Stella Dimoko Nigerians Call For Scrapping of SARS #EndSARS


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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Nigerians Call For Scrapping of SARS #EndSARS

Nigerians on social media are calling on Police authorities to scrap the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known by the acronym SARS.

The call follows several incidents of brutality, abuse and harassment reported against men of the police department.

The Nigerian Police Force Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, PCRRU, had yesterday announced the opening of channels through which the public can report complaints about SARS.


  1. Replies
    1. SARS??? HAAAAAAA!!!

      You cant even look good and cross them ooo!
      you are even wearing a gold watch or Necklace;you are a fraudster/Yahoo-boy..

      You have a smartphone with you;you must log into your facebook and twitter for them to see who you are scamming(cos to them na Nigerians work)..

      You carry a laptop bag? Choi! You are completely finished..
      #150k is just your name for bailing after arrest..

      You ride a car and you are in your 20s? Lalala! The lord is your muscle as you explain how you got the car(even if you are working or its owned by your parents)..

      SARS?? Pray you dont meet them ooo..

      SARS that arrested someone cos he wore good designer perfume..hhmmm!!! Are you ok to smell good in Nigeria?? With all the poverty and hustle??

      You want to know the meaning of being completely finished?? Then have a picture or two of a celeb in your phone gallery..
      You are a thief and scammer and before you would even explain that you saved their pics to use as sample for a particular outfit(just like Ebuka's agbada) heavy thunderous slap would land on your face to render you speechless for three days..after that you bail yourself...

      Me i have said my own;the only SARS we need in Nigeria is SARS ON THE BEAT...


    2. I blame that old clown that's claiming to be fighting kworuption. I hate him and the NPF with unimaginable passion.

    3. Nice flow Martin's Aboy

    4. Hahaha hahaha hahaha Martins biko limme o😂😂

  2. Yesoo I support the dissolution, those people are the new criminals.

    heard the story of a guy that came out of a drinking bar and couldn't find his car, saw it weeks later been driven by a sars man, the sars thief didn't even change the plate no or car colour, such guts. He reported the matter to sars office, they gave him his car and transferred the thief to another state.

    One saw my younger brother while they were driving in their van and held his hand, looked at his wristwatch for sometime before leaving him. Stupid people.

    1. SARS that beat my mom for calling on her kids to live their buckets n run upstairs because they were raiding a nearby compound n were shooting, immediately my younger ones were upstairs n we locked the back came to the front see them inside parlor shouting n hitting mom to follow them, even the cry of my 4yrs old sister didn't stop them. Me n the twins were just shouting throwing stuffs at them. We no let street rest, till SARS brought back our mom in a better ride and gifts that evening lol, apparently they needed an elderly woman to help them smoke out some yahoo boys while we the kids were making everybody in the street call anybody they know to please make them bring back our mom. #Endsars the trauma was not it because we didn't discuss about it after that day

  3. #EndSARS
    I support!
    Miscreants in uniforms.
    Anti Robbery indeed.
    My brothers were victims.
    You dress are a thief!
    You carry are a yahoo boy.
    You dress are a weed smoker!
    You wear a guy, you are irresponsible, if a lady, you are a prostitute.
    You stole the car even when the car documents state that it is co-owner with a bank.
    Thank God for social media! Their end is here!

  4. I went to fix my nails sometime back. The lady in the next shop claimed her phone got stolen and ordered that nobody should leave the shop cos SARS will be coming to search us. Meanwhile she left someone in her shop while going out and the person left before her return. We suggested she call the person but she claimed the person was her bossom friend and cannot steal from her. Me I said lai lai I cant allow those thugs called SARS to come and malhandle me ooo. I stood up to leavee when they finished fixing my nails and she tried to stop. I warned her sternly not to try anything funny with me if she doesnt want to recieve correct beating from soldiers and started making fake phone calls. And I dont even know any ordinary civil defence not to talk of army. She got scared and freed me to go. I later heard the SARS came and searched the people there and even beatup the shop owner for trying to stop them. Last last the phone was found with her supposed bossom friend.

  5. They're just constituting a nuisance everywhere instead of doing their jobs

    I legit hate them cause of how they go about humiliating innocent citizens.

  6. #Endsars #Endsars #Endsars. I hate anything that has to do with wicked men in uniform.

  7. You guys joke too much.
    end SARS ko, end trumpet ni

  8. Harsh tagging it doesn’t solve the problem because this same officials will be reassigned to other arms of the police force. The sacked ones will encourage raiding and robbing of homes and travelers. A lasting solution should be put in place.

  9. I support this 100%. Two days ago they picked up my brother for looking good, beat him up blue and black, collected his atm card, forced him to reveal his pin number, and weren't satisfied with the amount in his account, they took his phone too. He cried and begged to call me, and i had to transfer money as it was on a friday and imagine been in the custody of these animals over the weekend, I have never heard my brother that afraid. They broke him. Luckily for him he went out with his old phone that had nothing in the gallery neither did it have any message. If he was with his main phone that had my photo and husband's photo, only God knows what they would have demanded. They wiped clean the money i sent and dropped him off in an unfamiliar street with no money as his wallet was also wiped clean. I was constantly on the phone with him as i even had anxiety attack. I just told him to take drop to my place and i will pay the taxi. I am just grateful to God that he came home in one piece. This happened in Abuja. No one is safe around SARS.

    1. So sorry that your brother went through such. Please report this case. You and your brother shouldn't let issue go like that

  10. If Sars can arrest my relative, a military official who had his I.D card on him and label him a criminal, what then do we expect them to do to us ordinary 'bloody civilians'?
    A woman from my town, Ifitedunu asked Sars officials from Awkuzu to come and punish her son for being stubborn and troublesome. They came and arrested him.
    Later on that same day the woman felt pity for her son and decided to go see him, probably negotiate his release. She got there and they couldn't produce the young man. She began causing a scene. They took her to the backyard and showed her her son. DEAD.
    Poor woman Has never been herself.
    I HATE Sars!


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