Stella Dimoko Regina Askia William Visits Nursing Council Of Nigeria As Part of Regina@50 Activities


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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Regina Askia William Visits Nursing Council Of Nigeria As Part of Regina@50 Activities

As part of activities to mark her 50th Birthday,former Beauty queen Regina Askia Williams who is a registered Nurse in America,visited the nursing council of Nigeria with her Daughter Tessa...

The actress also had a party yesterday in Abuja to mark her 50th...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes oh.
      She has done well for herself and for humanity.
      I hope she organises serminars for her block head COLLEAGUES IN NIGERIA.

    2. Arindin aye ohun orun ni e. You unblocked head, what has your life amounted to?

    3. Block head you call nurses Abi but you've forgotten that those nurses you call block head attended to your mother when she was pregnant and when she delivered you. People should learn to appreciate efforts and not castigate. It takes a block head to know one

  2. All these hype because she is "registered nurse in America?" How many registered nurse in Nigeria do they acknowledge? Nigerians and foreign things. The kind of insults nurses receive in Nigeria can be used to sew trouser.

    1. You are an idiot!
      Blood hater.
      Why dont go and get registered if its very simple!

      Nurses in nigeria deserve insults plus beatings!!
      Nurses in nigeria are bloody idiots from the pit of hell.

      Until they become civil and humanly like their american counterparts, insults will continue to fall on them.
      Annoymous 12.02, if you are a nurse in nigeria...ukwa(breadfruit) fall on u.

      Stella post my comment...

    2. Now I understand why my friend told me that if a snake and an Mbaise woman enter her house, she will give the snake food and pick her pestle and pursue the Mbaise woman; phiew! All these from a woman's heart/mouth to an unseen stranger?

    3. So you've been to America to see how civil the American nurses are?

    4. Anon13:41, your own go better, leave the shallow minded, myopic brained fool alone. Bush, gutter person wey wan relate. I'm sure non of your family member fit try reach Nurse level. Stereotypical fool. Mbaise ko, igbotic fool ni.

    5. @mbaise woman, I don't really comment here but I need to do this. You said nurses in Nigeria are block head, idiots , deserves beating, and .... Dear , when you want to talk about the block head nurses in your family, do not bring it here. Carry it to your family meeting and involve your family head. Mtchew, your wish from Santa should be that your mind should be fixed

  3. Wow...Change is constant indeed.
    An ex beauty queen,An ex actress nowa nurse.

    I remember her 20 years ago,she was one of the best in the movoe industry.
    I loved her in highway to the grave by helen ukpabia.

    And she is a sucess story as a registered nurse in the states .
    I Love her...

    Congratulations Regina.

    Pls hold serminars and teach your colleagues in nigeria the ethics (tgey need it more than the need air)of Nursing profession ,their unprofessionalism can make peruvian hair turn to dada.

    I dislike most nigerian nurses, they are VERY WICKED!

  4. RANTINGS of a frustrated nigerian nurse!
    You earn respect!! When you do, you will be decorated with one!

    We love foreign things because the have QUALITY!

    Most nigerian nurses are VERY WICKED! ANNOY 12.02,SHOW YOUR EVIL COLLEAGUES my Comments.

  5. Haters don't come and hate on this beautiful lady mbok

    Because when you were supposed to go to school, you were busy sleeping with men and also fonting to be an actress... .so called married woman with a bleached horseband that was busy sleeping with a particular Govenor in the north..

    I know once you see a post of @Regina, you loose your peace and start going all over blogs typing rubbish about @Regina

    I know you, so shut up


  6. She doesn't look her age one bit. ..

  7. Thank u Stella for posting my comment.

    1. I'm sure you had hemispherectomy done recently. Your bile must have risen to your mouth by now.

  8. Congratulations Regina Askia aka full Moon

  9. At least, she travelled abroad, improved herself and is not forgetting where she came from. She is looking to improve her country. Una siddon there, na so e deu start. Soon she go be.Ambassador or Commisioner or diplomat. Expres your talent amd watch opportunities open up
    Carry go Regina!!!!Nothing
    Just add prayer join cos bad belle many!!!!

    1. Stella Regina actually went to nmcn to renew her license of practice cos she want to float an old people's home & nursing home in Nigeria, she didn't go on courtesy visit like you presume, Nigerian train nurses are still one of the best in the world, for Adambaise calling nurses block head, well it simply show you go to quack hospitals or you don't adhere to medical advise when given, or you enrolled in nursing school & failed ur PTS exams & thrown out as the olodo you are, since then your pain know no bounds, Nursing is still & will always be a noble profession,

  10. How time flies

    I remember when Reginas gist used to reign, with the likes of nike oshinowo, dolly unachuckwu, Eucharia, liz benson and co. They were the toke makinwa, tonto and caroline hutchings of those days. Their gist will lights serious gbeborun fire.

    now everywhere is as cool as ice

    It just goes to show that no matter how the media air your laundry, don't be upset, it will all blow over. Toksterr probably knows this


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