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Monday, December 25, 2017

Nigerian Celeb Christmas Photos

Some of your favourite celebs went thru so much stress to put you in the Christmas mood...It is an annual thing for some and some just joined....Nice!


  1. Junior Popes own looks very local..
    Debie Rise I have even forgotten you existed. .

    Anita Okoye why no make up. You look tired and worn out.

    Cossy. Cossy. Cossy. How many times did I call u? You nor dey big pass something? This trashy behavior should stop in 2017.

    Omoni your boys are giving me life. So handsome and tall. You try. Two tomtom for you.

    ...and my favorite lawani I raise Beyonce hands to you. Forget those that say your outfit is too short. looks good on you. Your legs are toned so you get a pass mark in showing them..ur little man is my man crush everyday.

    Merry Christmas ya'll

    1. Lol 😁,you have analysed every every. Where is tianah's daughter?, isn't she part of the family? This her son dey shark her sha.... Junior pope took this pix last year. O.k bye πŸ™‹

    2. I forgot to add,did Ruth do her makeup herself? She couldn't blend the concealer she used in highlighting her brows? Na wah oh

    3. So? You expected junior pope to look "foreign?" Isn't he a Naija boy?
      Are you sure you aren't the one that look fake with your bitterness this Christmas?

    4. Na ya type dey fake accent when you never cross seme border!

    5. Hahahahaha at Bianca Bruno About Anita Okoye some men would never post any picture the wife is glammed up...especially,those that hate makeup...
      This is the kind of thing my husband would do...
      Meanwhile,She look like a grandma in this picture.their twins are so adorable.
      One of the twins especially the boy look like the quiet type...

  2. Omoni Oboli is a blessed woman, see how grown her kids

    *Larry was here*

  3. That first pic, the lady succeeded in showing everything but her vagina.
    Is she celebrating Christmas or nudemas?

  4. Omoni oboli and family be giving me life. Her boys are so grown.

    Paul okonk and family are cute.

    Jrnpope and family are nice pic.

    Cossy is looking old. She shld stop exposing those two water melon. We are tired of seeing it.

  5. I wonder when Cossy will start acting her age. Abeg leave this nudity in 2017.

    Omoni Oboli, I love your family..

  6. How I love Paul okoye's twin babies πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  7. #When you’re willing to challenge your own ideas, creativity and versatility follow. When you’re stubborn or easily offended, closed-mindedness enslaves you*

  8. I always love the way jnrpope projects his family.

    Cossy is looking like a recently 'menopause' woman.

    Is that Paul Okoye's wife, is it my eyes or she is looking different? Anyway, it must be d omugwo stuff.

    Omoni and her family are cute for Christmas.

    Abeg I tire. Someone is calling me

  9. It seems they woke Anita up from sleep and told her to pose for pics.
    Omoni is blessed.
    Cossy leave this kind of pose for the younger ones because you don dey old.
    Taniahs son is cute for days.

  10. Awww... See Anita and motherhood. She looks good in my eyes abeg. This over-dependence on makeup is sick. Sometimes fresh clean skin will do.

  11. Cossy abi kosi i done tire to dey see old breasts I need to see fresh and younger breasts 2018 .

  12. Paul okoye's twin is all I see

    Cossy abeg arrange yaself small na

  13. Tiannah and her son look good
    Ms. Orjiakor, biko rest o
    The Obolis' look Ah-mazing
    The okoye twins 😍😍

  14. All the horrible comments about Anita's appearance...don't get it twisted, she has the natural look of a hands on mother of young twins. Abi you think we can all look like our other fellow Iya Ibeji BeyoncΓ© all the time.

    1. Don't mind them. Like they themselves fell from the sky.

    2. Don't just mind them, a woman whose house helps must have gone for Christmas then you expect her to look glam handling three kids? Let them wait to have theirs first

  15. Toyin lawani!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  16. .
    But it is the same 'freaking jobless advicer' who will credit your account when you litter the Santa Post like dandruff begging for rice,oil and transport money.
    And you will not reject the 'freaking jobless advicer's' money.

    I do believe some of you were brought up like animals.
    Very uncouth, very uncivilised.
    You pick up your phone and the very first thing is to spout obscenities at people you do not know.
    And usually here,it's females.
    Very crass,very crude,extremely primitive. People in the real world,you'd be scared to even employ as house helps.

    You've heard US and your temperature won't come down.


    Poverty mentality.


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