Stella Dimoko Soliloquy Of A Runs Girl - Am I Really A Runs Girl?- Part 2


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Friday, December 01, 2017

Soliloquy Of A Runs Girl - Am I Really A Runs Girl?- Part 2

Oh Dear Fola fell hook,line and stinker!!!
This story is continued from HERE

Enkay and I were on the bottle of champagne I got from Chief's suite, when I gisted her what happened the other day.

'Babe you try oh! If na me I for tear am
better slap. Which kind market spoiling??!'

Lol. I blame her? Enkay used to stand infront of Hilton in her younger days, as young as 16. The only language she understands is aggression. She's currently responsible for her 5 siblings (3 are graduates) after the death of her father - a policeman who died while serving his 'great' country.

As she was still talking, Christy came in with a huge smile. She thought my invitation meant the 50m had arrived. Only for enkay and I to fill her in on what Fola did. She lit her cigarette, looked at me and said - "Simple! Fola needs to be taxed!" So we hatched a plan. When we were done, she showed us the keys to her brand new Hyundai SUV, saying: "Sorry girl! I thought we would be sharing good news but as it is, I'm the one celebrating". We decided to go for ladies night at some lounge, just to celebrate. It was a Wednesday.

On our way out, my gateman told me Fola had been at the gate thrice, asking for my digits. He didn't let him in and that's John for you. He won't let anyone in if I don't inform him (Of course i tip him often ). So I asked him to give Fola my number. I had barely reached the venue when I saw 5 missed calls from an unknown number on my silenced phone. I called back and it was Fola. Wow! What a scapegoat for the night. 

"Hey baby! I've been looking for you all day. John didn't let me in"
I started by telling him how he upset me yesterday, what does he take me for etc.
"Baby please Calm down. Where are you? We need to talk"
I told him and he said he will would join us. He eventually came and we definitely popped some bottles on him, paid back with lap dances. It was a fun night and our clothes stayed on, so don't judge us just yet. Lol. We even raised his dry reputation. 3 hot girls, na beans?

Fola and I are neighbours, so its only normal for us to go home together. We bade goodbye to the girls and on the way home, he got all feely. I played along this time and asked him why he couldnt just say what he wanted. I told him I was open to as many options as he was and frankly if he was a 'nice guy' we would get along. By the time we were at my gate I jumped out and promised to continue the next day.

The next day I woke up with a hangover and 15 missed calls from Fola. WhatsApp texts of how he's been thinking of my hot ass all night and he's gonna pay for a hotel tonight. Me I called him back oh, crying that my mum, aunt and my two brothers had a motor accident and have been rushed to the hospital. Told him everyone else died, they are the only survivors and the car is a write-off. I needed money for operations before they amputate some limbs. I also needed money for blood transfusions and oxygen. I made it look very critical and stated it as the reason I haven't picked all day. I told him I was stranded and had sent the 500k I had and was still short. 

"How much?" He asked. 

"I received a 2m bill Fola, but anything you have will be fine"
He immediately asked for my account details and I got an alert for 1m.
I quickly sent mum the 100k I promised her to repair the leaking roof in that our dear old house, sent my brothers 100k for their house rent in school, sent aunty Jane the promised 25k for her petty trading stock. Moved 500k to my savings account and gave that my naughty sister 30k as pocket money. And booked appointment for full body wax. See, looking good is serious in this business and I don't play.

I appreciated Fola and told him I was travelling to Ibadan immediately, as I need to be with my family at this time. I felt that would give me some time to get him off my back while I keep calling and asking for more money for this and that. And it worked...... Or did it? Lol

Well, Fola is just a mumu man and them plenty. Popping champagne to feel like.a boss in club, when he has only one AC in his house. His wife doesn't even own a car yet he is giving babe 1m. He doesnt even spoil her to nice things like fancy hair, clothes and accessories. I get that she's a prayer warrior, but even if she no want ask as the guy-man make him try naau. I don't know how he sleeps at night giving babe money that his wife can use to do better things.

 The other day i heard her lamenting on phone, as she walked past. That business is bad and she and hubby are too broke to pump in more money. Na this kain thing dey make me no carry this man matter for head. If they change, maybe I would be forced to.

As for now, I'm selfish oh. Afterall he made me lose my 50m... My small mind is telling me that maybe I would still get it from chief. Who knows? He hasn't picked my calls since then.


  1. Replies
    1. My problem with this one is that she keeps dragging the wife into the gist, abeg do your own let her do hers. A man has million for a girl and yet has one AC in his house, he must really like sex more than his comfort, and I believe he has kids who may sometimes take cab Cus like you said the wife has no car, yet he gave you 1million, he must really love sex more than his own kids... hahaha, enjoy your 1million

  2. Nothing do u o😁😁😁

  3. Very good of you.

    I will never lie that my mum/siblings are sick just because of money not to say they're involved in an accident, God forbid bad thing

    Most men are like that, very useless being, their wives will be suffering at home and they will be spending lavishly and heavily on side chics

    *Larry was here*

  4.'ll still have to pay for the 1m anyway. So don't go thinking you have escaped

  5. 50m Rangerover...connect the dots.

  6. Who be runs geh..i go let you know

    50 million Rangerover geh na runs geh...i go let you know..

  7. Bia, remove eye from madam body, e nor concern u whether he spoils her or not...thats his headache, if he likes let him mumu like pan ocean chairman.

  8. You see why married women should always tax their husbands!...
    Some of you should stop pitying these men!...
    I know someone that behaves like this Fola..very useless man..
    Fola's wife should continue praying!..while you continue milking him dry!...
    Poster,don't pity the idiot oh!...
    Make sure you collect all the collectables and dump his ass!...

  9. This is the last thing I pray I will ever do. Spend on a side chick what I can't spend on my wife. This is the only reason I am still a faithful husband. If I see a free mutual sex partner I no I can't say no. Even to book hotel na waste. Fuck dy sweet both parties. I can't be making you scream and still pay you.

    1. Abioo..Exactly my thought, since the day I saw a woman shake her body during sex lik she's been possessed. I stop to de Mumu for sex. They seems to enjoy it better sef. So why pay?

    2. Maximum respect to these guys above me..! You have made my day with your comments. 🙌🙌


    3. Oloriburuku, shake fire she's faking ode

  10. You can see that most of these ladies are prostitutes; married or not
    jUst read the above comments and see.

    There is no other definition of fleecing men and giving sexual favors other
    than prostitution. If you like call it runs, walks, waka, hoe, shovel, akwuna, ashewo all na the same.

  11. #How you react to people and situations, especially when challenges arise, is the best indicator of how deeply you know yourself*

  12. I have a fola like this... Mumu af!

  13. Why don't I believe this runs girl? 1 million kor, lienus

    1. Just enjoy the fictitious write up.

    2. Sit down there make pant dey wear you

    3. Because you've never received even 100k so you doubt someone can give 1million to this girl under these circumstances and period of time?

      Which men do you meet?

  14. This seems like a fiction. I enjoy real life stories like the last one "the virgin ho". It was so well written. I wouldn't mind reading a book from her. Pls if you are the author of the virgin ho pls write a book about your life. It will sell. I would definitely buy it. As for this story I am not enjoying it.

  15. Sharp babe.
    Just like Chief that got me a good job that pays 220k monthly for starters, na only kiss him get, he's now asking me which brand of car I like.
    Though he pampers wifey and family, I'm still a virgin and intends being so till I get married.

  16. I still dont know your bitterness with the wife. Nonsense

    1. 1m,Like Seriously where this kind Men dey ooo for this Reccession..

  17. Y u con use ur family lie now bcos of money? Wetin I know self.


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