Stella Dimoko Sadiq Daba Gives Health Update - Says His Nigerian Medical Report Was False


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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sadiq Daba Gives Health Update - Says His Nigerian Medical Report Was False

The Nigerian, Veteran broadcaster, Sadiq Daba who left Nigeria on the ground of his ill health gave his health update in a chat with Azuka Jebose, a US-based Nigerian journalist.

According to him, he said contrary to the reports by Nigerian doctors that the disease had spread to other organs, his Leukemia is currently in remission while the prostrate cancer is not spreading and will soon be returning to Nigeria.

Azuka posted this on Facebook 

Nigerian Doctors oooooooooooooooooooooh 


  1. Replies
    1. He will start to heal now as he has had the good news. What kills one faster is not the illness, it’s the name given to the sickness.

    2. You're wrong anon. Not the name of the sickness because the name is the sickness, but the anxiety that comes with it

    3. Na so dem treat me for typhoid tay for Naija, I no well o, I got to UK and straight to the GP, went for blood test, GP said there is no traces of typhoid in my blood, just iron deficiency. I was placed on ferrous sulfate for two weeks and all symptoms went off. Naija ummm.

    4. Thats how they killed my mum, and i really decided i wont be going to Nigeria after i went there for the burial.
      My reason for going to Nigeria was killed by stupid Doctors few years ago.

  2. Can you just imagine
    SMH for Nigerian Doctors
    They would have killed one ever before death come knocking.

  3. Thank God for him but naija doctors can kill before treatment o. Africa magic.

  4. Na wa. Nigerian Drs.
    Some of them are so daft and unprofessional in their relationship with patients.
    My son while playing ball outside the house early this year fell and hit one side of his jaw on the floor. The jaw got swollen of course I rushed to the hospital.
    After normal clerking he was admitted. The first person that came to his bedside didn't even open his case note to read anything oo, the next thing he said could this be Buckitt Lymphoma (Buckitt Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects mostly children) . Immediately I heard that I told him you are very stupid. I insulted him and told him to get away from my son's bed.

    1. God forbid! You would have told him it's his child that has cancer, that's how one doc told me I had endometrosis when I was ttc, I went home disturbed only to come back the next and he said it was something else. I just changed hospital immediately

    2. 🤣🤣😂🤣😂
      This cracked me. They want to come and give him a sickness he didn't have. A lot of them are unprofessional and know nothing

  5. Thank God for his life ,we pray full recovery.

  6. Oga reconfirm o. Cus Dora Akunyili case was first detected by Nigerian doctors but American doctors said it didn’t exist by the time the American doctors re-detected it had eaten deep into her.

    You are healed by his stripes

    1. It's not even about that. Let's not give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. I hope he is truly healed but on good authority, Sadiq is just a good actor if you get what I mean.

    2. My thoughts exactly @Ijora, he should go for a second or third opinion if he can afford it.
      May his healing be permanent.

      Some of our doctors are trying, giving the circumstances. But they still need to up their game in other to meet up with their international counterparts. The internet is a bridge, they can liaise with other doctors abroad in order to keep abreast.

    3. when you read and comprehend you will understand he is talking about diagnosis and the level and not about healing.

  7. Let him say whatever he likes, Nigerian doctors are still among the best rated in the world.

    I guess he was been attended to by a quack before now.


    1. That will Nigerian doctors in the diaspora. The failed system have a way of messing with the ones here, turns them into Dundee. Their first prognosis is always typhoid and malaria

  8. Nigerian doctors will be like "ole ife onako".

  9. God has shown me the day I agree with you on something.

    1. This was in reply to Don.

  10. Nigerian doctors are trying abeg and are rated so high internationally so let him not spoil their name.

    I wish him speedy recovery.

  11. I was once treated for typhoid fever which I didn't have. the treatment was more deadly than the illness cos I was being treated for nothing, my stomach started protruding and I couldn't weight bear meaning I slumped when I get up. one day I decided I was not taking the capsule and the next day my strength started coming back.
    Sometimes, just to make money the doctors call some horrible names of sickness and make you panic.
    Most Nigerian doctors don't remember their oath but how to make money.

  12. Hiaaaan! Nigerian Doctors arent all bad oh. Make we sofry dey abuse. Oga Sadiq please can you try elsewhere to ascertain?

    Make una no vex. But there was something Nigerian Doctors told me i had. UK doctors said they didnt see. I was even beginning to feel like i was bothering them. Almost 5 doctors, nothing. The thing doesnt disturb, cos most people who have sef dont bother. So i let it be.
    Okay. US doctors now saw it and advised me properly on how to manage it. So, it turns out the UK doctors werent entirely correct.
    Lawyers, Can i sue? I dey find money ooh. This is over a 4-year period.

    1. I will be your rep here. Sometimes these UK doctors too can kill. I've been hobbling on one leg. I had a sprain years ago and now the pain is back in full force cos leg was not managed properly. my go printed exercise instead of referring me. if I go on benefit now they will listen better.

    2. Bless you! No post is complete without your own version, usually personal or related experience. Carry go!

    3. Side effects of anal sex. Be lying to yourself don't go and treat that hemorrhoid before it spread to your kidneys.

    4. Anon 12:10 you dont mean it??!! Please what have you done about it?

      @Anon 13:21 If the women that raised you were hoes please dont carry that impression around. Its bad for your mental health. See how stupid you sound already.

      @Anon 12:13 Yes oh! Always here to brag so you can loose sleep my dear 😎 E easy to pay foreign hospital bills? Not for the faint-hearted. Oya take green tea ☕

  13. That was how 1 Dr told my sis that her baby has ear and throat infection and she was so worried and went for second check up and there was my question is how do this Dr pass their exams,if we continue like this Nigerian hospitals will be death trap.

  14. Awwwwwwww!
    Glory to God for His Grace, may his healing be permanent 🙏

  15. That is why the health care system in Nigeria is intimidated by foreign trained doctors....except in diseases prevalent in Africa (e.g malaria treatment
    Seriously speaking, there are quack doctors all around the world. God is the ultimate healer.

  16. That was how Gani Fanwehimi was misdiagnosed by a Nigerian hospital. By the time he got a second opinion in the UK, it was too late.


    1. Proudly Anonymous17 December 2017 at 20:52

      We are only reaping the fruits of corruption.
      So many people have no business being in the universities.
      Many are victims of wrong foundation as a result of being taught by so many "Kaduna teachers".
      Once you miss it at the elementary levels, forget it.
      Universities don't exist to fix dullards rather they are places meant to mould and shape one's outlook to life.

  17. He should confirm from other doctors before concluding. That was same way Dora Akunyili was insulting Nigerian doctors but later died of same disease the Uk doctors told her she didn't have. I wish him quick recovery.

  18. I can't repose confidence on our medical doctors anymore
    Have lost respect for them.

    It's sad though..

    Little wonder everybody is going extra mile just to birth their kids abroad.

    Simple and accurate diagnosis they can't, you make the man look old overnight due to thinking

    Shame on our doctors

    Thank God for your quick healing uncle Sadiq. God will perfect what He alone has started.

  19. Our medical system is in shambles
    Just like in my state Akwaibom, the only hope we could have had was the hospital former gov now Senator Akpabio built during his tenure, that was ranked the best hospital in Nigeria becos of the high standard of foreign doctors that was brought to manage the hospital.

    But in less than 3yrs, that hospital is a ghost on its own. The hospital is under lock as I speak, all activities has been grounded due to the inefficiency of the present Gov Udom Emmanuel to manage and inject funds to the hospital.

    All the foreign doctors terminated their appointments and left, hospital that was ranked the best on Nigeria, hospital that was a pride to the people of Akwaibom state and south south oooo.

    Isn't this shameful???

    You need to see the equipment in there.
    The funny part is, absolutely nothing has been said by the Health minister, sometimes I'm wondering, is it that he is not aware of this ugly development??



    1. Oh so you are from Akwaibom?
      Ufan abadie??.
      You are correct. That place is a shadow of its own, and I heard that place was formally Nigerian Prison before Sen Akpabio removed it from there. That was a man with vision in Akwaibom state.

  20. Okay, since everyone is sharing their stories, make I join.
    That was how I had catarrh and headache o, I went to my GP in London and she said I didn't need nose drops, that I should use Ibuprofen from time to time.
    Hmmm, after 5 days my ears were blocked completely, my head was aching badly and I was wailing like a baby. I had to go the hospital cause it was a Sunday morning. The doctor peeped into my ears and said I had ear wax and placed me on antibiotics.
    After 3 days, I was not getting better.
    Omo, I flew to Germany by Thursday to see an ENT specialist. The doctor said, the mistake my UK GP did was not giving me a nose drop to clear my sinuses, hence liquid moved from my nose to behind the ear drum and caused the blockage and the throbbing.
    Well, he said the antibiotics I was taking was the right one and that my blocked ears would clear out by exactly 2 weeks.
    He gave me Nasic nose drops to help with air pressure which had made my ears worse cos of the flying. He also gave me olive oil to help melt the ear wax. He also recommended using Nasic nose drops before boarding to help protect the ears from air pressure.
    Hmmm exactly 2 weeks after I saw the specialist, the throbbing disappeared.
    Sometimes, just sometimes I believe Germans especially their doctors and scientists are super-humans. I have utmost respect for them.
    I hope bvs learn from this sha!
    I always believe in seeking a second opinion.
    Sadiq, I advise you to do the same.

    1. Gbam! @ your last sentence. He should seek second opinion now that he has some money. I won't celebrate yet.

  21. Uk that didn't see my malaria parasite. I was as sick as a dog my whole holiday. I don't blame them they aint use to the disease so perhaps they couldn't read the rest. They had to run malaria test when I told them arrived from naija a week before.
    Got treated for malaria when I got back and 2nd day I was better.
    Since then my whole family travels with antimalaria and all manner of drugs.
    Nowhere doc's can't make error.
    Is this doc sure his cancer isn't in remission cos of treatment he already got here.
    Sure iv also experienced gross misconduct of docs here in Nigeria. Will still take U.K. doctors above them. But i will go private.NHS docs sef and the time you wait is smthn i cant stand. But this man still needs a 3rd opinion.


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