Stella Dimoko SDK Blog Series/ Meet The In Laws..Story 5


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Friday, December 08, 2017

SDK Blog Series/ Meet The In Laws..Story 5

I cannot believe I am actually typing this! LOL

Good day Madam Korkus, Your blog is refreshing. I have been a BV for years but I rarely, I have commented twice or thrice though.

I have lots of family and friends on this blog so I will change some things about my self without changing the story. Una gree? Well if you no gree, stop reading.

I met my Heaven sent some years back but I was not interested. I had another person in my life that I loved. He was from a different tribe, we were close, really good friends even till now. It was a relationship that we both thought was leading somewhere. No unnecessary fights or drama, we were cool like that.

Anyways, I met two out of his four siblings and it was an 'Okay experience'. I am a lovable person, very good with people and impressing my supposedly would be in laws was not a biggie or so I imagined.

His brother was easy to flow with, we spoke freely, joked around and he liked me. it was easy. However, his sister had some resistance. I am Pentecostal and they were Catholics, his sister felt I was going to change her brother, she was very defensive with me and bla bla bla. I loved her anyways. I still had not met his parents.

One day, he called me and said his father was in town, I quickly dashed to the home he shared with his sibling and I saw a very big man sitting on the chair. I knelt down immediately as a yoruba girl and the man froze. Whaaat! He starred at me for about 7 seconds and then I stood up na abi will I continue kneeling when I am not under punishment. I sat down for about ten minutes, I was so uncomfortable. The man hardly spoke to me and I said I was leaving, he obviously did not like me for reasons known to him.

I later asked the bobo what his dada said. I gave him the "dont dare lie to me look". Well, he said his dada asked if I was Yoruba and he should be careful. Iranu. I started having some thoughts.

My parents too were skeptical but I told them he was my choice and they gave their blessing. Few Months later, I broke up with him. Yes I did. You see, I love my peace and sanity, we were both in love but mehn, its not just the man you end up marrying, you marry his whole family, I couldn't deal with their unnecessary pettiness on some trivial issues like tribe, religion and all. They were so shallow in their thinking. This is the 21st century man, common!

He came back begging but it was late, I had moved on.

Now to man I call my Miracle,

He had met my parents and they liked him as far as I was happy. It was time to meet the in laws.. He already told his parents I was coming and they were ecstatic. Their last son was finally bringing home his wife. Mind you, they are not Yoruba o. His mum had gone to the market, cooked all sorts for me. I felt so blessed and special. I met his dad cooking for me and told him to leave it so I can finish up, he said no. I was overfed and over pampered. His dad and mum actually cooked for me. My goodness! I gave them the things I bought for them too.

We all fell in love with each other. It was simply amazing. All his siblings were married so I spoke with some of them, visited some and skyped with some. hahaha. I am not a difficult person o so I flowed well with all of them. Its been some good years of marriage and I am grateful for the kind of family I ended up in. There is laughter, love, peace and friendship. If you are reading this, say a little prayer for us, we want babies o. #okbye.


  1. Awwwww i love your story and I could feel your excitement from reading your story.
    From your lips to God's ears. You and your husband shall be fruitful.

    1. I pray that God will visit you this month with a child and make you happy like he did to me

  2. God bless your home. Baby dust to you.

  3. I love your story. God bless your marriage and family. Don't fret at all. God's got you and you shall testify sooner than expected.
    I'd soon be meeting my in laws and the thought alone makes me jittery cos he's the first son. Hmmmm

  4. Thank God you got the right guy and lovely in laws. baby dust on you dear

  5. God bless your Inlaws, home and fill your home with adorable kids.. Amen

  6. You write so well! Babies you shall have in Jesus name, Amen.

  7. Lovely story.
    God bless your home with goodies.
    Baby dust to you.

  8. twins fall in your womb today. dont worry baby, santa is coming for you with some baby dust. nice one

    *hangs leg on the wall*

  9. God bless your marriage and fill your home with lovely kids!

  10. Your bosom shall overflow with babies

  11. Receive your twins in Jesus name. I love you already

  12. Lovely meet. May God fill ur home with children. Amen.

  13. Poster from your mouth to God's ears. In this season he will cause your joy to abound. Receive your babies now in Jesus name.

  14. God will bless your marriage with fruitfulness in Jesus name


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