Stella Dimoko Suggestions For Best Christmas Gifts .....


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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Suggestions For Best Christmas Gifts .....

I am so sure some of you are battling with what to give out as gifts for Christmas?...Worry no more,this post might help!!!

What you should gift out depends on what Country you live and the type of person you are gifting......You cannot gift a Nigerian Lady A box of chocolate and Xmas card....You cannot gift an old person shoes....

So,what are the best types of gifts to give out this Christmas to loved ones?Our lovers or spouses and adult friends...

For me,perfumes are beautiful gifts to give out,especially when one is not sure of what to give...

What do you suggest as good Presents this Christmas?


  1. Replies
    1. For a family woman, rice/oil/turkey Etc.. .

      For singles... depends on what they like.

      For me, perfume wrapped in cash. Lol

  2. You cannot give a Nigerian man a pair of Boxer and singlet. Sister fear God oo.

  3. Cash 💰 wrapped in a box....LMAO 😁. Stella you're innovative ✔✔

  4. I got my sis a rice cooker, will give her next week.
    As for my mama, maybe a box, hahahahaa her craze pass my own, I'm guessing she'll ask me if it's an empty box or a full one...kai hahahahahaa

  5. Nigerians want cash!...
    You can add rice,veg oil,chicken etc...

  6. Food stuffs (Rice, live chicken, turkey, tomatoes, etc)
    Cash (when your not so sure)
    Packs of drinks
    Clothing, jewellery, shoes

    For me there's a whole lot you can give during Christmas. After all it's a "Gift"

  7. Wristwatch, Wristwatch and more Wristwatches! *shines teeth*

    No size is ever too big for me. Everyone knows. Lol.


  8. This recession period,the best gift is food stuff.

  9. Replies
    1. Lucille your number is not available and I want coconut oil

  10. Na money. Money rules the world and makes Christmas more sweeter.

    So Stella what are you giving me?

  11. Mummy
    Shoe set with Bag
    Complete Jewelry set (earring,
    necklace and bracelet)
    Short Wig
    Ankara Material (6 yard)
    Chain wristwatch.
    Foundation and powder.
    (This is after you have sent atleast half bag of crayfish home)

    Polo Tshirt.
    6 IN 1 Tshirts (White) BYC/Fruit of the loom)
    16 in 1 pack of shaving stick.
    A bottle of wine.

    Packet Shirt
    Pam Slippers.

    Girlfriend/Wife/Side Chic/Partner
    NB (The items below should be given after you have given her money for shopping)
    More Money.
    Much more Money.
    Shoes- This includes, High heel,mid heel, low heel, flat shoes, mules, flops,brogue.
    Gold jewelry.
    Engagement ring.
    Samsung S8 plus with genuine
    leather pouch.
    Perfume (Oud Amouage)
    Wristwatch set (with bracelet)

    Lil Sister
    Your old weave (but still very
    good because you bought it from
    Royal Hairs) Curl it or straighten
    Foldable flat shoes from Haute
    A gown from Andrias.
    Some pairs of your old jeans.
    (clean tho)
    Toblerone Chocolate.

    This list is very personal to me. Don't joke with it.

    Thank you.

  12. Gift cards/ money let them buy what they really like

  13. na money to chop for the xmas first oo

  14. Cloths you can never go wrong with them.
    Just remember to buy according to the persons fashion sense.

  15. My big oga who live in VGC .. please what can I give her? Iyaff think tire

    1. Buy him the complete CD of the just concluded Excellence in Leadership Conference(ELC) organized by Daystar Christian Centre. Trust me your Promotion will be inevitable.

  16. In this period everyone is complaining, the best gift is good stuffs. It will be well appreciated.

  17. Christmas gifts for me can be wigs, hair,perfumes and CASH.
    Cloths are good too

    For the mothers:wrappers, wristwatch,purse,etc.

    Rice can be given to families too.

  18. Just wished I.....😢😢😢😢

  19. With the recession, Money n foodstuffs, Others can follow

  20. Cash and foodstuffs will be appreciated.

  21. The kind of gift depends on the person's involved...

    For families....
    Foodstuffs would go a long way....

    A cash gift is always appreciated too....

    For the men/guys....
    Shoes, a fitted tops/ tee shirts, trousers, belts, phones, perfumes etc goes a long way...

    For ladies..... #clears throat#
    Shoes, gowns, phones, perfumes, engagement ring, wrappers,weavons,wigs, hampers, money,money,money......a trip to a beautiful getaway is also appreciated.....

    For me...... Anything you give me, I'd appreciate it..#wide grin#
    *Faithful bv*

  22. Nigeria is still in recession as food is luxury to so many people now.bag of rice,oil,meat etc is best for this season as a gift

  23. Phone
    Braided wig, cash etc
    To a man
    Shirt, polo etc

  24. Money,a lot of money,will do. The receiver can then decide what to do with it. Tangible gifts are good, but there's always the problem of knowing what will be best for the person.

  25. Foodstuffs first......
    Ankara fabrics for mummy...
    A lot of people are packing the cheap ankara (1-1500) for old women/village relatives
    Senetor material for daddies...
    Toys/shoes for babies....
    Go for nice but not expensive stuuffs,you can give ALOT wtot breaking the bank!

  26. Anoymous13:45 You can buy your Oga a a classic Bespoke perfume.He will so much appreciate it. A prestigious Gift. Call 07036098557 or check this IG page @pearlsnsparkles

  27. Wristwatch is a good gift too. Mostly acceptable by all.


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