambisa that week.

    3. Hahahahahhahahahahah Kikikikiki Kikikikiki that serves him right Shey he wan show himself make I'm go sambisa as a solider he is nah.

  11. Don't mind these soldiers, in my camp in gombe we didn't have problems with them though. But one girl slapped a female soldier, she was a former governor's daughter though. No protest, the girl however went home. She wasn't decamped. #malamsidi2014batchAkwapa

    1. Lulehe how was gombe?where was your ppa,mine was malam sidi 2009 and I served at solace chambers, sabon layi in gombe metropolis. I enjoyed gombe no be small.

  12. The one in Benue state, his own undoing us coming.

  13. Soldiers are afraid of Abuja corps members,lol! They don't know about your connections,lol!


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