Stella Dimoko Protest Against Slave Trade In Libya...


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Monday, December 04, 2017

Protest Against Slave Trade In Libya...

A group of youths gathered at the unity fountain for a silent dramatic protest against slavery in Libya and to commemorate the United Nation International day for the Abolition of Slavery.

 The demonstration was directed towards the Libyan Government to abolish such act and bring to justice those involved, and also plead with the Nigerian Government to bring back over 400,000 Nigerians still in Libya. The convener of the Demonstration Mr. Bright Jaja, a very passionate and patriotic Nigerian said to the reporter- it is disheartening, sad and disgusting that at this time and age Slavery still exists. 

When I got an information earlier today that Nigerians are part of the slave masters, Selling their own brothers and sister for a piece of change, I was heartbroken, common where is the love, where is humanity. We must all rise against this, we must unite and demand that our brothers and sisters are brought back home, No One is Free until we are all free.

Some called them lazy and greedy for running away to find greener pastures and a better life abroad, but I call them brave and hard working. We are in a country that has abandoned and neglected its youths, they have been considered as statistics. They’ve struggle all their lives to survive and for survival people will go to the ends of the world. Tell me, if the system works will they leave? Have you ever seen an American run away to find a better life in Mexico? No! Sadly, it’s the other way round. Let’s look at it from this perspective, Nigeria as a country is blessed with energetic, talented, fearless, passionate and extremely intelligent young men and women, but like a coin it has two-sides. 

If these abilities are not properly utilized in the right way it will head to the wrong path. So the government has to play its role in putting a proper structure in place that will properly utilize the abilities of the young people to thrive and add value to the country, continent and the world at large. Today we’ve come out to creatively pass our message and we ask that everyone do the same until this insane act is totally eradicated. 


  1. Now I'm actually feeling for them

  2. anonymous to bahd4 December 2017 at 11:27

    I beseech the returnees to mention the names of the wickedly evil Nigerians selling fellow Nigerians in Libya!

    I plead with BVs, expose your family & friends who carry on slave trading by taking & using minors as house helps be they family members or strangers. Expose them all codedly! Blow that whistle! Blow it loud and clear and long till Abike hears in Abuja!

    You BVs who your house helps eat only left overs or sleep in the corridors or kitchen or bare floor or wear rags or sit at the back in church, God will judge you! The ones who turn a blind eye when your sons or hsubands or nephews or brothers molest your house girl, God will judge you!

    And you, evil BV, keeping that child as househelp, God will judge you! You parents giving out your children for same, God will judge you!

    That NNPC madam that locks up her house girl & travels abroad for weeks, you will see the wrath of God.

    And if you do all or any of the above AND have the guts to condemn what's happening in Libya, haaaa, ara lo ma san pa e!

    Stella, spam and I aren't friends, release and let it go forth! 😠😎

    1. Well said, you forgot the ones that give their house helps salary to agents that introduced the house help to them. Some people are wicked sha.

  3. This is so heart breaking
    Street go say ''who no go no know''
    i feel so sorry for those who were involved

  4. Wonders of the century. I am so ashamed to know, hear and see this on CNN. Africans selling their fellow citizens. The entire world needs to rise up against this modern day slavery. Nigerian youths please l beg you all in the name of our Lord stop putting your lives at risk. The path to Europe is no longer guaranteed. It will be better to be alive and drink garri in Nigeria than take a risk for the unknown in the quest to reach Europe.

  5. These ones are just modeling.
    The real slaves are still over there in those God forsaken camps.

  6. Heavenly Father please help change the heart of man.

  7. This is heart breaking
    I am feeling for them

    Which way Nigeria

    Father God,please intervene

  8. I for talk weda nah the real slave be this ooo,becoz they are so big and fresh.


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